2013 TRIP – July 15


Hi home.

It’s now the second day in Africa and it as beautiful as the last time; it was amazing to see Grace and Jason again. Last night was our first night sleeping in the tents at Fish Eagle Campsite – it was extremely uncomfortable and now my back is paying the price! Before we all went to sleep we walked down to near the lake edge and went Hippo hunting, where we saw lots of little eyes that we suspect were Crocodiles. This morning we got up and drove to Hells Gate National Park where we part drove and part walked through and saw animals such as Zebra, Thompson Gazelles and Warthogs! Once we ended the trail we then climbed into the gorge and scrambled our way through. The gorge walk was amazing and so much fun. Amy, Chloe and I stuck together towards the beginning and posed for a couple of piccys!

Papi J – hope your fishing trip went well and caught a lot of carp! Don’t be missing us too much!

Lots of love and with you in spirit xo


Hello everyone. I didn’t manage to get to the laptop for a variety of reasons but I finally (forcefully) got my hands on it. Strangely I enjoyed the plane flight and wait which was to the surprise of everyone else and we finally arrived. Our first day seemed to drag on forever but I still loved it and I already love everything about this trip. We have been hippo searching and today went on our first safari drive in Hells Gate National Park and saw some giraffes, zebra and warthogs and I’ve got plenty of pictures. I don’t think my memory card will last long. The first two days were very tiring for me but after a nice night’s sleep I now feel a lot better and am very excited for the rest of the trip.

I’m missing everybody at home very much and I also miss my cheese and hot dogs a lot. Lots of love to everyone.


Missing you all, even Megs.

Can’t believe I’m missing Hollyoaks for 3 weeks ugh, make sure someone records it please! Anyway, my first flight was not good. I sat next to Chloe (lane head mentor yr7). So it wasn’t as bad, it was only the short flight I didn’t like as the plane was really small and you could feel literally everything. I was pretty much laid down in the chair with my eyes closed, Well you could probably imagine that anyway with me but still. On the other hand the second flight was fine, apart from the fact I was sat on a row by myself but I was alright and couldn’t feel a thing. Not very keen on the setting off though. Nothing really happened yesterday apart from travelling and eating. Not very keen on it at the moment. It’s nothing like I could have imagined, I mean I should reaaaaaally start appreciating what I have. I can’t believe what they live in/with! Today we went walking in the gauge, sooooo dusty! Haven’t had a shower since Friday, you should be proud! Right now I’m going to buy some things now, but I’m fine and really enjoying it, bye.

Lots of love Abbi xxxx


Emily Holden,

Hi home hope you are all ok. I’m fine having a great time; the food is amazing which is vitally important as you all well know. Slept really well last night apart from one wake up at 2 o’clock when I was a bit worried when I heard hippos in the lake near to our tents J (don’t worry mum there is an electric fence between us and them- dad will also probably say that won’t do much to stop them!) today we have been to hells gate national park where we saw our first range of African wildlife including giraffes and zebras. It was really good and I felt privileged to be able to see them. We then went for a challenging gorge walk which was slightly scary but still very fun. Unfortunately we were unable to go to the school visit because the teachers were on strike which was disappointing, but it did give us some time to get organised at the fish eagle camp site. Missing you but having fun,

Lots of love and hugs Emily xx


Chloe Crosby.

Hiyaaaa home J
Hope you are all ok J I am! I feel like I’ve been away for weeks already not just days, missing you all like crazy! But I am getting into the swing of things and am loving every second J the early mornings have started, 6:30am wakeup call this morning but considering the sleep I’ve had lately I thought that a sleep in!! Had to get an early night last night was so tired, although we have some very noisy campers near us (people and animals.) Speaking of animals, we went to Hells Gate National Park today and saw our very first warthogs, zebras, giraffes and thompsons of the trip. Just a little taster of what’s still to come J it was really exciting, we didn’t get close to the giraffes so I can’t wait to see more of them but I think they’re definitely my favourite animal, so chilled and all they do is eat (thumbs up emoji.) I’ve also just spotted a hippo in the water by our campsite, was so good! It yawned out of the water my gooooodness you should have seen the size of its mouth!
After a walk through Hells Gate we came to the gorge which I thought was going to be fairly easy remembering from a couple years back but I was wrong haha. It was pretty challenging in some places and I forgot how unfit I was L It was really fun though and something different even if I was knackered at the end!
Our plans after were to go to a primary school and meet some kids but unfortunately the teachers have been on strike for a month so those plans were cancelled. Bet you’d love that wouldn’t you Lew! Instead we had a walk back to the campsite and now we’re just sat chilling before tea J the food is so good, I knew I’d love it anyways! We had spag boll last night Dan sooooo nice, garlic bread cheese the lot yummmmy! We also had soup for starters which was vegetable but I actually really liked it (that doesn’t mean I’m going to start eating it at home) I hope you’re okay my man and are keeping busy J can’t wait to hear all about what you’ve been up too! I keep trying to remember when your plans are so I can tell you to have a good time but you know me forgetful as always! It’s this weekend you’ve got them I’m sure JJ I’m missing you so much already, I love you lots! Me and Dave have been talking all about you hehe Captain Dan J
Can’t wait to see you all, write again soon!
Lots of love CoCo xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
PS, Mam I hope dad has this link too I forgot to text him itJ just let him know. See you soon I love you xxxxxxxxx

