Lowassa Tayai

June 2016

Lowassa is from Shakapa village, 3 Km. from Meserani. His mother passed away when he was three years old, and Lowassa does not know how this happened. He has two brothers and three sisters – none of who have any employment, (Lowassa is the youngest in the family). Lowassa’s father also has no job.

Lowassa was able to complete his secondary education in November 2015, and he achieved a Division Two pass in his National Examinations. As a result he was selected to study Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics at A’ Level at Tarakea School, Moshi. His family was not able to find the money for Lowassa to go to Tarakea School, so The Meserani Project is using money raised by the pupils of Acklam Grange School to pay for his two years of A’ Level studies.

Lowassa began his A’ Level studies in July 2016.