2013 TRIP – July 14

BAAmy Wilkinson 14.7.13

We have arrived…Finally! After the longest day of travelling we are all set up in Fish eagle campsite, Kenya. It still hasn’t quite sunk in that I am here but slowly and surely my nerves and anxiety is starting to disappear and I know if I wasn’t here I would have major regrets.

Nothing has changed it still smells like Africa and the people are still so friendly. Driving down the street in the destroyer (truck) with the music on gives me goose pimples whilst the children all stand and wave like were royalty. I feel like I have grown up a lot since the last trip and all I can think about is getting off the truck to see the children in the schools and have fun with them using all my songs and games I have learnt from Beverley school. I still don’t feel as relaxed as last year at this stage but a lot has changed and I know it will take time getting used to the differences, after all it is a completely different experience and I know overall I want to get just as much out of it as I did last trip.

After a good night’s sleep, wash and change of clothes (as I am still in the same clothes eurrrgghhhh) we are heading off to our first school tomorrow, I am so excited as I feel this part of the trip is really for me and is what I feel comfortable doing which everyone at home will already know.

Mam I know you’ll be home alone now as Dad and Luke are off working in Scotland, so just to let you know I am thinking about you and Olly, and thank you for getting me so organised before I came. You truly are the best!

I hope everyone else is well, enjoying their holidays and last weeks at work so on.

Love you all lots and lots and lots!!

See you in 21 days



James Small

Just a quick message! I’m currently sat on the Destroyer after we finally arrived in Africa at 6am this morning. We were greeted by the Amazing Grace along with Jason and Carter, of course – oh, how I’ve missed them! Literally as soon as I saw them my mood changed and all memory of how much sleep I’d missed and any nerves I had disappeared. Still feeling a bit apprehensive about the three long weeks ahead but I’m sure I can manage.

So many memories came flooding back today, Africa really hasn’t changed that much. It was brilliant to be in the company of the locals again and seeing how things like a simple wave can put a smile on somebody’s face over here. You wouldn’t get anything like that back in the UK. Even looking out of the window as we drove along in the truck never got boring, there is just SO much to see out there.

Looking forward to truly getting into the swing of things tomorrow when everything kicks off with a visit to Hells Gate National Park and Longonot DEB Primary School.

Tutu onana

James x

P.S. Already been giving Jonny the low-down on what his brother is REALLY like! Sorry Joe.


BBSarah Rogers

We’ve finally arrived in Africa after a long time travelling! Well I kept to tradition of being sick on the plane again L. It feels like I’ve been gone ages already, I think that’s because of our long wait at Amsterdam. I’ve started to learn the names of all the others on the trip since I don’t know many but I’m sure in a few days I will. I’m very tired at the moment because I couldn’t get to sleep on the plane so I’m sure I will sleep well tonight ready for tomorrow. First thing tomorrow is the gauge walk which I’m clearly not going to be good at but then we are going to visit some children at the local primary school so I can’t wait to speak to them and take gifts for them. I don’t think there is much more to say as it has been mostly just travelling. I will speak to you again soon hopefully tomorrow.

Love you all lots xxx


Ellie Steel

We’re actually in Africa. It had taken so long to get here, but we’re finally here and it’s amazing, even though I am so tiredL. Today has just seemed to go on for ages, so I feel like I’ve been here for days and I think that is due to the lack of sleep on the plane. But, even though I was really tired, I was still able to enjoy the view of the Roft Valley and all the people that would stop what they were doing and wave at the truck, I felt extremely overwhelmed by it because they all looked so happy to see us. Hopefully, I am able to get a lot more sleep tonight and can enjoy meeting with the children at a local school, I think it’s going to be amazing. I’ll speak to you soon. Love you! Xxx


BCAmy McMullan

Took a while but we’re finally in Africa. I didn’t like travelling so much but I was glad to get here and start the trip! Feels like today is going on forever but I think it’s just because I haven’t had much sleep so I’ll make sure I do tonight. On the way from the airport I saw an ostrich which I know Callum will be happy about because he wants to be one. We then went to the Great Rift Valley which was hugeeeee but the camera I’ve brought doesn’t have the memory card in it (who am I blaming for that then ey?) I went buy one but they were too much money so I got myself in a bit of a panic but luckily David and Lisa leant me theirs so I’m all good and I’ll still have lots of photos to show you. The news you’ll probably be most happy about is that I enjoyed the first meal which was spag bol so ive been well fed so farJ On our little hippo hunt and im sure we saw a croc but it was dark so im not too sure. Anyway Im looking forward to a good night’s sleep and tomorrow so ill update you soon. Love yous all lots xxxx

