Sinyati Likindubulu

Sinyati Likindubulu-Aug 15-ASinyati attended Lesiraa Primary School.

Her father has three wives, and her mother is the second wife. She does not know how many children her father has altogether. Her father is a watchman, but she does not know where. He tries to pay for Sinyati’s big sister to go to secondary school, but she keeps getting sent home because he can not always keep up with the fees. Her mother used to cut and sell grass, but she was beaten up by some people from the Army Camp so she is too scared to do anything now. Sinyati would like to continue her education but realises that the family can not pay for this to happen. Her favourite subjects are Mathematics, English and Science. She is unsure at the moment what she would like to be eventually – maybe a teacher. She was placed sixth in her primary school examinations in 2015.

Sinyati started her secondary education at Kipok Girls’ Secondary Boarding School in January 2016. She is being sponsored by Michael Duffy.