Our Committee And Advisors In Africa

Our selection Committee in Africa

Barry Bale (BJ) Owner – Meserani Snake Park

Loth Naparana Senior Herpetoligist – Meserani Snake Park

Christina Kisudu Meserani Snake Park

Engigwana Lenanu Kivuyo Village Elder

Edward Kananu Mbavai Monduli District Councillor

Justin Leyan Kisongo representative.

Lesikar Migaru

Lesikar Migaru Askari, Meserani Snake Park.


Komesha Sanare Chief Askari, Meserani Snake Park.

 Labarani Narika Chairman, Meserani Juu Primary School.

 Memruti Silamoi Chairman, Lesiraa Primary School.

 Musa Ngoyaa Loksale representative.

 Joseph John Chairman, Kisongo village government.

Our advisors in Africa
There are a number of native Tanzanians and Kenyans who provide us with advice, and who are consulted on all decisions made by the trustees:

Natanywaki Lukumai Manager, Meserani Education Centre.

Loth Naparana Senior Herpetologist, Meserani Snakepark.

Justin Leyan District Councillor, Kisongo village.

Kimbele Njake Head Teacher, Moita Boys Secondary Boarding School.

Felista Lukumay Head Teacher, Kipok Girls Secondary Boarding School.

Dickson Bundala Deputy Head Teacher, Moita Boys Secondary Boarding School.

Obed Mollel Academic Master, Einoti Secondary School.

Prosper Tesha Head Teacher, Meserani Chini Primary School.

Grace Kagwiria Director, Kupenda Africa Tour Company.