Chloe Crosby

Jambo home!
How are you all? Hope you’re all ok! I’m really good but extremely tired L it’s been a long couple of days travelling but we’ve finally set up camp at Fish Eagle Campsite, (I’m currently still sat in the same clothes I left our house in over 24 hours ago) don’t judge me! So looking forward to a good night’s sleep in my tent tonight, I’ll be flat out in no timeJ Hopefully I’ll get back into the swing of tent life sooner rather than later MUST BE ORGANISED. (Big challenge I know.)
Today was really good, I forgot how good it felt to be on The Destroyer driving through Africa with music blasting and everyone waving, it put me in a really good mood and although I’m already missing home it reminded me of why I love Africa and why I wanted to come back J DANIEL GUESS WHAT MY SONG IS… I haven’t heard it yet so it’s clearly not that far up the list haha but it’s yours, well our first choice hehe! Believe it or not Rebecca Crandon chose the same song as me haha but her reserve has been put on not Coldplay L never mind ey! Missing you so much, 3 weeks will fly by. I hope work is going ok + hope you get your days needed off for football!
I’ll see you all very soon!! I love you all sooooo much J
write again soon,
love chlojer xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


BDEmily Holden

Hello again everyone, hope you are all surviving without meJ.

Today has been quite eventful. I didn’t get much sleep on the plane so it dragged a bit and I just wanted to get there really. Once we had arrived though the fun and games began. We met Grace and Jason who travel with us in the huge safari truck, we also met our two other helpers whose names I will make a mess of if I try to spell them so I just won’t, they all seem lovely and made some lovely sandwiches for lunch. We heard the CD for the first time which was also great. I feel like everything is happening as I expected it would but it feels even better to be actually here and beginning a fantastic three weeks. Love you all lots Emily xxx


Christopher Smith

Jambo !! I’m finally here now and everything seems to be going well, despite being very tired now and realising we have to be up at 5am again tomorrow morning to go to Hells Gate National Park. On the flight I was a bit unwell and only got about 30 minutes sleep but I’m now fine, but still tired. Also we have met our cook and drivers on our safari truck ‘The Destroyer’ which is great for exploring the rough roads. After arriving early this morning we were straight on our way to buy food, visit the great rift valley and descend into Lake Navasha and Fish eagle Camp site where I am writing this now!

See you in a few weeks, still missing everyone lots

Love Christopher X


BEChris Gibson

Hey everyone. Today we went to the gorge and walked and scrambled through everything we could (the things I like doing really) and it was great. We also went to the hell’s gate national park and saw lots of the animals there which I currently have lots of photos of. We were meant to visit a school too today but the teachers have been on strike for the past month so we couldn’t visit. We had lots of kids today though waving and saying hello to us which was really nice. When we are on the truck they never stop smiling and waving at us which is so good. But also whilst I’ve been here you all haven’t left my mind. I constantly think of all of you at home which does get to me a bit but so far I’ve kept it to myself too. As it is now I can’t wait to see you all again since I’m not good at being away from home. I don’t know what I’ll be like by the end of the weeks. It still hit me again today that even when I get home I don’t get to see Sophie for another week after still. I’m dreading it. But overall it’s been very good apart from the waking up early and the days going a little slow (yesterday was the worst for that). I can’t wait to see you all again when I’m home. Love you xx


Adam Jefferson!

Hello everyone or jambo!!! Everything is amazing so far! I’m surprisingly getting well fed and keeping as clean as possible. Today we’ve seen some animals for example zebras, giraffes, monkeys and even a hippo but only just for a second! However, the highlight of my day was whilst walking back to the camp site, a group of little kids began to follow us and talk to us which made me very chuffed and smile every time I think about it! Missing everyone at home and hope you’re all ok and doing well.

Love always! X


Demi Womack

Hello Everyone,

Sorry for the unfinished diary entry yesterday, we started to play some ‘getting to know each other’ games in the airport to past some time. Yesterday seemed so long, but the flights went well and we’re all here safe. I was sat with Jonny and Jess on the long flight and they said I slept the whole way apart from when I was eating although I feel like I got no sleep what so ever. It’s 3.30pm local time now and it feels like it should be about 11pm! The drive up to the camp we are staying at tonight was lovely and we stopped by at the Rift Vally for photos and to view the scenery. Driving through the Kenya reminded me of why I wanted to come back so badly, seeing all the friendly smiley faces of the local people and their layed back way of life. I feel tired and a little bit emotional at the moment possible worse than last time, which is crazy considering I’m so much older now!

I just need a shower and a good nights sleep

Love and miss you all lots, ( Kirsty and Mam enjoy your Barcelona. Dad don’t miss us too much) Demi.W xxxx


Abbie Lavender

Today started on the plane haha, I was so tired and the man in fornt tipped my water on me which was so silly! When we got to a camp I really struggled to take my malaria tablet, I got really upset and would have loved my mam to be there! So I had to eat it with polos which I don’t like either so I felt really really sick! When we got to our own camp we set up our tents we had dinner then just walked around to have a look. We had a proper camp fire and sat in a circle and it was really cute! The food was really nice, I shared a tent with Sophie and we have actually more in common than I thought! We both talked and talked then just decided to go to sleep as we were both shattered haha. All is well though I’m having lots of fun so far!