CCJonathan Millar

Early start today; although, I was told that I was been treated to a sleep in and I’m still exhausted from the journey here. We were all up for a visit to Hell’s Gate national park, it was great. While travelling through the park we saw many different animals, such as; zebra and warthogs. But my favourite part of the day was the gorge walk. Jumping and crawling along the gorge with the amazing scenery as company was fabulous. The morning was great, which made me look forward to the afternoon and was disappointed when we couldn’t visit longonot DEB the first school on the trip. Had an amazing time today, can’t wait for tomorrow.



Kate smith

Day 2, today we went gorge walking/ scrambling and I absolutely loved it. We climbed and my feet got wet, but it was really fun, helping each other along. Last night I got a bit upset missing home and family, and worrying about what will happen so me and Lisa went for a short walk, and by the time I got back to my tent I fell straight to sleep. Today I was really let down as we didn’t visit the school we were meant to be visiting to donate clothes pens ect, and teach them the barn dance. This was because there is teacher strike in Nairobi so all the children aren’t at school. However this morning on the ride to the gorge we saw many children wavering to the bus and saying “jambo” (hello) it was so fun. Also on the way there we saw loads of animals including warthogs, giraffe gazelles and my favourite zebras, they were amazing in real life. Tonight were having a chill out, playing volleyball, and looking at the stalls in the camp site, however the ones at the snake park are meant to be the best.

Amy Wilkinson 15.7.13

Hi again just me, so today we got up at 6.30am which is supposed to be a sleep in hmm! I had a good night’s sleep and felt refreshed after a nightmare of a journey. Today has been very good and very disappointing at the same time. We got up and went straight to Hell’s gate national park where we got pretty close to zebra’s, warthogs and Thompson gazelles. Whilst we were there we tackled gorge walking, I seemed to get really nervous before starting but by the end I was like a professional. Myself and Steph stuck together to get some natural action shots…well half natural haha. Like I said yesterday we had planned to visit our first school today however, in true Africa style the school was shut due to teachers being on strike for a month. Although this was a slight let down we had a walk with the locals, all the children just giggled whenever we spoke haha. The strike shouldn’t affect the rest of the school visits as they aren’t government schools, PHEW!! I am so dirty and full of dust but I have decided that showering really won’t benefit me to much so baby wipes it is for as long as possible, yes I know that will be a shock to everyone at home. I am feeling more at ease today but who knows what I will feel like tomorrow as this place is full of high’s and low’s so I plan on taking each day as it comes. Overall, Africa is still as beautiful as before and I would love to think that one day everyone at home would like to experience this with me too!

Sending my love to everyone and I hope the weather is still as nice as it was before I left.

