2013 TRIP – July 24

L (1)Sophie Sidgwick

Today we went to Kipok and Moita boarding schools, we travelled there ina  matatu. The roads are bumpy. I met Kipara at Moita and he was very quiet and couldn’t speak English so he just kept on reading the letter his sponsors (Mr and Mrs Jones) had written for him over and over again. The boys along with Abbie and Jess formed a volleyball team they were great but they still lost because the other side had three pe teachers on it, the score was 25-21 to them. Then in the afternoon we visited Kipok boarding school and I met the girls I was linked with, Neema and Elizabeth, they were absolutely lovely and had extremely good English, they told me about the dormitories and their lives at school and it was lovely to hear about. We then played a netball match against the girls, and lost ridiculously because they didn’t play by the same rules as us and we haven’t played in years. The girls I was linked with then walked us to the bus and were super cute, I can’t wait to see them again at the barbeque. Anyways, its late and that’s all for now.

Love you lots xxxxxxx

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L (4)Sarah Rogers

Today has been the best day so far on the whole trip! We have been to both boarding schools which means I got to see Dora for the very first time J. She was very happy to see me and gave me the biggest hug ever when we were introduced to each other. She doesn’t look like the photos we were given as she looks much prettier in person so I guess you will just have to come and see her yourself. We had a lovely time speaking about both her family and mine even though her English wasn’t perfect. I’ve asked her to write in her letter that I will bring home about the animals but I don’t think she quite understood but we will see J. Dora took me to see where she sleeps and I got a bit of a shock as she shares a room with lots of other girls (there was about 15 bunk beds). She was very happy and proud to show me though so I’m happy that she likes it. I asked her about her friends and she took me to see her best friend Lucy who I could see meant a lot to Dora J I took plenty of photos with her at school but I will take more when she comes to the Snake Park of course. I’m waiting till Friday to give her her presents but I really wanted to take them today because I was so excited to see her! I’ve promised to take lots of photos when I get home so that she can see who I live with and who aunty jan lives with. I also promised to take photos of our house so she can see where we live because I didn’t get chance to before I came. Anyway there’s so much more I could tell you about today but I would rather wait to speak to you in person J

Goodnight love you all lots xx

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L (7)Sophie Burns

Hey hey! Sorry I haven’t written in a few days Ive been so busy and everyones been writing so I have finally got the laptop… and now we have to put the laptops back brrrr!

I cant write tomorrow night because we are staying at the bomas so ill write Friday. Just to let you know im doing great and I’m starting to miss everyone lodes. Hope everyone is okay and doing well and hope rach had a great birthday.

Ohh I might have a bit longer to write..

So the past few days have been amazing. We have visited lodes of schools and meeting lodes of brilliant kids (ill tell you all about them) its just been an amazing experience.

I’m so glad that youse gave me the chance to come and thank you!

Love you all night night xxxx

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L (10)Abbie Lavender

This morning I woke up at 6:30am to get a shower and it was actually warm aha! Then we went to Moita Boarding School, which is where Saningo goes! We got there and Peter introduced Chris as Head Boy and they all clapped, then me as Head Girl and they all giggled and clapped, I think it was because it is an all boys school haha. Then, the moment came…I MET SANINGO!!!! Best part of the trip by far! He is the most sweet kind adorable boy oh gosh he was just amazing to speak to! I sat down with him to talk for a bit and got a proper cute picture with him! He kept saying “God bless you” for sponsoring him aww! Then we went to the volleyball court and we lost haha, but I think we played really quite well as we scored high and only 3 of us play, although me and Jess were keeping score mentally and what the kids were saying was quite a way off haha, but it was really fun though! Then on the walk back all the boys were crowding round me asking me questions, I think it was because it is an all boys school and they knew me as Head Girl haha, but Saningo was proper trying to protect me making sure I was ok and fighting them off haha, he is such a gentleman and was well worth sponsoring! Then we sang to them and I got a solo haha J when we left we went to Kipok Boarding School, which is all girls. I was paired with 2 Elizabeth S’ haha, they were both so lovely and sweet! I talked to them about being a teenage girl and explained that we feel the same way in England about certain things haha. Then we played netball and again lost haha, but in England it is a non contact sport, whereas here, wow! There is no netball and all contact! But again it was quite fun. Then we sang for them and they wanted us to do it again, it was so good and I loved doing it so much! I will show you it when I get home haha J tonight for tea we had beans chips and fish ahhh so sweet! Tonight I will go to the bar as it is our last night here for a bit, it is such a good atmosphere. Also, today Steph told me I was really good at volleyball and I look up to her quite a bit so that was so nice to hear that she thought that J J J and Becca said my voice when singing made her relaxed, today was a great day! Lots of love!


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L (13)Kate smith

Today was absolutely amazing on the morning we visited a boy boarding school which wasn’t really my cup of tea, but the girls school after was amazing. I was paired with 2 girls and they were so welcoming. It’s so weird how different life is over here, and how the girls we 13 and engaged ready to be married off to me up to 60 years old. They were reading there letters from their sponsors to me, and there English was really good. Been and got me Adam and Amy matching necklaces and I’m keeping my eyes open for some nice ankle bracelets for me and Amy. Can’t really describe how I’m feeling I’m really missing Amy, however I can’t wait to tell her all about it and the experienced I’ve had. Ps Amy it’s the entrance closest to my house that we get dropped off at, just in case were keeping up the bargain of you waiting with a parmo. Love you aimss xx

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L (16)Chloe Crosby.

Jambo home!
How are you all? I’m good J slightly sunburnt + my skin is so bad with all the dust and dirt which is making me sad but never mind! I can’t wait to get home and have a good wash!
Anywaysssss… today was really good we went to both Moita Boys Secondary School and Kipok Girls secondary school, I got to meet 4 of the kids I was paired with and they were all so lovely!! It was unreal getting to see Lootha again, he remembered me straight away and we were chatting for ages. He still likes Manchester United (I tried the Liverpool story but that didn’t quite work Daniel) but I suppose that’s good because I have bought him the whole Manchester pencil case and book! My other lad Shanini was really friendly but he was also really quiet, it was much harder to get a conversation out of him but that was probably because Lootha was stealing the lime light and was a lot more confident hahaJ My other two girls were gorgeous and we got on so well. Considering Therisias story she was really friendly and I loved getting to talk to her!
I wish I had more time to write because today has been mega busy and there is so much to tell you about all the kids, and our netball game!! (I’ve completely lost my touch) is that the right saying? haha, I’ll tell you about that when I get to write again though because it’s late now and I have to go L
Tomorrow is boma night too so I won’t be able to write but I’ll let you know how that goes when I next get a laptop J
I hope you’re all okay, I love you all so so much!!
Missing you more everyday!
speak soon,
Coco xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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L (19)Chris Gibson

Tonight’s the last night before we go away from the snake park so tomorrow morning I’m going to get up extra early for a shower to make the most of it. Today we got up and went to two schools. We played a volleyball match against the all boys’ school and somehow we lost, great! But we are sure the scoring was totally wrong the whole time. We then went to an all girl school and the girls played a netball game and played well but still got beat by a lot. In the all boys school I had two boys to talk too and they were really happy about it all and spoke great English too! I can actually have a good conversation with them. We have to go through their letters with them that their sponsors have written them and ask them what they’d like to write back to them. I did the same with the all girl school but I was only with one girl but she had 6 letters and I had to read them all to her. The schools are good and exciting but also kind of not like everyone has said. I’m still enjoying the trip though! I’m enjoying the time here but I still miss you all a lot. I don’t think you have all left my mind once whilst being here and the bracelet hasn’t came off my arm once, I’m scared to lose it. You shouldn’t all miss me as much I am you. Got to go for tea now. I love you all lots, can’t wait to see you all xxx

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L (21)

