2013 TRIP – August 2

U (1)Sarah Rogers

The last three weeks have gone by so fast especially the last few days J Since I last wrote we have organised a sports day which went very well. I was in charge of Lesiraa primary to make sure they were at the start for each race which I really enjoyed as I got to spend more time with the children. By the end of the day all the girls were shouting my name so I hope I made a few of them happy J.

Yesterday we drove back to Kenya and on the way we stopped off at a little primary school near where Grace lives and the children were absolutely adorable! There was only about 30 children in total and when we arrived some of the children started to cry as they had never seen a white person L. After a while though all the children were playing with us and we even sat and ate our dinner with them while they had there’s.

Today has been a good day as we have already been to the giraffe centre and Kibera to visit St. Secilias School. It was a total different experience from last time as we visited some children who were celebrating finishing their exams. We ended up dancing with them and showing them how to do Macarena and they showed us how to do some incredible African style dancing J  I gave out my teddies and when we were leaving I saw one little boy who was grabbing hold to his teddy to make sure no one could take it!

I’ve had an incredible time and the children we have met along the way have made it the best it could ever be. Just to see the smiles on their faces makes me feel proud of being part of the trip and makes me want to come again for the third time! Sorry mam and dad but me and Amy have already discussed our next adventure J Tonight should be a good night too as we are off to the Safari Park hotel to have a nice meal and watch an acrobatic show.

Not long now till I will be back at home only two more days! Can’t wait to see everyone J love you all lots hope, you haven’t missed me too much xx

U (2)Aaron Jardine

Well hello people, today is my birthday woo and it has been so much better than I expected it to!

Well yesterday was travelling back to Kenya and wasn’t too bad, we stopped off at a private primary school on the way which was lovely. We then reached Indaba Camp and set up camp then just chilled for the rest of the day.

Now onto today, I was not expecting anything at all. I woke up and opened the card off Mum, Dad and Jacob first which was really nice and made me a tad upset but I was alright. Then I was woken up by everyone singing Happy Birthday to me which was amazing and was really nice, I got balloons and stuff and was just really nice. We then had breakfast and I had a couple of cards off people which I opened. I then went and got some breakfast and there was a card from the whole group and a cake which was made by the two cook’s. I couldn’t thank them enough it really did make my day! We then set off to the Giraffe Sanctuary where I got to kiss a giraffe and feed them which was funny. I mean who can say they have kissed a giraffe on their birthday?

Now here comes the best part of the day, we went to the Kibera where we went to St Secilia school, it was supposed to be very emotional which I was preparing myself for. However, when we got there we heard music playing really loud and it was because they had sat an exam on the morning so the student’s where dancing and stuff. We went in and then this was the highlight of the day so far. A few people started dancing with the school kids and they were around my age anyway and they were really good. I was then called upon to go dance and as we all know I can dance amazingly. It was so much fun, the students then sang happy birthday to me and also cheered and it was just an amazing place to be something I will never forget. We then gave the school some bags of food, clothes and school equipment. We are now back at the camp site where we are going out for a meal later which should be really good!

Hope you are all okay and I am having a great day thank you for the card!

Lots of love Aaron xx

U (3)Sophie Sidgwick

Hey home, today we went to the giraffe sanctuary which was amazing. We got given pellets of food and were allowed to feed the giraffes out of our hands. We were also allowed to put the pellet in our mouth and get a kiss off the giraffe, it was really tickly and weird but soooo fun. After that we went to Kibera to visit St Secilia school, on arrival everyone expected to cry when we were inside the school but it wasn’t sad at all. The children there were celebrating because they had just finished their exams, they had a dj playing loud music and we were allowed to dance with them and we did ‘If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands’ which was funny. I think that today has been probably my highest moment of the whole trip. Tonight, we’re going to the Safari Park Hotel for tea which should be fun, we’re allowed to try loads of different meats from pork and lamb to crocodile and camel, for me it’ll probably just be chicken unless I’m feeling brave. While we’re talking about food, for tea last night we had spaghetti carbonara and I loved it so please get a recipe! Yesterday, we visited a different primary school called Victoria School which wasn’t on the itinerary, it was really good, at first they were really scared because they aren’t used to white people but they soon became friendly with us, they taught us some school songs and we did the hokey cokey with them which was funny.

