Samweli Kivoy

Samweli Kivoy-Aug 15-ASamweli attended Lesiraa Primary School.

His parents support the idea of education, but don’t have the income to help Samweli continue to secondary school. He has two brothers who are at Moita Secondary School, and a sister who teaches at a kindergarten –she pays for one of the brothers. The mother crushes stones to feed the family and buy pens and pencils. The father sells milk and saves up for his children’s education. Samweli’s favourite subjects are English, Mathematics and Science, and he wants to be a doctor one day. He was placed fifth in his primary school examinations in 2015.

Samweli started his secondary education at Moita Boys’ Secondary Boarding School in January 2016. He is being sponsored by Nicola James, former Deputy Head Girl at Acklam Grange School.