See you in 20 days

Love you more Amy xxxx

CDAmy McMullan

Jambo guys! I had quite a cosy sleep last night, especially as I nicked a pillow from the Kenya Airways flight. We were woken up at 6:30 which is a little bit earlier than I’m used to considering my version of a lie in is waking up in the afternoon, but it wasn’t too bad. We got ourselves ready, had some breaky then we hopped on the truck to go to Hells Gate National Park. We saw some children dressed in such cute clothes (one boy had little dungarees on awww) and they waved at us as we went past on the truck. I’m trying to do what you said mum and take it all in as it’s just unbelievable. As we were driving through the national park we saw loads of zebras and warthogs which was just amazing. We got out and walked for a bit so we managed to get close to them and take lots of photos. We then did a gorge walk with some scrambling which I really enjoyed because there were some bits that were quite challenging. I got a little bit muddy so I’m now debating whether to get a shower or just make use of my baby wipes hmmm. I was really disappointed when I found out we couldn’t go to the school todayL. The teachers are on strike and have been for a month so the kids haven’t been to school which isn’t fair on them but what can you do ey. Luckily that wont be the case for other schools so I’ll be visiting all the children soon enough. We got back to the campsite and played a game of volleyball which was really fun! I’m feeling excited for tomorrow but I still need to catch up on my sleep so it’ll be an early night for me! I love you all, hope everythings going well at home and the weather is still nice.
Amy J xxxxx

Christopher Smith

Hello everyone, missing you loads even Paddy! The second day was great even though we were woken at six thirty however the breakfast did make up for it. The food here is also great, last night we had Soup, Garlic bread and Spaghetti Bolognese so I’m doing well for food! Back onto today, we set off to the national park and seen lots of Zebras and monkeys so I have taken a lot of photos to show everyone back at home. We also conquered the gorge walk which was very challenging at times but great fun. Overall and even though we are only two days in, I am enjoying every minute of it here apart from David’s snoring in the middle of the night.

Missing everyone, Love Christopher xxxx


CEAbbie Lavender

OH MY GOSH! I woke up this morning, quickly took my tablet, then tried my malaria and it went down first time! Straight away!!!!! That made me absolutely so so ecstatic! It made my day and put me in a good mood for the rest of it! So, we went to somewhere called Hells Gate and scrambled through a gauge, I got really dusty and mucky but it was really quite fun! We were going to go to a government school but the teachers have been on strike for a month and so they are all closed. That made me really sad that we couldn’t get to meet and dance with the children, but most of all that the government don’t care that the children are getting no education. Over in England people would love a month off but the kids over here appreciate school so much and it makes me a bit sad that it’s so different. So instead we were going to go to an orphanage but in the end just walked back to the campsite. Peter said it might be closed, so I asked him where the children would go if it was because I thought it would never close, then he told me back on the streets where they would have been before the orphanage took them in. that disgusted me to know that there were young children living on the streets and fending for themselves, then there are kids my age in England that don’t even start to believe how lucky they are! Well I am so excited to meet to kids! All is well J



Demi Womack

A slightly more upbeat diary entry today sorry about that yesterday! After an amazing nights sleep 9-7 I feel great today and breakfast was the best, peanut butter, jam on toast then avocado I was buzzing! I got a few good pictures of warthogs, zebras and a giraffe in Hell Gate National Park this morning, but I’m hoping to get some close up shots later on in the trip. After the game drive we walked through the Gorge which was good, I had Della in front of me most the way so as you can imagine everything seemed ten times funnier than it normally would. We are all a bit disappointed this afternoon because there is a teachers strike in Kenya at the minute and it has lasted a whole month so far! Meaning there is no children to go and visit at the schools. It’s not all bad because most the schools we visit are in Tanzania and the good news is we have time to chill out now back at camp and get a much needed shower, then I think a few people are planning on playing volley ball or net ball, I will probably watch from the sidelines, as you know I don’t have the best hand-eye co-ordination hahha.

Hope everything is okay at home, feels like I’ve been here forever already but I’m really looking forward to the next few weeks, and getting to know everybody better.

Love you lots, Demi. W xxxx


Sophie Burns

Jambo, today has been so good! We woke up at 6:30am which I was actually not tried since I had a good night sleep and had breakfast (cereal and toast with peanut butter). We then travelled to Hells gate national park walking safari where I saw a zebra, and lodes of other animals which were so good and so close! We then went on a gorge walk where was tricky but good. Instead of going to DEB primary school we then on a walk though a nearby village. The non-private schools are all closed here because teacher are on strike and the children haven’t been at school for a month now which I find so sad because of the stupidity of the government.  We are back at camp now (Fish Eagle) and just playing games and watching a hippo across the lake.

Hope everyones okay at home, and hope Dad has a safe journey tomorrow and tell him ill skype him when I’m back home. Say hey to Gran, Nan and Grandad.B for me.

