Naserian Sindiyo Peter

Naseriani Sindiyo Peter-Aug 15-ANaseriani attended Meserani Chini Primary School.

Her father has three wives, and her mother is the first wife – she has eight children, and Naseriani is the first born. Her father is not sending any of his children to secondary school because the first two he sent both failed. The family depend on the rainy season for farming in order to make a living. Her father has said that if a man wants to marry her when she finishes primary school, then he will marry her off because he can’t afford to send her to secondary school. She likes Science, Geography and English, and would like to be a university teacher one day. She was placed eighth in her primary school examinations in 2015.

Naseriani started her secondary education at Kipok Girls’ Secondary Boarding School in January 2016. She is being sponsored by ??