Love you and miss you loads xxxx

(p.s. please order me a London pizza for when I get home)


U (4)Kate smith

Today has been magic, not only have I kissed a giraffe tongues and everything at the giraffe sanctuary, but I danced like Africans and sang with some amazing children from St Seclias school, on the edge of kibera slum. 
the slum itself was quite shocking, the thing that got me was the sheer stench, and the amount of dirt and rubbish everywhere. However I was shocked to see that they had electricity in quite a few places we saw. 
Towards the beginning of the trip (the first two weeks) I was really home sick and felt abit overwhelmed by it all, however the past few days have really shown me a lot, and I’ve really enjoyed it. I still miss home of course, but Africa is a magical place to be, granted its abit different to home. Love you loads Amy see you day after tomorrow mwah x


U (5)James Small

Well, what a day it’s been so far – and it’s only 2pm! We visited the AFEW Giraffe Sanctuary in Nairobi where I got a few cheeky kisses off Lynn (a Rothschild giraffe…) which was a good laugh. However, the best experience was yet to come when we visited Kibera…

I can’t get my head around how two visits to the same place can be so different! My visit to Kibera in 2011 was filled with such strong suffering and pain with almost everyone breaking down in tears at some point during our short time there*. In 2013, on the other hand, it was the total and utter opposite! The atmosphere was full of energy, enthusiasm and celebration (it’s Aaron’s birthday and the kids at St Secilia had just completed an exam this morning). The kids were being treated to some entertainment in the school ‘hall’ which involved lots of singing and dancing. It was such a good laugh and everyone got involved – the African kids have got some serious moves! Aaron’s moves, however, could still do with some work… Anyway, St Secilia really is an amazing place run by an amazing woman, Angeline. Her story is still as humbling as the first time I heard it: giving up her job at a top girls’ school in Nairobi to care for and educate the underprivileged children of the notorious Kibera slum.

The fun we had with the kids in St Secilia was overwhelming. It’s crazy to think that regardless of their surroundings and personal lives, they appeared to have everything they ever needed in that little room where everyone was singing and dancing and celebrating for whatever reason. As I said in a previous diary entry, it’s the simple little things that mean the most in life and it takes something special to help you realise that. The memories of my time in Kibera will mean more to me than any lion or zebra or elephant I’ve seen on any old game drive and hopefully the memories we have given the kids and staff at St Secilia today will mean as much to them as they do to us.

In other news, we’re off to the Safari Park Hotel tonight to fill ourselves up on crocodile, ostrich, camel and such like while sparing a thought for the people of Kibera.

Nearly there now! Tutu onana

James x

P.S. 2 days to go and it’s home time! I expect a welcome like Prince George Alexander Louis received (see Mam, the news didn’t escape me here after all…)

* On the whole, comparing the 2011 and 2013 groups, 2011 were a total bunch of softies! Myself included!

U (6)Chris Gibson

Hola! (yes I thought I’d be Spanish) Well today has been one of the best. Today we went and visited the giraffe sanctuary and also Kibera.

The giraffe sanctuary was great! I didn’t think I’d ever be so close to a giraffe never mind feed it and stroke it. As well, I didn’t think I’d ever kiss a giraffe too haha. It was a little weird like but it was still fun and an experience. After seeing the giraffes we went straight to Kibera.

When we got there we realised what the slums were like slightly. I don’t think we’ll ever know what they are like inside since we aren’t allowed to go in. From the outside though we can kind of imagine what it would really be like. When we stepped out the truck we could see the school we were about to visit which was part of the slum. The smell around there wasn’t nice at all and the floor was awful. I can’t even imagine what it’d be like living there.

Once we got into the school we met the head teacher who was really nice. She was saying hello to us all as we walked in her office then she took us out to one of the classrooms. It was the worst school we’d been too so far for how it looked and was especially comparing it to our school. We went into one of the classrooms and we expected no happy faces from the kids there at all. But it seemed the opposite. Everyone seemed to happy just to be there and be in school and they seemed happier than we are. They had also just finished their exams. So with this they had music playing and were dancing to celebrate. We sat with them and then most people got up and danced with them when the music starts. It was so funny too! Since it was also Aarons birthday, we got him up to dance the most with them too haha! They celebrated his birthday with us.

