Lalahe Sindiyo

Lalahe Sindiyo-ALalahe attended Meserani Chini Primary School.

He was placed second in his final year at primary school. His father has five wives and fifteen children, and his mother is the second wife – she has six children. His mother depends on the rains to grow beans. They used to have ten cows, but now only have four following successive droughts. All the girls in the family have been married off as soon as they finished primary school. His favourite subjects are Mathematics, English and Science, and he would like to be the Prime Minister of Tanzania one day.

Lalahe started his secondary education at Moita Boys’ Secondary Boarding School in January 2017. He is being sponsored by Chris Stoddart and his mother Karen. Chris is a former Head Boy at Acklam Grange School.Lalahe Sindiyo-B