Saitoti Saruni

Saitoti Saruni-Jan 16-BSaitoti started attending Moita School, but his father is an alcoholic so Saitoti was having to spend his school holidays looking for ways to pay the school fees. There were many occasions when the school had to send him home because the school fees were not being paid – this meant that he missed a lot of time from school trying to find ways to earn the money. However, despite this, he still managed to pass all his examinations required for him to remain in school.

Saitoti’s sponsors, Richie & Cathy Millar, stepped in to sponsor Saitoti throughout the rest of his secondary education.

Saitoti was a pupil at Meserani Juu Primary School before starting his secondary education at Moita. He was 18 years old in 2016. His mother sells Jewellery at Meserani Snakepark. He has three brothers and two sisters, none of whom have been to secondary school. He would like to be a Tour Guide one day.


Saitoti Saruni-Jan 16-A