2013 TRIP – July 17

EAJames Small

Jambo! Apologies for not writing the past couple of days, I thought I’d save it all for today.

Just to give you an idea of what’s happening right now… we’re currently on the Destroyer (the 2011 name has stuck, well done Lorna Bell!) with the music blasting on our way to Nakuru where we’re spending the night. I didn’t realise how much I had missed simply driving on the truck with the music and group of great people – it feels good to be back!

Yesterday we went for a walking safari in Crater Lake Sanctuary which was absolutely breathtaking. Last time we only explored a small section of the sanctuary but this year we were trekking through the forests and everything! This was followed by a night-time game drive which was sooo tense… kind of like the perfect situation for a horror movie?!

I’m really enjoying getting to know the new group; it’s great to see their first impressions and reactions to the African experience. Brings a smile to my face! It actually fuels my determination to run worthwhile school trips when I’m qualified as a teacher myself. It also makes me more determined to convince my friends to get themselves over here too! They’d love it!

Only a couple of days left in Kenya now and then we’re onto Tanzania which I am so excited for. While the wildlife is absolutely mind blowing and we’ve seen some fantastic sights, it’s the schools and communities affected by The Meserani Project that I’m dying to get involved in again.

James x

P.S. Government school teachers in Kenya have been on strike for the past month or so and today the government gave them an ultimatum –  be at work for 8am or you’re sacked. It’s a pretty sad situation really – especially from a trainee teacher’s point of view. The Kenyan government really don’t seem to care about their education system… Africa isn’t such a far cry from home after all! *cough* Michael *cough* Gove *cough*


Adam Jefferson!

Jamboo guys!! Everything so far is brilliant! We’re now on our way to Nakuru to go to another national park and see even more animals! As well as this we finally get a bed for tonight instead of a tent which is making me proper happy! Mam, I think you’re going to be proud of all the pictures I’m taking and I think Tic Tac is going to love some of the funny ones I’ve got too 😉 I miss everyone back home and hope you’re all doing well! Looking forward to seeing everyone but don’t want to leave at the same time!!

Love always! X


ECAaron Jardine

Hello people, it is amazing here, the atmosphere, the people, the food, just everything about it. We are currently on our way to Nakuru national park which we are going to be able to see some more animals and maybe even some Lions. Tonight we are going to be in a lodge so we get a bed which I am really excited for! Hope you are okay family, some of the pictures I have taken are really funny and you are all going to laugh, got a little contest going on with Adam with the pictures! Missing you all, but having such an amazing time as well, really can’t wait to see you all, I also miss Charlotte as well, but I will see and speak to you all when I am home!

Lots of Love! Xx


Amy McMullan

Hey everybody! Last night was absolutely phenomenal. We went on a late night game drive and saw loads of animals like a hippo, buffalos, giraffes, zebras and so much more. I found it really exciting and a bonus was having pizza for tea so don’t worry im still eating plenty.

So far today we woke up early and went on another game drive just to see if we could get any closer to some giraffes and…we did! I was overwhelmed really by just how amazing it felt to be so close to them. I think they may be my new fave animal. We’re now just on our way to Nakuru which is a bit of a long drive but I don’t mind because I love seeing all the people as we drive past as they wave to us and we wave back. I’m so grateful for this opportunity! It’s still pretty early in the day though so I’ll have to write more either later on or tomorrow. Hope home is fine and Brinie is okay, I’d say have fun on your holls but I’ve forgotten which day you’re going.  
Love you all very very much! Amy Jxxxxxx

EDAdella Prest; 17.7.13

Jambo! Last night’s game drive was good! We finally got to see some giraffes which made me happy. This morning we got woke up early. Also it was my group’s duty which meant we would be in charge of setting up and making dinner etc. Once up and on the destroyer we did another drive. This time we got to not only see the giraffes in the light but we got to get out and walk beside them. After the drive we went back to where we first stayed to have some breakfast. My job was to cut up the mango and also wash the pots after everyone had finished. Yes nana, I washed. Be proud.  
After this we got back onto the destroyer which is where I am writing this from now. We are heading to Nakuru to a market. This is quite a long drive which has meant we have finally got to listen to the whole of the cd. S’FIE if you’re reading this, I still don’t have a dance partner boo. Anyways, this was a quick one, Ill update you again soon. Byebye. Lots of love, Dell x


Amy Wilkinson 17.7.13

Jambo to all England folks so we are currently sat on the destroyer having a boogie to our Africa CD which includes glee and ba na ba na (from the muppets) yes I am in my element hahaha. Last night we went on a late night game drive which was a new experience as we didn’t do this last time, reminded me of something from a horror movie with tree’s banging against the destroyer windows. We got pretty close to Giraffes today which was amazing, walking along side them whilst they kept a close eye on us.