After being inside the school we went out and we had giant bags of maze for their school. So we had to go out and lift it all in the school. Fair to say it was a lot heavier than we all thought. After taking the bags of maze in, we gave them clothes, stationary, mosquito nets and other stuff. They seemed very happy with it all so it was great to see the head teachers face too.

We are now back at camp and are going out later for a meal the eat all sorts of meat too such as camel, ostrich, goat, chicken and more. There is so much to tell you all which is too much in a diary so I think I have to wait till I get home. Happy birthday for tomorrow dad too since I don’t know if this will be up soon. Hope you enjoy it! Sophie I don’t know if you are still reading these since you’re on holiday but I really hope you’re having a great time there! Steph I hope you did good in the results too. I know you will have! I hope you’re all well too mam and everyone else! Miss you all and I’ll see you in two days! Love you all! Xxx



U (7)Abbie Lavender

This morning when we woke up we put lots of balloons on Aarons tent as it is his 16th birthday today, so Happy Birthday J we all sang and had cake with was very nice and gave him our cards and gifts. This morning we went to a Giraffe Sanctuary. I wasn’t too excited but we only stayed for about half an hour so it was ok. I kissed one and got some great pictures, sorry James haha J then we went to Kibera Slum. I thought it was going to be sad and I was expecting to just cry the whole time. But when we got there all I could do was smile! We went into the school and had a really spontaneous party with the kids aged about 5 to about 18. It was so fun dancing and singing with them all! We gave them our clothes and books etc and it was just so fun! The people that came last time said it was painfully upsetting when they came before, which made me really wonder why it was so amazing today. I wonder what happened last time to make them so scarred yet this time everyone was ecstatic and crazy! Tonight we are going out for a posh meal which is coincidentally on Aaron’s birthday haha, it wasn’t even planned! We have all been given Africa trip shirts, but mine is a medium and it is very big :/ I am excited for tonight as it is a meat buffet with camel and crocodile and ostrich as well as more regular meats like chicken beef etc. Plus it is Aarons birthday so I, as well as everyone else I would hope, wants him to have an amazing day that he will never forget! I can’t wait to see you all on Sunday!!! Lots of love


U (8)Adam Jefferson!

Hello!! Today we first started with waking Aaron up at 7 for his birthday which made us all smile including him! We then went to the giraffe sanctuary where I got the privilege of kissing a giraffe (very wet and sticky) but also funny!! We then visited Kibera which at first made us all sad and shocked to see the conditions people were actually living in! However, the school we visited there had just finished their exams and were celebrating by dancing to music in their hall. This was definitely one of the highlights of my trip as loads of us and them began to dance together making everyone laugh including me! We are now about to get ready to have an exciting meal in a hotel where we can all finally relax and sit down!

I have loved every second of this trip and the lows are completely overturned by the highs of it! The places we stayed such as in the bush and the snake park have been amazing experiences and I would 100% do it all over again! One of the all time lows of this trip is not being able to see everyone every day and speak to them once we arrive home! Although, the staff and new people I have met such as Peterbix, Dianne, Lisa, David, Jason, Grace, Carter, Saleem and Lotte have made this trip a whole load better and made my experience even more exciting and enjoyable than I first thought it would be!

Missing everyone back home and hope you all can’t wait to see me again in only two days as I know I can’t wait to see you all! Hope you’re all ok without me and are doing well!

Love always! X  

U (9)Chloe Crosby. 
Jambo home!! 
Just a quick dairy because we’re on our way to the Safari Park hotel and it’s really wobbly so I’m struggling to type haha! 
Today has been a really good day J this morning was spent at the giraffe sanctuary and I actually got to kiss a giraffe hehe, I didn’t get chance the last time I came so this time was a must! He was mega cute and he was only 2 years old! I loved him; they’re definitely my favourite animal.  
We then visited the slum and I prepared myself for the worst, I was actually really nervous driving up to it for some reason… my belly was turning! Once we were there we were told that today wasn’t a school day it was more of an ‘entertainment’ day because they had just finished their exams. So instead of joining in with classes, we joined in a party in one of the classrooms! It was unreal, everyone was up dancing and they can’t half move! It was a really nice experience because I felt like we had the chance to turn a negative into a positive. Everyone was so happy and they were dancing like they didn’t have a care in the world.  
It’s hard to ignore the truth of what we know is really going on in the slum and the fact that the school is struggling to pay teachers and feed their pupils but at the time it was mega nice to see them all having fun and enjoying themselves.  
I’m really looking forward to the night we have planned tonight, try some crocodile!! 
The night we spent at the Safari park hotel was definitely a highlight of the trip two year ago so I’m hoping this time is going to be just as good!  
Tomorrow I can say “I’m coming home tomorrow” I’m mega excited to see you all!!  
I’m going to get going now J  
see and speak to you all very soon!!  
Hope you’re all ok and are looking forward to seeing me hehe J 
I love you all so so much! 
Sending all my love, kisses and cuddles. 
Coco xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

U (10)Rebecca Crandon

Jambo papi, only two more sleeps until were home YEYYYYYY!!!!!! I miss you very much. Sorry I haven’t written in a while as I’m saving all my stories until I get home and can tell you all about everything then. But I’ve had an amazing time and enjoyed every minute. We visited the giraffe centre today and I got a nice kiss hahah! Then we went to kibera which was a big eye opener. Anyways see you soon!

Love you lots and lots and lots and lots

Ps please will you get me a G’s parmo (might close early on a Sunday so make sure you get there on time) on Sunday night before I get home and keep it in the oven for me so I can eat it when I get home! Thanks hunball xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


U (11)Abbi English

Yesterday we travelled back to Kenya. On the way back we visited a private primary school, some of the kids started crying when we arrived. By the end they all were fine and we played some games with them. Once we had got to Kenya we went to like a shopping mall and I had KFC chips and gravy oh my god it was great and that was really it.

Today we went to the giraffe sanctuary, we fed some and got photos. Then we went to the slums. Everyone thought it was going to be really depressing and sad but once we got into the school it was amazing and as was the atmosphere. It was their last day of term so they had entertainment. We were up dancing and then some boy grabbed me and started dancing with me haha. It was mad but so good and I really enjoyed it. Also, I thought I would tell you Aaron liked his birthday card. At the moment we are on our way to the hotel for an all you can eat buffet!!!!!!!!!! And an acrobatic dancers.

Not long now till I’m home, please can I have a margherita pizza with a tub of garlic sauce for when I come home, thanks,

Love you lots Abbi xxxxxxxxxxxx

U (12)Lisa

Since being in Tanzania, I have had the task of interviewing some of the prospective sponsored pupils. This was never going to be an easy job, but I felt it was an honour and a privileged to get a chance to talk to many students, listening to their stories. So myself and a few of our amazing young people set to task and got on with the job. I was preparing myself for the worst, but actually what I actually got I did not prepare for. At first I was confused. This is difficult to explain (especially while trying to type on an extremely bumpy journey). These interviews are very important, and such a responsibility. The consequence of these interviews will affect lives. How do you choose whose life you are going to change….. forever? Each and every one of the children here deserve a chance, an education. Something we take for granted back home. None of them chose to be in the situation they have found themselves in. So why was I confused? Like I said I was expecting to hear some horrendous stories, but I didn’t. I should have been very pleased that I wasn’t hearing such terrible things, but something was amiss. Whilst we were at Meserani Chini School, Grace had translated to the children the reason for our visit and what an opportunity it would be for them to speak to us. However, I did not hear these stories I was expecting, I wasn’t hearing many stories at all. It appeared that we were only speaking to the boys and it was the boys that were the high achievers in the class. Why weren’t any of the girls telling us their background? Why did they not want this chance for an education? When we questioned this, it became clear. It was because the girls (around 13 years old) where already engaged. This was horrendous in itself. The fact that they would not tell us about their life, because they thought it was pointless. They knew that regardless of how they performed at primary level, regardless of any hopes and ambitions they may have, it meant nothing. Their fate is already sealed. They are more valuable to their family being sold for cattle. (Although if their family looked at this in the long term, they would see this is not true) Don’t get me wrong the boys did not have it easy either. When asked, the majority of them explained that they would not be able to attend secondary school, not just because of the poverty, (and you could clearly see the level of poverty these children were living in) but because they are expected to look after the cattle. As soon as we came out, the group of girls who were helping me were all quite upset about the whole experience. How could parents sell off their children? Something we could just not comprehend.  I fully appreciate that this is part of their culture. This school is literally in the middle of nowhere, and as I explained to the group who were helping me, these young girls have been told all their life (a mere 13 years) that this is what is going to happen to them. Then we, The Muzugu’s, come into their school for less than 13 minutes and tell them that life can be very different. However, I as upset as I was, I was reminded that actually this was very similar in the other schools that the Meserani project have been helping. It is not that long ago that other children in Meserani also had no hope of ever going to secondary school, but looking at them now just a few years on; in employment, going to high school with the hope of university. It is proof that things can and are changing, thanks to the work of the Meserani project and the support their receive.


There is so much more I could write, but I really do not have the time, I am sure I will talk (non-stop) when I am back home, about the whole thing. 

To the parents and guardians reading this, they are all going amazingly well. Even the locals are making comments about how great they are.

Tutu ana

Lisa x


U (13)Adella Prest; 
Hello. I think the last time I wrote a diary was Tuesday so here’s the update. Wednesday was our last full day at Meserani Snake park and what a way to end it. Half of the group went off to do some arty stuff at a primary school while the other half either prepared for sports day or helped Dianne out with the spectacles. The afternoon was the actual sports day. My job, along with Emily and Amy Mac was to start the race. This involved us making sure everyone knew what they were doing. It also involved us making sure everyone taking part was in the correcting starting position. Very fun day! So Thursday now. Thursday we got up rather early as we set off back to Kenya. This took a few hours and was quite tedious. However along the way, we stopped at a primary school. It was tiny! And the classrooms were really cramped and small. However the children were so lovely and bubbly. We ate our dinner with them and also played a few games such as hockey cokey. Now to today.. Today is Aarons birthday! It’s not over yet but so far we have woken up, eaten cake, visited the giraffe sanctuary and also visited the slum. Tonight we are going to a posh hotel for food and also an acrobat show. I’m excited! Anyway the giraffe sanctuary was a lot better than two year ago, almost everyone got a ‘snog’ and some great photos. The slum as always was pretty emotional, however whereas before when the children wernt at school, they were this time. We all met in their hall which was about the size of my bedroom and had a boogie and a dance. It was sooo funny. We did this because they had finished their exams this morning.  
I’v got to go now because it’s dinner time so I shall hopefully update you later on. I can’t believe there’s only two days left. I really don’t want to come home. As BJ said the other day ‘Once you’ve drank the waters of Africa, you are forever thirsty’ Love you, bye, love Dell x


U (14)Amy McMullan

Helloo. Yesterday on the way to Indaba camp site we stopped off at Victoria school. It was a private school which shocked me even more because the class rooms were absolutely tiny and they hardly had any resources. The teachers however where so friendly and bubbly and so were the children after a while. At first the pupils were quite scared of us because we’re white and some of them even cried however it wasn’t long before we were all doing the hokey cokey with them and joining in with some of their fun and games. We sat and had our lunch with them although we had to scare off some chickens which thought they’d try and nick our lunch.

This morning I woke up early and got a nice hot shower some I’m feeling lovely jubberly. Also, it’s Aaron’s birthday so we all woke up and sang him happy birthday with lots of balloons and… had cake for breakfast mmmm. We then headed to the giraffe sanctuary which I absolutely loved. I got to feed Edward and then Lynn. I also put one of the little pellets in my mouth so Lynn could get it from me (in other words I “snogged” a giraffe). Then we drove to the slum in Kibera. I was quite nervous going here because obviously ive seen I so many times on TV and things but to actually see it in person I thought would be very emotional. When we arrived and began to walk towards St Secilia you could smell the sewers and all the rubbish which wasn’t nice at all. As we entered the school I felt really upset by just what little they had in terms of space and facilities. We met with the children in the hall though, which was about the size of our living room, and they’d just finished their exam so they were having a little party. We all had a little dance and it was so much fun and it was just amazing how happy they were despite how little they all had. We gave them lots of things such as clothes and pens and I played with some little kids for a bit and gave them a skipping rope. We then all had to sing outside the slum which I didn’t feel comfortable about. Once leaving the slum I was really sad because of the conditions and everything so I know when I get back I’ll be all about Africa. As BJ said at the snake park “once you’ve tasted the waters of Africa, you’re forever thirsty” which I absolutely think is true. Anyway I’ll update you tomorrow and I’ll see you very very soon. I love you all and can’t wait to see everybody. Hope I haven’t missed too much. AmyJ xxxxxxx

