2013 TRIP – July 18

FBAbbie Lavender

We have just had brunch which was absolutely gorgeous yummy! Now we are setting off on a 3 hour drive back to Nairobi then tomorrow TANZANIA!!! When we get there tonight we are setting up camp but that is all as we will get there quite late. Today I have been thinking lots about home! Krista almost finishing her first year oh gosh how fast! I hope you enjoy your last week at school Krista I can’t wait to see you! And a big good luck to James and Lorna who’s Head Boy and Head Girl interviews are today, I hope you get them!!! Lots of love



Amy McMullan 
Jambo homies! Yesterday, after I’d wrote my diary, we went to Nakuru market to do a little bit of shopping which was good. The culture difference is amazing in the sense of how they haggle and come up to you. One man approached us and tried to sell us bracelets and said “buy these, theyre… cheaper than Aldi” which was funny. When we got back to the truck there were quite a few people talking to us trying to haggle and some of the conversations were really funny. What really upset me though was when a little boy who was only about 6/7 came up and was begging for money. He only had little rags on and no shoes and it was just horrible to see.

On a more positive note however we saw some absolutely spectacular things! We arrived eventually at Nakuru national park which is a premium park with lions and leopards etc. We went on a game drive and were mainly on the lookout for lions. We saw the typical wildlife such as zebras, buffalos and giraffes however, we managed to see some rhinos (black and white) and lions. The lions were one of the best things I think I’ve ever seen. At first we saw a mother lion playing with her little cub and then we saw another 3 lions who were just waking up. There was also a little cub on its own as we began to drive back. IT WAS AMAZING! Everybody was pretty tired afterwards so just chilled and then all went to bed.

This morning we had an early start as we went on a morning game drive to try and spot more lions…which we did. We also saw a hyena, a weird little cat thing and a jackal. It was so good. Pretty much every day we see baboons but they’re quite ugly and we have to keep an eye out so they don’t try and jump on the truck (the baby ones are cute though).

I’m still going strong without a shower however I am desperate to get one so hopefully I’ll be able to do so tonight. I keep wanting to say in every diary entry for you not to worry about me eating because the food they cook is fine and last night I had 2 bowl full’s of potato soup! I feel like all the people on the trip are really friendly and I hope they’re having as much of a good time as I am. Love you all very much J Amy xxxxxx  Ps Lisa is Beautiful!



Firstly I would just like to thank Amy for those kind words! (See above.)

I am not much of a diary writer, more so here in Africa but that is simply because I don’t have the words to describe what it means to me to be here, doing a job I love doing. However, if anyone would like, I can knock up a cracking dance drama about the whole thing!  Seriously though, I do want to write a message to all the parents. Your children (I know they are not children, but young adults) are doing you proud. Not that I would expect anything less but they have continually conducted themselves with maturity and respect beyond their years. They are all doing very well and are growing each day.

Well I am currently on the truck on our way back to Nairobi, but not before stopping off for an ice-cream. However, listening to the wonderful vocal styling’s of Amy and Adella I am enjoying the journey even more. (Yes they told me to write that)

I feel very lucky and believe me I am appreciating every moment. Missing home? Well I miss people, but this feels just natural and now familiar to me.  Yesterday we went to Nakuru town. I remembered the first time I went. I don’t mind sharing that I was worried (although trying not to show it). Now that we are back and I experienced it without the students last summer, I felt much more confident.

Love, one very happy, Lisa x x


Emily Holden

Hello again hope you had a nice birthday dad, we had the best day so far because after seeing the giraffe we then saw some lions and some more rhino along with some more beautiful animals this morning. Last night we slept in dorms which was quite nice although I did get a bit bitten! We are now on the ‘destroyer’ (our truck) on our way back to indaba camp to spend the night before travelling to Tanzania tomorrow which should be very exciting. Feeling so happy and lucky to be here and having a fabulous time, Thank you, love you all lots and lots hang tight for the next instalment mum lots of love and hugs Em xxxx

p.s Fliss I am in the process of selecting some better sand for you as it has just been quite dusty so far haha xx


FDAdella Prest;  
Hello home! Well today is day 6 and guess what? I still haven’t had a shower. I think there are only me and Amy Mac standing now. However, I have had my first little cry. Sophie Heward, I’m blaming you for this one. ‘This is it’ playing on the CD and memories flooding back from two years ago. Missing everyone so much but at the same time enjoying this new experience.  
Not sure where I wrote up to yesterday but last night was amazing. We saw Lions. We also seen some this morning but didn’t get as close. We stayed in lodges last night which meant we didn’t have to go through the effort of putting up tents. Just as well we did because there was a thunder and lightning storm. Tomorrow we are travelling down to the snake park in Tanzania. I can’t even explain how excited I am about this. About going to the schools and also meeting my sponsored child Neema. Eeeek.     
Well at the moment we’re on board the destroyer and heading back to Indaba camp for the night. I’m not sure what’s for tea but I’m already excited for it. Ill speak very soon. Hope everyone is okay and not missing me too much. Hope my little brum brum is fine and dandy. Feel free to give him and good clean and fill up his tank, haha. Love you loads nana! Thanks for contributing towards yet again another great experience. Can’t wait to share these photos with you. Lots of love, Dell x      


Happy 21st Birthday Kirsty, I’m sorry I missed it again. I hope that you and Mam are having a brilliant time in Barcelona, hope you bought me something nice haha and took lots of picture to show me! Have a safe journey home.

