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Highly acclaimed BBC Wildlife Presenter Chris Packham has written the forward to an African Wildlife Guide, written and published by two trustees of The Meserani Project,  which has already sold out in Tanzania, received rave reviews in the U.K., and achieved maximum ratings on Amazon, all within six months of the launch.

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All proceeds go to The Meserani Project

In late 2012 the trustees of The Meserani Project set up a publishing company – Meserani Publishing – with the sole aim of publishing books to raise funds for the project. The first book ‘An Essential Companion When On Safari In Kenya And Tanzania’, written by Diane & Peter Swan, has now been published and is available to buy. This book took five years of research, and the forward was written by Chris. Packham, the BBC Wildlife Presenter. Further endorsements came from other television celebrities, wildlife experts, an M.P., the Whitbread Legend Award winner, and people with M.B.E.s and O.B.E.s. It currently has the maximum five-star rating on the Amazon U.K. website.

The book is now available to buy from:

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Kase Stores Ltd., Boma Road, Arusha, Tanzania.

A Novel Idea, TFA Centre, Shoprite Complex, Arusha, Tanzania.

A Novel Idea, P.O. Box 76513, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.

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The cost is £15.99 + postage from the online retailers, aow avnd only £15.99 if bought direct from the authors.


The book is now available as an eBook – much cheaper than the paperback version. You can buy it on Amazon, but if you buy it from York Publishing – – more of your money will go to The Meserani Project.

This guide provides the perfect introduction to the most frequently encountered creatures and supplements everything about their behaviour and ecologies that you have forgotten from your armchair TV safaris, with a useful overview of their biology. It’s accessible, easy to use, concise and had plenty of little nuggets of interest and importance.

So take this book on safari, learn a lot about the exciting animals you find and be comforted by the fact that as well as taking great memories home from Africa you are putting a little back too, a little that will mean a lot to people with next to nothing. Chris Packham, BBC Wildlife Presenter.

Speaking as someone who has never ventured into the southern hemisphere, let alone on Safari, I am struck by the author’s passion and enthusiasm for what seems like their vocation in life. At one point their thorough understanding and knowledge of the wildlife meant I truly likened myself to the Hyrax – a small rotund creature with a muscular body and short, stubby legs which relies on basking in the sun and huddling together to generate warmth.

I feel part of their untapped ‘wider audience’ with so much to learn and enjoy should the opportunity arise but ever mindful of the variability of the weather in East Africa with two wet seasons and an ongoing danger of devastating droughts. To my mind the visitor should consider the lushness of the countryside after weeks of rain have ended or perhaps the end of a dry period when more places are accessible than when the rain arrives in anger.

Whenever it is you are assured a worthwhile literary companion. John Kettley, BBC Weather Presenter.

This Travel guide is a must for your tour of Eastern Africa. This book is easy to read and gives you not only simple to read facts, but great information of not only the animals that you may come across but about the area you are visiting. This has been written by people that have travelled in the area and have taken the time to pass this information onto you. Geoff Collins, Africa Wildlife Guide Trainer and Assessor for F.G.A.S.A. Level One, and owner of Africa-Teers Overland Company


Loth NaparanaThe sections on snakes and reptiles, like all sections in this book, are informative, detailed and highly descriptive. This book would be of interest to anyone wanting to know more about our misunderstood reptiles, and the important role they play in preserving our eco-system. The Trivia sections are particularly entertaining. Loth Naparana, Senior Herpatologist, Meserani Snakepark, Tanzania.



Although I have visited Uganda on behalf of Costa Coffee, for the Costa Foundation, I have never visited Kenya or Tanzania, and during my visit iIonly got a snap shot of what its like to go on safari. After reading this book I have already put my name down to join a group touring Kenya and Tanzania next year. It is not just the wealth of factual information that impressed me (and so easy to read and understand) it is the inspirational way that the authors talk about the wildlife, about their experiences, and about the effect that Africa can have on you. The fact that the authors and publishers are donating all their profits to the charity that works with underprivileged children in Africa is amazing – this simply doesn’t happen nowadays, so I take my hat off to them. I didn’t think I would be returning so soon back to Africa but this book does truly sell how beautiful Africa is.
All the pictures add so much to the content of the book, and 400 pages make the book excellent value for money. 
Clare Peacock – Costa Foundation and Whitbread Legend Award Winner.

Having filmed wildlife programmes on many occasions, I wish this book had been around at the time, it would have been the perfect point of reference. Mike Riley – BBC Sound Recordist.

A useful guide that is borne of the personal experiences of the authors, who clearly have a passion for Kenya and Tanzania and a clear understanding of its terrain and wildlife. Extensively illustrated this has clearly been a labour of love, which makes it an enjoyable “must have” I am happy to endorse. James Wharton. M.P.

This is an excellent guide for those lucky enough to be going to Africa and for those who are not so fortunate, the quality of the photographs and decriptions make you feel that you have been there and experienced the wonders of this country. This guide also has the bonus of the proceeds going to help the project set up by the authors and the students of Acklam Grange School. This project supports the education of students in Africa and also in educating our students in the realisation of how fortunate we are and how much we take for granted. Hazel Pearson. O.B.E.

Speaking as someone who has never visited Africa, and who never will, (a combination of the fear of flying and the onset of Parkinsons), out of all the books I have read about Africa, this is certainly the next best thing. It is not just the 200 pictures that bring alive the animals, environment and people, it is the depth of knowledge that the authors clearly have – and they pass this on in a most understandable and readable way. I particularly like the insightful and often amusing Trivia sections on the animals, and the Insider Tips chapter proves to me that the authors have a wealth of knowledge and experience to pass on to us readers. Seeing African wildlife at first hand will never be on the cards for me, but so far this book has been the closest I will get. Malcolm Danby. M.B.E.