U (15)Jess Taylor

Hey everyone! Not long now until I come home, I cannot wait to see everyone and get all the goss. So today I was woken up by Lisa and she told Becca and I to get out of our tent quietly and then she handed us balloons. We all then woke Aaron up who is 16 today and sang happy birthday to him. We had all signed a card for him last night and Salim even made him a cake. Everyone was in such a good mood. Then we were off to the Giraffe sanctuary where we fed them using not only our hands but our mouths. I put a pellet of food between my lips and then Lynn took it off me using her tongue. I learnt a lot about the different species of Giraffe’s today and it was really interesting. After that we went to the Kibera Slum where we went into St. Secilia School and met some of the children. As I got out of the truck I could smell the most horrid smell I have ever smelt before. Rubbish was everywhere and there was a stream of muddy water running through and we had to cross it to get to the school. The school may as well have been inside the slum but it was right at the edge and I could see school children staring at us and whispering to each other. Then when we went into this small room which was their assembly ‘hall’ the place erupted and everyone was dancing to music that was played by a DJ and trying to out do each other by doing certain moves. The kids joined in and it was so much fun. We handed over the gifts and head back to Indaba camp site. We’ve been given some tops that have the project logo on and we’re all wearing them tonight as they’re clean haha! All my other clothes look dirty and smell so bad and I really don’t care but I cannot wait to get a fresh pair of trousers on and a clean top. So just to warm everyone at home I have not tanned at all even though I haven’t wore sun cream since week 1 so I don’t know how I’m still looking so pale. I’ll update you tomorrow on what we’re doing as I’m not sure myself haha. Missing you all loads, see you in  days!! 😀

Jess xxxxxxxxxxxx


U (16)Ellie Steel

Jambo England.

Well I’m going to update you on yesterday’s and today’s adventures. It’s been super exciting and one of my most favourite moments of the trip.

Yesterday, we were travelling from Tanzania back to Kenya. Meaning I’m closer to the airport, therefore closer to seeing you all late on Sunday! So most of the day was spent sat on a bus being incredibly bored out of my mind. However, as we got into Kenya we stopped off at a local school called Victoria School (coincidence much). Anyways, as we pulled up there was a group of children singing and waving like their lives depended on it. The school was a private school, but even then the classrooms were tiny and made from corrugated metal and from the size of the building you would have guessed it was a school at all. There were three classrooms and a staff room in total and the whole building was about 6 metres by 3 metres. But anyways, as we pulled up more and more and more children were pouring out of the building to see us. After talk to some of the kids for a while, the teacher came out and started to play some games with all of us and the kids. It was amazing. We were playing games in Swahili and the kids were teaching us how to play. In the end, the teacher asked us to teach them a game/song, so we taught them the hokey cokey. They were all so amused. After that, we shared our dinner with them – us eating sandwiches and them eating rice and beans. So that was a pretty good moment of the trip, but today was even better.

Today, I was woken up by Peter telling me to be quite and come out of the tent. So when I got out there were half of the people from the trip standing around with balloons. Then I remembered it was Aaron’s birthday, so we waited until Peter woke Aaron up. Once he got out of his tent we started singing happy birthday and giving him all of the balloons. After that, we had breakfast and found out that Carter and Salim (our cooks) made him a cake and we all sat around again to sing happy birthday and share the cake. So a pretty exciting morning so far, but then we went to the giraffe sanctuary to feed the giraffes there. We weren’t there very long but it was still great. Then, it was time for Kibera. The moment I have been dreading, but have been excited for. Once, we got off of the bus, the smell was unbelievable. But, we continued walking until we reached St. Secilia School. We met the head teacher Angelina and were about to see the kids in the classrooms, only to find that they were in the school hall because they had finished their exams and were celebrating. When we walked in everything was erupting. There were kids dancing and singing to songs that a DJ was playing and when we got there the place became even more amazing. Everyone was having dance competitions and the whole room sang Aaron ‘Happy Birthday’ – English and Kenyan style. So it was absolutely amazing! So far it was the best experience of the trip. To see all of the kids that were living in such a poor place be so happy and enthusiastic, was amazing.