P.s. hope Brodie has settled down for when I come home

Love you all x x x


CFAaron Jardine

Well Hello everyone! Hope you are good and happy! I am having such an amazing time here, I am sorry I didn’t write yesterday but I was so exhausted with only 4 hours sleep since Saturday it was fair to say I was extremely tired. The plane wasn’t the best to Nairobi due to the fact my legs were squished and it was just not comfortable. Anyway moving on from that, today I was a lot livelier and happy due to my sleep. Even though Peter said that there was Hippo’s around the camp I woke up around 2:30am not knowing if it was the Hippo’s grunting or David in the text next to me! We visited Hells Gate National Park today and the scenery was wonderful, all of the animals such as, Zebra’s, Warthogs, Gazelle’s and the odd Giraffe’s. We also did a gauge walk at the park which was really good, just my type of thing! I am getting on with everyone now and it has been an eye opener defiantly, I don’t quite know what we are doing tomorrow but I will try to write again tomorrow!

Hope you’re all not missing me too much and hope Freddie is fine and not missing too much!

Love xx


Adella Prest;

Holla. Yesterday was such a long long day. Apologies for not writing but I was so tired! Nothing much happened other than meeting Grace, Jason, Cater and being reunited with THE DESTROYER! Oh and we also met Saleem. He’s new this year and is the cook who works alongside Cater. The plane journey to Nairobi wasn’t actually that bad. I got sat next to Amy and Abi, both who are in my group (The best group). I slept most of the way. After the airport, we first we drove to Indaba camp where we had a drink and some breakfast. We also unloaded some luggage and put it in store. After breakfast we visited the supermarket where we bought our first bulk of water and then travelled down to our camp now, Fish eagle. My tent partner last night was Sophie Sid. She is also my tent partner tonight. For tea last night we had spag bol (miles better than yours nan, sorry haha).

Today we got woken up quite late, about half 6. It was great. I slept like a baby. Once everyone was ready and breakfast was down us, we set off for hells gate national park. I’ve got some great pictures for you nan! At the national park, we did a gorge walk and then had dinner which was a sandwich and fruit. After this we were due to visit our first school. This is what I was mostly looking forward to. However teachers have been on strike for the past month meaning no children would be present. So devastating! We are now currently back at camp and chilling. Most people are getting a shower whereas I, along with the smelly boys, Amy Mac and Emily, have been playing volleyball. I may shower tonight, then again I may not. I don’t know what is for tea tonight but I’m already looking forward to it. Hope everyone and everything is fine and dandy. Lots and love, Dell x


CGJess Taylor

Jambo!! This is my first diary because we have been so busy and I haven’t had time due to all the excitement. The flight wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be but I still didn’t like it never the less. Anyway I’m here now and first of all we met the staff who are so lovely; Grace, Jason, Salim and Kata. Then we set up the tents and unpacked which was quite tasking. The camp site is lovely and the toilets and showers aren’t as bad as I was expecting although I haven’t ventured into the showers yet. Today we travelled to Hells Gate and scrambled through a gauge which was quite fun. I didn’t really think I was going to be able to climb some of the rocks but I managed quite well. As we were in the truck on the way back we saw zebras, a giraffe and lots of warthogs. I took loads of pictures so mam will be happy haha. Then we walked back to the campsite and along the way we met some Kenyan children who were carrying water bottles. It was quite sad knowing that they were so young and have to carry water to their houses as I don’t have to think about it at home. We were scheduled to visit DEB primary school but the teachers are on strike so we couldn’t. Knowing that the children wouldn’t have been to school for at least a month made me quite angry even though if that happened at home I would be excited. At our campsite there are these weird looking birds that go into the bins and pinch the food. When I first saw them I was scared but they look really funny and have massive droopy necks. There is a lake near our tents which is home to a hippo that could kill us but hopefully it won’t hahaha!  So right now I’m realllllly warm because we’ve been playing volleyball and I was the one who ended up running after the ball every time it went near the lake. I feel so tired and I nearly fell asleep on the truck today! The food is really nice and the atmosphere is so good. After tea yesterday I had a nose bleed which is just what I wanted L and since I’m not at home, simple things like that make me upset but I’m A OKAY now 😀 So I have ‘only’ cried 4 times since we left school which is quite good for me! But I’m really enjoying my time here so far as it’s so different from anything else I’ve ever experienced before. I’ve written quite a lot just in case I don’t get the chance to write again in the next few days J bye for now

Kwaheri, Jess J xxx