Elibariki Thomas

Elibariki Thmas-Aug 13-A

Both his parents are unemployed, and in his final years at Moita School, the headteacher was supporting him financially to complete his secondary education. He has one sister, Nembris, who was in Standard Six at primary school in 2013. His twin brother is at home, and without an education – he did start secondary school, but now cannot afford the fees. He has an older brother who is married. He wants to go to High School, and his ambition is to be a doctor. His favourite subject is English. His teachers predicted that he would get the necessary examination results to be offered a place at High School.

He completed his secondary education in November 2013, and achieved the necessary pass mark in his final examinations in order to proceed to A’ Level studies. He began his A’ Level studies at Engutoto School in Monduli in July 2014. Elibariki was sponsored through his A’ Level studies by Mike & Mandy Burns and their daughter Sophie (a former Acklam Grange School pupil). He completed his A’ Levels in June 2016, and immediately started his three months in the army prior to him applying for a Higher Education course. He was selected to join the National College of Tourism, Dar Es Salaam, (http://www.tourismcollege.go.tz) and began his Diploma Course in October 2016. He is being sponsored through his Higher Education by Brian Lowe, a retired company director from Guisborough. Brian is married to Daphne, and they have two married sons, and four grandchildren.

Elibariki sent a video message to his sponsors in August 2014: