Kizito Pusindawa

Kizito Pusindawa-August 2014

Both his parents are at home. He has two sisters and two brothers, he is the eldest in the family. His favourite subjects are History and English, and he likes volleyball. He was placed 5th., in his examinations at Meserani Juu Primary School in early 2014, and performed particularly well in the national examinations in November 2014. He would like to be a secondary school teacher one day.

Kizito started his secondary education at Moita Boys’ Secondary Boarding School in January 2015. In his first school examinations in December 2015 he was placed 5th. in his year group of 133 pupils. He is being sponsored by Adam Drinkel from Thornaby on Tees, who works as a Draughtsman at Fine Organics, a Chemical plant at Seal Sands. He is a keen Birdwatcher, wildlife lover and photographer. Adam first heard about The Meserani Project from his girlfriend and then went on to visit Kenya and Tanzania in 2014 with The Meserani Project to meet all the children so that he could “do my little bit to help them.”