Naishooki Sandy

Naishooki Sandy-Aug 15-ANaishooki attended Meserani Juu Primary School.

Her father has three wives, and Naishooki’s mother is his first wife – she has seven children. One of Naishooki’s brothers is very bright, and he is in his final year at a secondary school in Manyara, all the other siblings look after the livestock. If she does not have the chance of an education, she says that she will not enjoy life. She would like to be a doctor one day. She was placed seventh in primary school examinations in 2015.

Naishooki started her secondary education at Kipok Girls’ Secondary Boarding School in January 2016. She is being sponsored by Daphne Lowe, a retired language teacher from Guisborough. Daphne is married to Brian, and they have two sons, and four grandchildren.