Yesterday we drove from Fish eagle camp site to Nakuru National Park on the way we stopped off at a supermarket for water and had a chance to look around the local market there was lots of people trying to sell us bracelets ect.. it reminded me of last time I was here, one of the men said they liked my red hair but when I told them it was dyed he was so disappointed he walked away and left me alone! On the afternoon we did a game drive where we spotted lions, there was three of them, we saw them on the last trip but it was still as excited, we watched the female playing with her cub.

We stayed in huts inside the national park last night which was so lucky because it poured down. Our team (Davids) was on duty so we did the washing up after tea, he started a water fight, sometimes I wonder who the adults are haha. Today we did a further game drive in Nukuru, we manage to see a hyena and more hippo’s but still no leopard which was a bit disappointing.  John all the park rangers wear dessert boots over here and they look so cool! I’ve already got Diane on the case to find me a cheap pair so I might buy some for you haha. I was also coming up with lots of project ideas for uni earlier when we were driving around, my biggest regret is not bringing a sketchbook out with me but I’ve got lots of picture for inspiration so that’s good.

I’m loving every minute now, and I can see me not wanting to come home at the end. Dad I hope you’ve survived on your own and have managed to eat well.

Sending lots of Love, Demi W xxxx 

FEChris Gibson

Well yesterday we carried on around on the truck and saw lions too which I got photos of. I wish we could of got closer but obviously we didn’t fancy getting eaten. Last night we stayed in a lodge with all of the boys. David also stayed in the room with us and I think we finally found out how funny he really was; we couldn’t stop laughing. It was lucky we were in the lodge last night as it was thundering a lightning last night. I don’t think the tents could have taken all the rain. We woke up this morning at half 5 again (that’s half 3!) and went on an early game drive. We saw more lions again but not much at all. We all expected a small drive but no, we were out for around 4 hours! When we got back we had brunch which was pancakes! So I obviously went back and got more and more. I eat more here than I ever did at home. After we ate we went back and are now on the truck as I’m writing this. We are going to Nairobi which is around a 4 hour drive, fantastic. It might not be too bad though since we have music playing and I’m sat next to Chris, Ross and Jonny. Oh yeah I forgot to mention, my song is last on the list. I really miss you all at the minute so I can imagine it’ll get worse as I go on. I can’t wait to see you all again, love you all xxx


Ross Fairbairn

After spending a night in “luxury” at the Wildlife Clubs with bunk beds and an ACTUAL toilet which I enjoyed a lot, I’m now on a 4 hour drive to Nairobi which should be fun. As I have now slept in proper beds, played basketball and gone for a swim it now feels a little more like home which is always good and I have now recovered from my illness so everything is looking up and I’m getting ice cream soon, cannot wait

After two long drives yesterday and this morning through Lake Nakuru National Park I have now seen most animals on offer and we even got to see some lions and rhinos so there’s now only elephants left on my list!

I’m looking forward to Tanzania and I’m still missing everyone at home a lot. See you all soon and lots of love to you all!


FGJonathan Millar

Yesterday was really exciting; we visited a small market in Nakuru and spent the rest of the day on safari. It we fantastic, took loads of pictures (not all of them great) and saw some amazing animals. We saw lions, rhinos and wilder beast but were unable to see a leopard after searching every tree in the sanctuary. My favourite to see was the lions. We were extremely close to them and their cubs. They spent most of their time lazily sleeping in the sun with their friends; they know how to live. I had a wonderful sleep in a luxury hut with all of the lads. Not sure how I got to bed though after laughing for so long. On a three hour drive now but were stopping off half way for ice cream.

Tuta Onana


Christopher Smith

Jambo everyone ! I’m still having a really fun time here in Kenya but still missing you loads. Last night we went on a sunset game drive around our ‘premium’ park I have taken lots of great photos but as usual something really unlucky happened, my camera battery ran out as we were greeted with a family of lions, just my luck, but not to worry, when we went on a sunrise game drive this morning we saw a different family of lions on a hill where I had taken images with my new battery so it’s all better. Also last night I predicted a large thunder storm which came true, it was a proper storm not like we have in the UK. Luckily we were in a lodge and not a tent so I did not get soaked. We are now on our way back to Nairobi on our ‘destroyer’ and will be having some famous ice cream at the half way point.