Of course I’m enjoying all the safari activities but at the back of my mind I can’t wait till Friday, when we will be travelling to Tanzania and back to our Africa home (the messerani snake park). I don’t think my plan to lose weight will pay off as the food is just as good as last time; I am being truly looked after by Grace, Jason, Cater and our new friend Saleem. I miss home a lot but it has nothing on what I’m experiencing here and I am very grateful for having the chance to experience it again, Thanks to the best parents in the world and Peter Swan too.

We are heading to Nakuru market today as well as another game drive to spot some of the big 5. As I look out of my window I see the most beautiful views then small towns full of people working ranging in all different ages. Children waving and smiling as well as begging for money or food, my emotions are constantly up and down.

I love everyone back at home and am looking forward to seeing Mickey with them.

See you in 18 days, Love Amy xoxoxoxoxo


EEAbbi English

At the moment we are on our way to Nakuru in the truck. Last night we went on a game drive, it was really good, we seen loads of animals like hippos, giraffes etc. I was so tired after it though. This morning we got up at 6ish and packed and went back to the sanctuary and walked with giraffes, it was amazing how close we got to them. Also, I forgot to say yesterday I went and had my hair done by Diane and Dellas ‘salon’  so my hair is so much cleaner hahahaha. It’s still pretty early so haven’t done much today, but we are going to the supermarket and a market later on.

Anyway hope you are all fine, love Abbi xxxxxx 

Emily Holden

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!!!! Hope you are having as good a day as I am, thinking of you. Last night we did a night safari which was really exciting; we saw another hippo and lots of giraffe galloping through the woods. This morning we went back out really early about 6:30 and searched for some giraffe. We managed to find some and walk really close which was absolutely AMAZING; I got loads of brilliant photos. We are now on our way to our next campsite which has dormitories and go on some more game drives. Send my love to everyone, Em xxx


EFChristopher Smith

Hello everyone! Hope everything is going well at home and your looking after Paddy? Anyway I’m having a great time here and everything has met my expectations apart from the toilets – a hole in the ground in the good camp sites! But it’s still ok for me.   Yesterday we moved camp sites to Crater lake which the views from the top of the mountain were absolutely amazing, I however managed to fall UP the hill, I don’t know how but I did but I’m totally fine. So last night we stayed in ‘the bush camp’ which I had the best nights sleep yet and today we were up at 5am to do a sunrise game drive and walk around the park where we got within feet from a family of giraffes, it was so cool. I am currently travelling in the truck to Kenya Wildlife club where ill be staying in the lodge.

Speak soon, Love Christopher xxx


Jess Taylor

Hello all! So I’m shattered today as I only got about 4 hours sleep last night as Soph kept laying on me! But never the less I managed to get up at half 5 and pack my bag quite quickly. After that it went downhill as it took me ages to get ready and take the tent down so Sophie and I were crowned most disorganised of the day wooooo! So other than that we haven’t done much today as we are travelling from Crater Lake to fish eagle camp for cereal and then off again in the destroyer (truck). Oh and I saw loads of giraffes and we got out of the truck and went really close to them! I’m finding it hard to keep busy and stop thinking about home but I’m managing at the moment J peter called me into the truck this morning to read me an e-mail my mam had sent and at first I feared the worst but in the end ALL she wrote was ‘good, cant wait to see the pictures’ which in some ways makes me laugh and reassures me that she can’t be missing me that much which makes me happy as I want her to carry on as normal. I’m thinking about Josh who comes home from Magga tomorrow. I hope he’s had a blast like I am having here!! Don’t be mad mam but I got a tad burnt yesterday after a massssive walk but it’s all good as I put after sun on J I washed hair for the first time yesterday haha and the water was freezing which made me thin k of the boxing day dip and then I went onto think about Redcar beach and how many times I would have been there by now if I was at home. That made me feel sad but at the same time I was having so much fun watching Dianne stick her head into the bucket I didn’t have time to cry. Right now I’m in the truck on a really bumpy road and I can’t type very well so I’ll write tomorrow, bye for now J

p.s: To mam/ Please will you put my bedding in the wash before I come home? Asante (Google what asante means (y)J)

Jess xxxx


EGAbbie Lavender

Today I woke up and lost the straps to tie my bed up which isn’t good, and I struggled a little to take my malaria tablet but only a tiny bit, but don’t worry mam it went down J yesterday we got so close to so many animals it was crazy! Even hippos and they are really dangerous but we were like feet away it felt so cool! Today I went to the toilet in a bush with Lisa and Demi haha, then we went to Fish Eagle camp to have breakfast. On the way I was sat next to Chris Gibson and we had such an amazing conversation! He is missing his girlfriend Sophie and I am missing my boyfriend James and we understood each other so much and went so deep, he really comforted me and I tried back, he really misses her as I do him so it was nice to talk to someone in the same position because now we are both there for each other, it was really nice and he was just so lovely! Today we are going on another game drive then tonight we’re staying in dormitories with actual beds ahaha woo fair to say I’m excited as they also have loos!!!! Bye for now, love and miss you all!



Chris Gibson

Hello everyone! Well last night’s sleep wasn’t really the best sleeps I’ve had, I couldn’t sleep at all. I actually couldn’t stop thinking of memories and mainly ones with Sophie. I woke up this morning and whilst quickly packing up before we went on our early drive, I was just thinking of home and being home with everyone (I think I’m defiantly not good at being away from home). I hope everyone is all alright and well. Anyway, this morning we went out and walked along and took photos of giraffes, it was amazing. On the way back we didn’t slow down over a speed bump and because as light as I am, I left the seat and was literally a millimetre from hitting my head off the roof haha. We then went back for breakfast and now back on a long drive too our new destination where we will go out and also hopefully see rhinos and more. Don’t be missing me too much all of you! I still miss you all though, I’ll write another diary soon and I can’t wait to see you all again. Love you all xx




Jambo! Yesterday we went for a walk around Crater Lake Sanctuary and got up close to the wildlife. It was amazing to almost be able to touch a zebra, I thought for a second to bring the little fella home and put him in the little shed, but remembered all Papi’s fishing is in there and would have nowhere to go! When then returned to out campsite in the bush and had dinner, we then had some chill time to prepare for the night game drive. The night game drive was very exciting! It was great to see animals that you don’t get to see during the day.

This morning we got up at 5.45 to get straight out on another game drive to find some giraffes – and we did! We found a group of baby and adult giraffes so we all got out and walk amongst them which was an amazing experience!! After that we travelled back to Fish Eagle campsite to have breakfast where Rebecca and I have both discovered that we like Wheetabix! On the way we came across a gang of baboons, but because we’re hard as nails we scared them off!

We are now currently travelling on the truck up to Nakuru to visit the curio market where I can test my bartering skills. Then off the national park where I am just dying to see leopard, so I have my fingers crossed!! 

Papi J – hope you have a good trip to Sheffield, send our love to the fam and don’t be drinking too much spiced rum!

Lots of love and with you in spirit xo


Rebecca Crandon

Hello again daddy, We all went on a night game drive which I was really looking forward to! We saw a hippo, giraffe, zebra and Thompson gazelles, the drive was a bit bumpy but fun hahah. As Stephanie has said we have now decided we like Wheetabix so as you can probably guess it will become a regular on the shopping list! This morning we got the chance to walk amongst a group of giraffes which was amazing! I hope you aren’t enjoying yourself to much while we are away. Have a fab time fishing and going down to Sheffield, send all my love to the Knapp’s!

Love you lots and lots Papi xxxxxxxxxx

Sophie Sidgwick

Hi, it’s me again. Last nights game drive was AMAZING! We saw giraffes, Thompsons gazelles and other gazelles that I can’t remember the names of (oops). We saw a huge hippo right near the truck but we only saw its bum because it wouldn’t turn around, we also saw buffalo and wildebeest. Peter said that Crater Lake was really good to see giraffes at on all of the other trips but we hadn’t seen any close up, so this morning we woke up super early and went out in the truck to find some and got out and took photos and got soooo close, it was unbelievable. We’ve done so much walking these past few days that my legs are a bit sore unfortunately but I’ll get over it. I shared a tent with Steph last night, she’s lovely and this morning we finished packing up first, (Dream Team). This morning I had mango with my weetabix, its my new fave so we’ll have to stock up when I get home. We’re going to the supermarket this afternoon, which I’m looking forward to along with Becca (Steph’s sister, also a fussy eater) so we’ll stock up on things that we like just incase although I will try what Saleem and Carter make for us. Kate scalp plaited my hair last night so I’m happy haha, its not the same as you doing it but she’s a close second. Last night me, Lisa and David were talking about favourite films and Christmas films and I told them that your fave is Elf, theirs is too. They go a bit further than us with it though, they have an ‘Elf’ party every year and watch the film and dress up haha, maybe something for you to consider for us. I also told them about what you said about answering the phone at work and saying ‘Sophie the Elf, what’s your favourite colour?’ they were laughing a lot and said that you’d earnt brownie points in their books for saying it haha. David loves musicals nearly as much as me so we’ve been having fun singing with each other. I’ve managed to go without washing my hair yet, just using dry shampoo, but I think I might do it tonight because I’m feeling brave haha, the toilets and facilities were made out to be soo much worse in the meetings than they actually are, I think they said it like that to scare and prepare us but I’m glad that they did. Also, they say that we’re staying in national park I thought they meant in with the animals but its not, well sort of, they can get in but it’s a proper campsite, just like camping. At home I was worried about who I would be sharing tents with and things every night but everyone is so lovely that I don’t mind anymore. I love it here sooo much, and I hope you were really serious about me, you and Auntie Kate coming back, because its great.

Don’t miss me too much, I hope that you’re keeping busy and spending time with Kate and Rach and Libbie. I love you all loads and loads and loads, miss you xxxxxxxxx

Chloe Crosby. 
Hey Home!  
I told you I’d let you know how last night’s game drive went so here goes J … it was really good, we had to be mega quiet so it was really tense and a little nerve wracking! You know me I don’t like the dark at the best of times never mind chasing wild animals!  We got a little lucky and seen the likes of hippo, giraffe, spring hares (which are mega cute, they look like mini kangaroos) wilder beast and buffalo. I’d definitely love to do one again, maybe this time where there are elephants or lions which we’re yet to see.  
I’m currently sat on the Destroyer on our way to Nakuru for another game drive and camping. Well I say camping tonight is the night we’re sleeping in DormsJ so looking forward to not having to put my tent up and down! (Although this morning I didn’t receive the award for most unorganised like I did yesterday!) I’m really excited I hope we get lucky like last time. Another 4 lions up a tree would be unbelievable!  
Daniel, guess what John Mayer (is that how you spell it?) is 15th on the CD but it hasn’t been played yet because they’re playing them in random order on the USB  L the good news though is that Coldplay is also on!! Woowoo, it’s a little far down but we’ve been driving for just over an hour now and I’ve heard it so I’m a happy bunny J I love you very much my man + am missing you a lot L but the trip has been really good so far and can’t wait to tell you all about it all in person! 
Anyways, we’re nearly at the market now so are stopping off J I’ll write to you all again soon. I hope you’re all okay! I love you lots Mam, Dad, Lewis + Rocky! 
See you soon! 
Lots of love Co xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx



Sat in Nakuru town – the 4th. largest town in Kenya, and scene of some of the worst violence of the 2008 Kenyan election crisis. It is hard to imagine what happened here, and although it is now history, we should not forget the impact that corruption at government level can have on normal everyday citizens here in Africa.

We will shortly set off for Lake Nakuru National Park, one of the Kenya Wildlife Service premium parks. We will hopefully spot some of the big cats, and will almost definitely see rhinos, flamingos, giraffes, hyenas, buffaloes and waterbucks. Tomorrow morning we are going on a dawn game drive (6.30 a.m.), so as to improve our chances of seeing hunting animals  – fingers crossed!

The group have ‘gelled’ already, and everybody has been supportive towards each other. We have not had any emotional moments yet –  the Kenyan teachers’ strike means that the government schools have been closed for more than four weeks now – but there will undoubtedly be many of these when we visit the schools in Tanzania.