Shengay Losioki

Sheengay Losioki Lesikary-A-Aug 16Shengay attended Meserani Juu Primary School.

Shengay was positioned fourth in her final year at Meserani Juu Primary School. Her father has two wives, and her mother lives a long distance away. Her father lives at Meserani with his second wife. All Shengay’s cousins have been married off, and her father and uncles do not want her to go to school. Shengay will be married off if she does not get a sponsor to send her to secondary school. Her favourite subjects are English, Mathematics and Swahili, and she enjoys revising and studying. She would like to be a nurse one day.

Shengay started her secondary education at Kipok Girls’ Secondary Boarding School in January 2017. She is being sponsored by Jessica Starling.Sheengay Losioki Lesikary-B-Aug 16