Losingira Primary School

Losingira-June-15Losingira-Aug 15-BLosingira Primary School is only a ten minute walk from Meserani Snakepark, where our project is based in Tanzania. There are currently only four classrooms in the school, which were funded by a Padre from Germany, who has since moved away. This means that there are no classrooms for pupils in Standards Five, Six and Seven.

Chandlers Ridge Primary School in Middlesbrough have decided to establish a link with Losingira Primary School, and have made a commitment to raise funds to provide educational resources for the new classrooms once they have been completed.

Losingira-June 15-D

Following a meeting of the project trustees on 23 February 2016 it was decided to initially fund the building of two classrooms and an office, and then look at the possibility of building the final classroom some time in the future. The project selection committee at Meserani met on 2 March, and gave their wholehearted approval of the building project. The first $8,000 was sent to Meserani on 3 March, so that the work could begin, and the building project started on 21 March 2016.

Once the two new classrooms are completed, we will need to look into how we can provide desks, chairs, blackboards, text books, and so on.

On 31 March 2016 we received images of the initial building work:

Further images were received on 25 April:

Work on the roof began in May: