2013 TRIP – July 20

HCChris Gibson

Hello everyone! Well we’ve now been away from home a week now with no communication. I think its killing me a lot but I just have to live with it for a while. I hope you are all okay and well at home and not missing me too much. Sophie if you are still missing me you should know it’s not so good for me too. Still even if you are you should enjoy your time and especially your holiday when it comes and don’t worry I’ll text speak to you as soon as you’re home. Steph, I just found out again today that your uni results come at the end of the month so good luck with them, you’ll pass your first year! I realised I also forgot to say bye to penny before I left.

Anyway today we have just been sorting charity stuff out all day to take to the school and what is being given out where. It’s dragged quite a bit again today but I’m sure it’ll go faster like everyone said it will next week. Last night I had a dream about you all again in the snake park where we are now. The toilets and showers are actually alright here so I can finally also have a decent one. Anyway dinner is out now so I better finish up. I’ll write again soon and I can’t wait to see you all again, miss you all so much. Love you always xxx


Rebecca Crandon

Hello, we are finally at the snake park and I’ve been paired with Demi to share a tent with. Last night we all went to the bar and had a good time.  Today we didn’t have to wake up as early and we’ve been organising all of the project stuff. While me, Della, Sophie, Amy and Jess were sharpening pencils we witnessed a women fall over which provided some amusement to the day. We might go visit some homes later if we have time, I hope we do. Hope your enjoying yourself, doing whatever you want while we’re both away. Love you lots and lots and lots xxxxxxx 
Chloe Crosby.  
Hey Home!  
How are you all? I’m good J Today has been a chilled but busy day (that doesn’t really make sense I know) but we’ve just slowly got ourselves sorted out for the next couple of weeks, organising equipment for the schools, families and for Kibera. A little bit of a hassle but it’s got to be done and all with be worth it once we see their faces handing it all out. J  
It’s Saturday today which means I’ve officially been away from home one whole week! You better all be missing me! I feel like I’ve been away for so much longer but that’s probably just because of our really long and busy days.. I’ve had a really good time so far though and can’t wait for the next two weeks little bit nervous for our boma night mind I’m hoping I don’t get stuck with chickens like you did Daniel!! 
Kata said to me earlier “the football boy, why didn’t he come this time?” he was on about you! Haha, he knows you’re my boyfriend now! Grace keeps telling me you’re lovely too! I miss you L hope you’re ok! Wish you were here! 
Just a quick diary today cause I’m on duty and it’s tea time so I’ve got to go.. I hope everyone is ok and hope you have plans for the weekend mammy, see you all soon! 
Love you all lots! 
Chlo xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  
HDJames Small 

Jambo everyone!

It feels so good to be back at Meserani Snake Park! As soon as I got here I knew in an instant that this was my favourite place to be in Africa. I love the whole concept of the place, how it started, where it’s come from and what effect it has had.

Diane, Demi, Emily and I went into Arusha today with Jason to do a few odd jobs (and also to get what was probably THE best ice cream I’ve ever had!). On the journey there Jason told us a story that provided a lot of food for thought. I won’t go into all the details as it is not my place to say but basically Jason was cheated out of a considerable amount of money several years ago. However, while the story itself is of course terribly shocking, what struck me the most was his reaction to it and how he has dealt with what happened. He said that since he has travelled to many places across the world and met many, many people, he has learnt that, and I quote, ‘the richest people aren’t always the happiest’. Brilliant. How good of an outlook on life is that? He’s a very clever man and someone everyone could learn something from. I think that a lot of people could learn from Jason’s story and it is something that I will always remember – it was one of those stories that stays with you and will continue to inspire you and bring you back down to earth.

Also, I’ve been chatting to Grace and Jason about ideas for the trip to Kenya and Tanzania that Joe Millar and I are running next summer. Joe, I’ve found out some really interesting and exciting stuff and have been given a lot of new ideas that I can’t wait to share with you. Looking forward to cracking on with all the prep over a can of Tusker when I get home.

Moving on now, we’re getting our first chance to meet up with some of the sponsored pupils tomorrow – the Einoti bunch. I’ll sign off now as I need to go for a shower and deet-up.

Missing everyone, see you all in 15 days!

James x

P.S. Happy birthday to Tom Jones and John Clark. Have a good one!

Abbie Lavender

Hello everyone

Ooh a week has gone and I feel ok, but this is my sixth day without a shower and my legs are so hairy oh my gosh! I can’t wait for Spain so I can shave them everyday!!! Today we have been sorting everything out to take to the schools such as pens t shirts etc. we are visiting Saningos and Nakajis schools on the same day which is Wednesday 24th so I will be sure to give them both their presents. I have also chose a shirt of mine each for the other 2 girls I am linked with as well as a bouncy ball and a few other little things each. We are in the Snake Park and it is so lovely all the people are so nice! I was in a tent with Emily last night and am for the next 4 nights until we leave the park, and this morning she told me that last night I sat up and started talking then went back to sleep then later she woke up and I was on top of her, how funny haha! Today we may be visiting an orphanage or some of the childrens schools. Krista I hope you enjoy the first 2 weeks of your summer holidays without me then lots of fun in Spain woo! And mam, my tablet went down so fast it was a record time! I love you all so much, cya in 2 weeks J



Jess Taylor

Mambo everyone! Today we woke up at Meserani Snake Park and as we were having breakfast there was soooo many wasps and loads of them kept opening the jam. I didn’t really like that because I wanted to have jam on my toast but opted for porridge instead. We sorted out all the things for the schools today and there was soo many pens and pencils and I think the schools will be really happy about the amount of things we have for them. I had my hair in scalp plaits for a couple of days and I took them out today so my hair was wavy. It wasn’t that warm today up until about 2 when it got really warm. My sunglasses broke yesterday and I can’t fix them as I lost the pin so I’ll have to buy some more at the market. I got Mams e-mail which was nice as it let me know everyone was okay. I hope Lottie enjoys the summer hols until I get back when she’ll be playing in the garden with me every day! I bet you haven’t even seen Josh since he got back cos he’s probably at Georgia’s all the time so I don’t really miss him that much. I miss Mam and Lottie the most as I am use to spending all day with them but I’m coping really well. I think I may have a high blood pressure from the heat because I’ve had 4 nose bleeds so far but I hope they have stopped as I haven’t had one in a few days. There is this music at the park that goes off at daft o’clock in the morning which is like a cat being strangled and it’s soooo annoying! So I’m having a really good time and we might be going to an orphanage or to some pupils houses tonight. Bye for now!:)

Jess xxxxxxxx


Ellie Steel

Hellooooo England!

This is gonna be a long one because I haven’t really wrote much over this last week and yes it has been a week since I last saw you all L But since my last instalment this trips been quite amazing. I’m gonna start from where I finished last time. Well on the morning of the 17th we went on an early morning game drive in Crater Lake, it was amazing. We came pretty much face to face with about 6 giraffes, they were so cute. After that we all went to the market in Nakuru, its was really scary because all the people were harassing us. We had to go in groups of three so me, Jess and Abbi went together. After going around the supermarket which wasn’t that awful we walked around the market to try and find Peter or Diane but then I saw a really nice bag and I had to stop to find a price (you know what I’m like I can’t resist a good bag). At this time I was ready to go back to the truck, so I said we should go down an ally way to the other side of the market. So I walked off and then I turned around to find no one behind me, then Abbi and Jess suddenly turned up saying that we had left Jess and she had been grabbed by the man shouting prices at me and she had to run away. It was so scary, so we went straight back to the truck.

Then we had a journey to Lake Nakuru National Park for an afternoon game drive. It was so good because we saw a lot of animals up close like Lions and Rhinos. After the long long long drive around the park we were able to set up camp in the lodge in the national park. I thought that I would have been one of the best nights sleeps of the trip. It was. However, there were either bed bugs or a stupid mosquito that gave me loads of bites, they’re awful and really itchy L. And I keep having nose bleeds but I think I caught them off Jess J. But hey, everything’s okay.

The next morning we went on a pre-breakfast game drive in hopes to see a leopard, but sadly we didn’t, despite the countless hours of driving around. Then it was time for our drive back to Nairobi to Indaba Camp, which we visited on the first day of the trip. And I washed my hair! And it isn’t a tip because I got Abbie to plait it for me, yey! Right, now we are ready for the 9 hour trip to Tanzania. Which we sat and sat and sat for hours, until we were at the Tanzanian border control, where we met many tribal women with earlobes and even the part at the top of your ears stretched! But I tried to stay away from them because they kinda scared me L. So now were in Tanzania! In Messerani Snake Park, I can’t wait for an actual sleep in and to sleep in my own bed. So now its 17:33 here (15:33 your time) and I’m sat on the truck, thinking about all the things I can’t wait to do when I get home. Aw I miss all of you loads, even Stephanie, surprisingly (joking joking, you know I’ll always miss you cause you’re like my best friend) and I want see baby Aoife because she would have changed loads. I want to see my mama because I feel really guilty for leaving her aloneL and my papa because he I so amazing and I rarely get to see you a lot anyway never mind missing out bonding session every morning and me waking you up when you’re on nights, oops. Andddddddd, you better not have put our house up for sale let or I’ll cry L Also, I have just found out that Lisa’s partner David was in Biker Grove! His name was John and he was the leader of a cult called Sichandricks or something, how cool!

Now, to the serious part. I just want to say how grateful I am for my mama and papa smurf for letting me have this opportunity and for sacrificing all you have to allow me to have it, I am so so so thankful because it is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I would have been missing out on a lot if I hadn’t been able to come. Although I am missing everyone considerably and I wish I was able to speak to you properly and not have a one sided conversation, I really do love it here and I am having such an amazing time. I can’t wait to be able to speak to you and hug you all to death (I’m expecting an amazing group hug), but until then please don’t worry about me, I was sad at the beginning and I may have been a little teary when writing this, but I am fine now and hopefully I will be for the rest of the trip. One week through and two weeks left. It’s gone so fast and I know that it won’t be long until we’re all arguing over who puts the pots away. Oh and by the way the food here is absolutely amazing, I think you may have to come here mam and pick up a few tricks of the trade. They have amazing soups, so I expecting you to replicate them all and make me soup everyday like they do here, and I’m expecting a pot of vegetable soup and dumplings for the day I get back, just saying. I love you all so so so so so much and I can’t wait to see you soon!

Love Ellie

P.S. I will try to write to you as much as I possibly can, but there is only so much I can say about a day so I’m going to write about three days in one so you can have a big big big piece of writing like the one you have just experienced. I know I’m rambling now so I best go because dinner is soon. I love you loads! Bye!



HEAdam Jefferson!

Hello!! The first week has been unreal! Today has been a relaxing day as we’ve just sat about sorting all of the charity stuff out. The snake park is really nice and I’m already having a good time here too! Hope everyone back home is good and I’m looking forward to seeing you in another two weeks!

Love always! X  
Adella Prest; 
Hello. Well we’re finally here at the snake park, one of my fave places ever. Cannot believe how busy it is! Also can’t believe that we’ve been here a week. It’s gone so so fast. Lorna Bell- Mrs Dog is still alive and well, just something I thought you’d like to know.  
I’ve been paired up with Sophie Burns in a tent and will be with her for the next 5 or so nights. Lucky her ey! Last night we sat in the bar for a few drinks before heading to bed at about 10. This morning was bliss as we didn’t have to wake up at the crack of dawn and got to lie in until around half 7/ twenty to eight. Most of today has consisted of everyone sorting out cases for the project and deciding which equipment will go to each school. Later on there is a chance that we may be visiting an orphanage or even the snake parks clinic so that should be fun! 
Tomorrow we are meeting up with some of the sponsored children for some food and a talk. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous however at the same time I’m really excited. There is also a strong possibly that the person I got paired with two years ago, Jackson will come to visit. I really hope he does and that he remembers me!  
I’m having such a great time here in Africa and I know for a fact that this will not be the last time I visit. There’s so much I want to do and to try and get involved with. I hope everyone back home is okay. Lots of love, Dell x        
However most of today has been quite tedious as it has consisted 


Sarah Rogers

Hello everyone back at home J

We have finally arrived at the Snake Park! Not much has happened in the last few days as yesterday we were driving for eight hours to Tanzania and today we have been sorting out the equipment for the different schools. Our eight hour journey yesterday went fast because Lisa decided to make us all learn a song ready for when we go the schools. I didn’t particularly enjoy it since I don’t like singing but I don’t think many others did either. I also played cards but I didn’t quite get the rules so I just had to keep asking what to do next J. Lisa also showed me a few card tricks which have baffled me because I can’t understand how she managed to do them without me knowing how she did it. What annoys me even more  is one of the boys figured it out and won’t tell me how its done!


Ive got a new beautician while I’m here and I’m very lucky that I am sharing a tent with her for the next 5 days! Ive got her to do my nails and tomorrow when we go to the shops I’m going to buy some cotton so that she can thread my eyebrows haha.


This morning we had a sleep in till half 7! I think it made me worse though because I’m more tired now than when we were getting up at half 5. I forgot how frustrating it is on a morning at the Snake Park when we are having our breakfast because the amount of wasps that come near you while your trying to eat is ridiculous. At the moment there isn’t much for everyone to do as we have been unpacking equipment all day and are nearly finished so I thought I would give you an update J We were supposed to be visiting some students houses today but I don’t think that’s is happening now L I was looking forward to that as I was going to take some of nanas teddies to give to some little children that we would of seen on the way.


Hopefully tomorrow will be better than today as we will actually be doing more of what I enjoy. I think we are having a bbq tomorrow with some of the sponsored pupils from one of the schools which should be good as I will get to meet the people I have been paired up with. Anyway I can’t think of anything else I need to tell you so I will speak to you again soon I hope your not missing me too much haha

Love you all lots xx


Kate smith

Well this morning I woke up with what I thought was the worst case of African flu they have ever seen, however I’ve been reassured it’s just a cold. So needless to say, I’m not really feeling it today. We have spent the day organising all the charity things we will be taking around to the 6 schools that we are visiting. We were organising all the pens and pencils and thousands of suitcases of clothes and equipment. 
Only two weeks to go now, these are meant to go the quickest as the days are spend visiting schools and markets. I think this I when I will really start to understand what the trip is all about. I don’t want it go fast because I’m actually quite enjoying it here, however its weird being without Amy and Adam and my mam, really missing them, wish that they could have been here to experience this with me. Also its quite a strange atmosphere here, sometimes I’m happy and sometimes I’m sad. The happy moments outweigh the sad though. 
I’ve been turned into the camps beautician doing girls eye brows and nails. Reminds me of home doing Amy’s all the time haha. Really missing Amy as I know she would have been the one to support me here, but the rest of the group are all really nice, and my new tent buddy Sarah is being really helpful, cheering me up when I’m missing home a lot. 
start travelling home 2 weeks tomorrow, so Amy if your reading this you can sleep at mine in my bed, then get up at like half 11and come meet me for 12 at the acorn centre. Loveee ya byeee xxx


Christopher Smith

Hello everyone! Hope everything is good back home, still missing you loads though. So today we have spent the day here at Meserani Snake park


Sophie Burns

Hey hey!

Everything is going good, we’re at the Snake Park now and I’m really enjoying it because theres a really cool bar, a clinic, a small market stall and more. Also my bites are improving… slowly.

Happy birthday Rach! Hope you have a great day and I’m buying you more presents don’t worry. Try not to get too drunk and have a drink on me. I hope the tea party theme has worked out. Love you. 22! 22!

Today we were just sorting everything out for the schools and equipment, so been a bit of a slow day but we got a sleep in and I have finally washed my clothes thanks to Kate and Lisa. And I really need a shave (under arms and legs) tonight- desperately!

I’m so excited to go into the schools tomorrow and meet the kids – hopefully they will like their presents.

Say hey to everyone for me and type soon.

p.s. I hope you have not deleted any of my programs… and hope dads doing okay.

Love you all xxxx


Sophie Sidgwick

Last night was our first night at Meserani Snake Park, I had a shower last night and scrubbed myself with dettol to try and get rid of these bites L. I think its worked though because my bites have gone down today, Lisa also helped me to dettol my sleeping bag, tent and camping mat so it smells pretty weird in the tent. I’m sharing with Amy.W whilst we’re here which is for 5 days which is cool. We got a sleep in today until 7:30 which was great. Today we sorted out stuff to take to the schools which was okay, at one point I was putting white shirts into piles of small, medium and large which was okay until they all fell on the floor haha, I also sorted out pairs of shoes and stuff. I’m really excited for tomorrow because we get to meet some of the pupils from Einoti for a barbeque, I can’t wait to meet them but I’m not too keen on the barbeque but I’ll try my hardest. Breakfast here at the snake park is not so fun because there are loads of wasps, literally loads, I managed to get myself a bowl of cornflakes before they all gathered on the table, but then David got me and Amy.M a slice of toast with jam on though because the pot of jam was absolutely covered in wasps and we didn’t dare hahaha.

Miss you and love you loads xxxxxxxxxx