Speak soon, Love Christopher xxx



FHSophie Sidgwick

Yesterday, I only wrote at lunch time and soo much happened since then. After we travelled to Nakuru and visited a supermarket, I bought water, biscuits and Vaseline(because I have very sore lips L). Then we went to the market, we got to have a look at some of the things that were on sale there like jewellery, seats and cards and bookmarks and soo much more, I found it slightly daunting the stall owners trying to hassle you to go into the shop so I didn’t stay for long. I did buy a photo frame for 250 shillings which the other Sophie haggled for. On the way to the youth hostel that we stayed at last night we went on a game drive through the national park, we managed to see rhinos (black and white), jackyls, giraffes and lions. We saw two sets of lions, the first a mother and cub which was super cute and then three young males who were watching another lion who was coming over to them, I managed to get some really good photos which I can’t wait to show everyone. Lots of people got homesick last night, even though I am a little bit homesick I’m enjoying myself too much to cry. Then last night we slept in the youth hostel which had sets of bunk beds in, we slept in our sleeping bags on the beds and not in the sheets there. As we were settling down we noticed a fly sort of thing that buzzes annoyingly, at the time it was just annoying but I woke up to find that I’d been bitten on my face and right forearm and hand L. They don’t hurt or anything and they aren’t itchy but its so frustrating because everyone else got one or two bites and I have about 20 L and they’re super ugly, but I’ve been putting germolene on and I’ll put the savlon on when that’s finished. I hope they go away as soon as possible because they’re horrible. Today we woke up at 6 and left the park at 6:20 to go on the pre-breakfast game drive, which ended up being 4 hours long, we saw more lions and a hyeena as well as giraffes, rhinos, zebras, wildebeest and impala. Then we we went back to the hostel for a breakfasty/lunchy thing, I had a pancake and some fruit salad, which was really yummy. Also last night we were meant to be having chicken curry and rice but someone had told me that the chicken in the curry was on the bone and that it was spicy so I didn’t get it, I only got rice. Then the cook Saleem came in and asked my why I wasn’t having the curry and I explained that I didn’t like it and he said I can tell him what I do like and he’ll make me that and something else for other people which I think was super lovely of him. Now we’re on the truck on the way to Nairobi and we got the option of either stopping off at the market again or going to an ice cream shop, so we’re going for ice cream haha, Peter said that there’s a market in Arusha that is bigger than the one we were at yesterday and Sarah said its cheaper there so I think I’ll buy things there if I want them.

Love you all loads and miss you sooooooo much xxxxxxxxxxxx


Adam Jefferson!

Hello!! Everything so far is amazing and it couldn’t be better! Today we went for another game drive to see even more animals like hyenas and rhinos! We are now on a long drive to another camp site to stay at tonight which I am looking forward to. Missing everyone back home and hope you’re all doing well and coping without me (Tic Tac)! See you in a while

Love always! X


FIAaron Jardine

Hello, hope you are all okay we had a very early start today up at 5:30am to go on a game drive. We saw lots of animals, including Rhino’s. We are now on our way to Indaba camp site in Nairobi, which we are going to stay at and then tomorrow we are on our way to Meserani Snake Park, which I can’t wait for. It is an amazing experience at the minute and I am really enjoying myself. Hope you are all good and not missing me too much!

Love you all xx.


Sarah Rogers

Hello back home J

I can’t remember the last time I wrote but so much has happened In the last few days! Yesterday we went Nakuru National park and saw lots of new animals such as rhinos, lions and lots more zebras! This time we were a lot closer to the rhinos so ive got some good pictures to show you when I get home. Im trying to save most of my memory for when we get to the schools so I can take lots of pictures with the children and of course me and Dora J. Last night we slept in a lodge so we had proper beds and it was the best nights sleep ive had so far which is saying something considering I can sleep anywhere haha. We are currently in the truck driving back to Nairobi to pick up that huge suitcase I had to bring home ready for when we go to Tanzania tomorrow. Im looking forward to the next few days because this is when the trip becomes more exciting as we are visiting the schools! In a few hours we are stopping of somewhere in Nairobi for ice cream which we never got last time we were here. Im eating well due to our new cook saleem who makes some lovely food, Ive also stocked up on chocolate and Pringles so im not going to go hungry haha. Anyway im having a great time cant wait to tell you all about it back at home. Love you and miss you all lots.

p.s I cant wait to prove you all wrong especially Luke when I ask Dora about the animals she has seen since she didn’t answer that question in our letter J

Bye bye xx


FJSophie Burns

Hey Hey. Hope you are all okay and doing good J

Yesterday we went and stayed at Nakurau National Park. We were in dormatries and all had bunk beds. Anyways on the day we were travleing to stopped at this (ruff) town where we went and got some shopping done. We also we on the stalls and were able to buy all sorts of stuff like cravings, drawings begs etc. I had my first haggle and got a photo frame for 250 and a girffha model for 200, which is pretty good for my first time. But the people on the stalls were horrid and proper got me to go in their stalls and buy stuff. At one point I had like 4 people on me. After leaving we went on a game drive in the national park and saw and got lodes of good photos of animals like White Rhinos, lions, hippos and more. My first battery for the camera has died so I’m on my second one now, so I’m hoping that it will last until the snake park. After the game drive we went back to the dorms and had dinner which was potato soup, chicken curry (and garlic bread) and fruit it was really nice as usual. Whilst having our dinner there was a massive thunderstorm and you could see the fork lightening in the distance.. anways I’m going for an ice cream now talk later. Love you all bye bye xxxxx


Jess Taylor

Hello again!  Yesterday when I had finished writing we went on another game drive and we saw some lions and rhino but unfortunately I had forgotten my camera so some other people said they would send me the pictures J when we got back we didn’t have to set the tents up (phew) as we were staying at Lake Nakuru National Park and they have bunk beds for us to sleep on. I’m so relieved I slept all through the night as it has given me some more energy (even though we got up at 5:50am and I fell asleep on the truck). I smothered myself in deat last night as I was determined not to be bitten and it worked!:) I’m so happy that I haven’t been bitten yet because they look painfully itchy. When we went on the early morning game drive this morning we saw another couple of lions and some more rhino. The buffalo came quite close to the truck as well as the baboons which are cheeky enough to jump on the top of cars etc.. so I was on duty today and that meant that we had the pleasure of washing up yeyy, this meant that I couldn’t go outside which now that I think about it is a good thing as I didn’t apply sun cream woops. Now we’re going to Nairobi but on the way there we are stopping off at an ice cream shop which I cannot wait for!!!! Today’s diary is short and sweet as I am really tired and have a 3 hour journey ahead of me (also I’m going to play cards), bye for now J

Jess xxxxxx


FKKate smith

Yesterdays market was good, I saw loads of things I wanted, and things that I knew family at home would like, however I’m holding out for the markets at the snake park as they are better value, and there is loads more of them. I got Adam some super strong Kenyan tea bags called Kericho Gold, so he can no longer complain about weak cups of tea, and saw a bag that I’m gunna get for Amy because she’d love it. Just need to find matching bracelets for us 3 and get my mam and Donna something and I’m sorted. At the game drive last night we saw a lot of pretty cool animals, like lions and cubs, zebras, buffalo, jackals, some kind of cat like creature. I liked the rhinos the best, and the buffalo, it seems the uglier the animal the cuter the baby ones are. I’m determined to maybe pinch a baby elephant for Amy, and sneak it in my hand luggage. The long drives on the trucks gives me time to soak it all in, seeing all the happy children waving at you as we drive by, when they have nothing to be happy for. Totally different to home, they appreciate the little things a lot more, which is nice and makes me thing we should more and not take things for granted. the food so far is nice, needless to say I’ve eaten it all so far. Feeling better today and trying to enjoy the experience rather than thinking of home so much, starting to enjoy the company of the group abit more. Miss you loads L  
Chloe Crosby. 
Hello Home J how are you all? I’m good but last night was rough, I’m missing you all lots L you’d have thought I would have had a good night’s sleep being in dorms rather than a tent but I didn’t sleep well at all and the storm was pretty scary! I absolutely love Africa but I’m already looking forward to my own bed, shower and a good cuddle. I’m sure I’ll be a lot better once we hit Tanzania, mega looking forward to meeting the kids and working for the project J The safaris in Kenya have been unreal, managed to see pretty much everything apart from a leopard, we got to see a black rhino which are pretty rare now, close up too! My camera is holding out so I’ve got a good few pictures to show you all J  
We’re currently all sat on The Destroyer heading back to Nairobi, I’ve heard there’s a really good ice-cream shop to go to once we’re there (I really hope I’m not being lied too) strawberry please!!  
I always think to myself ‘I’ll remember that to write in my diary’ now I’m sat here blank -.- haha, silly me J  
I hope work is going ok for you Daniel head + hope you’re getting to play plenty of football J I feel like I’ve been away for ages but I bet you haven’t done too much yet, it hasn’t even been a week! Me and Adella are just sat reminiscing about our last trip, listening to Sophie’s song..  Wish you were all here! (Adella is crying) I love you lots and can’t wait to see your face, hope you’re jotting down gossip like we planned!! Haha speak soon J 
I do miss home but Africa is too unreal to not enjoy, I’m going to make the most of every second! 
Write again soon, Hope you’re all good Mam, Dad, Lewis + Rocky!  
Missing you, loving you. 
Coco xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx