Virgin Media Challenge 2017 – Important Announcements

25 October 2016:

You need to have visited your GP Practice by now to find out what immunisations you need.

The bar at Meserani Snakepark (this the campsite that you spend most of you nights at) uses its profits to support a Clinic that provides free medical facilities for the local population. They urgently need to replace their optics, and cannot get hold of any in their area. We understand that breweries and drinks companies supply optics free of charge to clubs and pubs. If any of you know anyone who works in the industry, and can get hold of some optics (single ones, with wall-attaching stands), please let us know straight away.

If you can get hold of any of the items listed below to take with you, they would be most useful for the charity:

Laptops – with Windows and Office loaded on. (Second hand are fine).

Pens (need loads!)

Bandages and wound dressings. (Out of date ones are fine)

White school shirts – short-sleeved. (Second hand are fine).

Unwanted, unlocked, mobile ‘phones. (Second hand are fine).

Black school shoes. (Second hand are fine).

Scientific Calculators. (Second hand are fine).