Tonight, were having our meal at the Safari Park Hotel, so it should be good. Anyways, I best be going or I’ll talk all night. I miss you all lots and lots and it’s not going to be long until I see you all again! 2 days!

Love you all lots and lots and lots

Ellie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

U (17)Demi Womack

Hello from Kenya,

I can’t believe we only have two days left to go! Today has been lovely, it’s Aarons birthday so Lisa got up early this morning to blow up some balloons and we all sang Happy Birthday to him as he got out of his tent. After breakfast (birthday cake) we headed to the Giraffe sanctuary, where we got the chance to feed them, some of us put the food pellets in our mouth so we could get a kiss of them and we got it on camera haha, they have an antiseptic tongue so it’s safe to do. We got back on the bus and then headed to Kibera slum, I was sad and a little bit scared to go because when we went last time we were all so shocked by the smells and the conditions I didn’t know how it would hit me again. However it was a completely new experience! Peter is not actually allowed to take us inside the slum but saint Sesillia School is on the very edge and like last time we were allowed to go inside and meet the children. Two years ago it was only a primary school but it has now expanded and became a secondary school too, when we got there all the students were sat in the hall as they called it, but it was just a small room. It was a ‘Free’ day for them as all the exams are over, they had music blaring and the whole visit turned into a bit of a dance off, it was so funny! I’ve got some little videos I’ll show you when I get back, they can all dance so well it’s unfair. I think it made us all realise that they are so happy with the small things that they have. Just because they don’t have a brand new school with the latest equipment doesn’t mean they aren’t happy and can’t have fun. We left some resources for them, including books and pens and some clothes that we didn’t want.

I’ve just been in the shower, tonight we’re going for the final meal so we’ve all made a bit of a effort and I’ve got my new trousers on that I got from the market in Arusa, guess what they have Elephants on them! It’s nearly the end and I’m not really wanting to come home now. But I can’t want to see you guys.

Love and miss you lots, see you very soon

Demi W xxxx



U (18)Emily Holden

“Once you have tasted the oceans of Africa, you will be forever thirsty” this quote was said a t our last night at Meserani snake park by BJ and I think it is wonderful and will definitely become true when we get home!

Today we began the day by going to the giraffe sanctuary where we got cuddles and kisses with those amazing creatures. I have to say it was a bit rushed and salivary but I still enjoyed itJ. After that it was a totally different change of tone as we went to Kibera slum and St. Secilia education centre. I have to say it was a lot different than I thought it would be because all the people we met seemed pleased to see us which made us all a lot more positive even though they live in such dire conditions. I did however feel upset when we left because we were leaving human beings in such a horrible setting even though the teachers had done wonders to utilise what they had for so much good. I have real admiration for them all. When we got back we had lunch which was the last time Diane’s duty group (including me, Stephanie, Chloe, Ross, Abbie and Chris) would be doing the washing up, this presented a mixture of feelings on my behalf.   We are now on our way to the safari hotel to have an all you can eat buffet, I am very excitedJ.

Looking forward to seeing you all and telling you so much more about this amazing experience, I would recommend it Fliss you would be able to cope just fine (get saving mum and dad). Love you all, Emily xx

U (19)Sophie Burns

Hey hey! Hope everyone is okay.

Today has been a great day. It’s had its emotional, hilarious and beautiful times. To start the day it is Arrons birthday so we had birthday cake for breakfast which was really nice. Next we got ready and drove to a giraffe sanctuary which was so good! We first had a talk about the different types and after we fed, and got photos with the giraffes. And I did the thing where you put a piece of food on your lip and the giraffe licks it off.  It was so funny. After that we when to St. Secilia school in Kibera slum. It was emotional at first because it really did smell (not in a mean way) and the whole slum is simply made from metal shacks. But some of the children had finished exams so there was this party thing whih was so funny.

To be continued …

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