2013 TRIP – July 13

ABAdella Prest: 

Hello home! I am currently sat in Amsterdam airport. There is roughly 7 hours left until we board our long flight to Africa. Despite having to be awake early this morning, I am feeling really happy, I am also feeling a tad excited. However I am a bit nervous as I still do not know everyone in the group. On the bus I got sat next to Jonathan. I then, on the flight from Leeds to Amsterdam got sat next to Aaron. Both seem like very nice lads.  
I’m hoping that the next few hours fly by (Get it? Fly? Airport? Comedian aren’t I). All I want to do is get there. Super excited to be reunited with the destroyer, and of course Jason and Grace AND their food! I will also after nearly two years of sponsoring her, be able to meet Neema! Anyhow, I shall keep you up dated. Try not to miss me too much. Lots of love, Dell x 
Demi Womack: 
Jambo from Amsterdam Airport,

It is 2.50pm local time meaning only another 6 hours to go before our flight to Kenya. It has been a long day so far and I’m tired. I was sat with jess on the way from boro to leeds and on I’m excited to see grace and Jason tomorrow and get on the truck on our way, 



ACAmy McMullan: 
Jambo home!! So far so good. I sat next to Ross on the way here who I hadn’t spoken to before so I was worried that it would be awkward but luckily we got along well and had a good chat. The flight over to Amsterdam was fine and I got some food in Amsterdam airport (a slice of pizza!) which was yummy. We’ve all managed to keep ourselves occupied during the long wait in the airport by playing games in a group which was fun. Despite the fact I’ve only been with this group a short amount of time, I feel comfortable and quite confident that I’ll be fine for the rest of the trip. I’m not so nervous anymore, just eager to get to Africa. I’ll write more soon to keep you updated…try not to miss me too much! 
Amy J xxx


Abbie Lavender;

Jambo haha, woo it’s been class up to now!!! We haven’t even got to Africa yet and it’s mint, just imagine when I’m there woohoo! I’m really excited to get there although an 8 hour flight phew, that might get a bit boring but I am sure it will be well worth it! Mam I am fine and I hope you’ve stopped crying, and you dad, I saw you at the back tearing up 😉 sorry but at the moment I’m not really missing anyone, don’t be offended I do love you all very much but I have been quite busy! Hi James, if you see this, I finally stopped crying haha, and like you said I am fine J Krista and Bekah, you might have to talk to each other a bit more now that I’m gone haha, no I’m joking but really I can’t wait to see you both in Spain woo let’s go! Grandma and Grandad I will let you know about Nakaji how she’s doing etc. so I’m really good at the moment everything is great and everyone is absolutely so nice! We played some really funny drama games to get to know each other which just made me look forward to the trip even more! 9 hours in an airport couldn’t have been better! The teachers have been really cool and it is so funny when we have to call them Peter and Lisa haha.

Kwaheri (goodbye)

Ps. Good luck Lorna and James!


ADAaron Jardine,

Well, I don’t exactly know where to start, I am now starting to get tired and it is only 5pm Amsterdam time! I will attempt to try and get some sleep on the plane, but apart from that it has been amazing already. We have played numerous of games in the airport which I wasn’t really up for to start, but then all of us got to know each others names and it was nice. I know everyone’s name now, it may take me a few seconds to remember but I eventually get there. If you are reading this Mum, Dad and Jacob, it is really good and mum I hope you didn’t cry too much when I left, and if Charlotte is reading this well, hey, hope you are okay! I hope you are all fine; I am getting ready now for the realisation that I am almost in Africa woo! Anyway I will try to keep you updated on what I am doing and yeah so speak soon!



Adam Jefferson,

So far so good seems as though I’ve only been in airports all day! The time has flown by 😉 we’ve played a lot of drama games and although it was quite embarrassing at first, I soon got the hang of things and began to enjoy it and bond with the others. I’m already missing everyone including the dog Josh and hope you guys read this (mam, Auntie san, Ben and tic tac!). Hope everyone is ok back home and will look forward to seeing them soon!

Love always!

AE-2Chloe Crosby 
Hi Home!! 
First diary of the bunch, I can already tell I’m going to miss home these three weeks.. Waving bye to use this morning was so sad LL but the group are nice and all seems to be good J we’re all just sat sorting our money out and killing time before our next flight. Amsterdam Airport isn’t bad there are loads of shops to keep us busy but roll on 9pm! Really can’t wait to get there now although I’m still super nervous. I don’t really have much to say now (makes a change) but I hope you’re all well and aren’t missing me too much! I hope you’re shopping day was stress free today Mammy and hope you got Lewis sorted (without him wasting his money.) Daniel head, I hope your 12-T was okay too! Keep thinking about the money and remember to keep any gossip for me hehe. Going to miss you crazy amounts but I’m so excited to show you my pictures and can’t wait to tell you all about my spag boll and garlic bread.. I’m hungry just thinking about it! Even though I have just ate my bacon sizzler McCoys toooo gooood! (thanks mam) your sarnies were also unrealJ loving you missing you! 
Write again soon,  
I love you all!  
From Chlo xxxxx 

Emily Holden

Hi everyone at homeJ,

Already having a brilliant time as I and you know I will. Those pre-trip nerves have cleared up and it was strange waving dad off because unlike everyone else’s parents who looked quite sad to wave off their children, you were smiling and laughing whilst mouthing byeee. This actually made me feel a lot better. The journey to the airport was really fun and everyone seemed to get to know each other straight away. I sat next to Adam on the bus and Chris on the flight over to Amsterdam, despite my worries it has been really good to meet some new people. We are now sitting in the Airport waiting for our flight to Nairobi; we have embarked on some brilliant drama games, which have helped us all to learn each other’s names. Overall it has been a great first day; I just can’t wait to actually get to Africa now.

Love to you all,

Emily xxx

AFSophie Sidgwick

Hi home,

First day, and I’m sat in Amsterdam waiting for our flight to Kenya and spending this fun nine hour wait writing to you. I was daft to be worried about who I was sitting next to on the bus journey and flights, because the environment here is a lot different to what I expected, everyone is really friendly and open and there are no cliques or anything. Being on a plane and in airports doesn’t feel right without you, I wish you were coming with me to share this experience, oh well maybe next time. I miss you already and I haven’t even been gone a whole day yet, I wonder what I’ll be like near the end. Can’t wait to see you all again.

Love you all lots,

Sophie xxxxx


Kate Smith

First day of travelling: the  morning started off rather tearful, knowing Amy’s not going to be there with me, but she walked me to the bus with all  my things and waved me off, which helped a lot knowing she I’ll be there waiting when I get home. Can’t wait for the catch up when I get back. Not really looking forward to going the long plane ride from Amsterdam to Nairobi because I don’t like flying to much. However having got up at 5 I’m sure I will sleep the whole journey there. Upon arrival I don’t know what to expect, but I’m sure it will be and experience of a lifetime, whether good or not so good.


AGChris Gibson

Travelling here this morning I’ve been really nervous and feeling a little ill all the way, I guess it’s because I’m scared already. I went to sleep on the flight from Leeds to Amsterdam just to try and relax a little which helped. I’m looking forward to arriving there but also I think I can’t wait to see everyone again. I’m not good at being away from home as I’ve just found out. I miss you a lot already and also I really miss Sophie too already, I don’t know what I’ll be like in a few days. Cannot wait to see you all again. I love you all a lot xxx


AHSophie Burns

First day is going great, we’re in Amsterdam airport which ive had a delicious pizza and am now drinking ice tea 😉  The flight was okay but I thought I was going to die out of panic but landing was actually good and Amsterdam looks soo nice! Also we just did some drama games and everyone is so nice! Im looking forward to being in Africa and just want to get the next flight over with. Hope you’re all okay and not missing me too much 😉 love you lot and see ya soon-ish.

P.s. Happy birthday mam, hope you had a good one! Xxxx


AILisa Connor:

Only a few hours into the trip and I know it is going to be fantastic. What a great group of young people. Everybody already looking out for each other. Really excited!