Lali Moikan

June 2015

Both parents are alive, but they have a big family. They depended on cows for their income, but the cows died a few years ago due to a severe drought. In his 2014 school examinations he was placed 18th. in his year group, with an average mark of 49.2%

Because of the financial situation at home, at the start of his third year he was at risk of not being able to continue his education. His sponsors Malcolm & Margaret Bareham stepped in, and ensured that he would be able to complete his secondary education.

Lali completed his secondary education in November 2015, and gained a Division Two pass in the National Examinations. As a result he was selected to study Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics at A’ Level at Bariadi School, Baridimjini. He began his A’ Level studies in July 2016. Malcolm & Margaret are sponsoring Lali through his A’ Level studies.