L (22)Jess Taylor

Heyy! So sorry I haven’t written recently but I literally haven’t had time at all. So I’m going to try and describe the past few days in one diary. In a nut shell we have gone to school after school and it has been so different each time. The first school we went to was a primary school called Lesiraa and it was so good to finally speak to the children and see what their daily school routine was. I was so shocked at the classrooms even though they were better than before they still looked really bad compared to the ones we’re used to. Then we went to Meserani Juu which is another primary school but the atmosphere was so different. All the older kids would use sticks to beat the younger ones that were out of line and it was just horrible to watch. The next day we went to Meserani Chini and they all seemed so dismal and depressed. At this school me, Sophie, Adella and Becca were involved in the interview process with Lisa and some of the stories were horrible. Most of the girls in the class were already engaged to adults and they were only 13/14 years old. The two that weren’t engaged wanted to be interviewed and they were literally begging to be sponsored to go to secondary school just so their fathers wouldn’t marry them off for money. After we got out of the class room we all sobbed and it took me ages to stop myself.  I have so many more stories to tell you but  need to get some sleep as tomorrow we are sleeping in the Boma’s and I probably won’t get much sleep. Night night, love you all <3

Jess xxxxxxxxx

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L (25)Ellie Steel

Hey Famio.

I know I said I would try and write daily, but I’ve been super busy and I thought I would just write a big one today, in substitute of yesterdays. But, hey ho. Yesterday wasn’t really that exciting, but still it was gooooood. We visited Meserani Chini Primary School, and it was completely different to the other schools we’ve been to because they just wouldn’t speak to us,  

Today, we visited the two boarding schools, Kipok Girls School and Moita Boys School. Meaning I met my three linked pupils that I have yet to meet. Daniel, from Moita was so quite, even though he could speak, write and read perfect English, he was just quite with me. Hopefully, when I meet him next time he will be less quite and hopefully we can talk more. But, the two girls I met from Kipok – Diana and Paulina – we’re so talkative, even though Paulina couldn’t speak English. I will tell you their stories next time because it’s getting late and they want the laptops.

Remember I miss you all lots and lots and I cant wait to see you again!

Love you lots and lots and lots,

Ellie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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L (28)Jonathan Millar

Today was our second journey out in the matatu’s. Two hour round trip of insanity. We met pupils from moita boys school and kipok girls school. Both of the pupils I spoke to were very quiet but started to open up as we spoke more. I was really interested by what they had to say and I think they were interested about what I said; can’t see why cause what I said was really boring. I was really excited about the volley ball match today but I didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought, probably because we were playing Africa style and I couldn’t understand what was going on. What I did enjoy was watching the girls play netball Looking forward to tomorrow when we sleep in the bomas.

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L (31)James Small

Lots to update you on today!

First off, yesterday we visited Meserani Chini Primary School and I couldn’t believe the difference between now and the first time I visited! The original classrooms now have actual floors (no more rubble), the new classrooms are up and running and the teachers’ houses are looking that little more homely. The teachers’ houses received their makeover thanks to the money raised from the Lake District 3 Peaks Challenge – over £3,000 – which I organised in May 2012. Thank you to everyone who took part and to all of our sponsors, your contributions will have a huge impact on life at Meserani Chini. The blisters, the aches, the pains, the snow, the sunburn and the weekend away were all worth it in the end! Asante sana!

However, the things we saw on the visit to this primary school were not all good; we heard some very, very bad things too. For example, during the interviews for possible future sponsored pupils, the interviewers found that nearly all of the girls (no older than 15) were engaged to be married and on top of that, the girl who was top of her class was absent from school as she was away being circumcised (something that is illegal in Tanzania). These situations show quite clearly just how shockingly different African culture is to our own, especially for girls. Thankfully, The Meserani Project will do everything in its power to make sure these girls get the best chance in life and go on to study at a secondary level. I have witnessed the life changing effect of the project firsthand and so I know it is possible for these girls to have a better future than the one that lies before them right now.

For example, today we visited Kipok Girls Boarding School and Moita Boys Boarding School where 80 pupils are being sponsored by the project. The girls at Kipok are absolutely full of enthusiasm, thanks and eagerness to learn. At Kipok I met Nganahe Parmwat, the girl being sponsored by my mam and nana. She couldn’t stop telling me how thankful she was for her sponsorship and she asked me to let you both know that she is studying to prepare for her future and for better and good life! So, thank you on behalf of Nganahe as, in essence, you have saved her life. If she wasn’t being sponsored then she’d have been married off a long time ago – probably to a man more than three times her age (she’s around 15 years old though she can’t remember exactly). Anyway, she’s a lovely girl, really chatty and was asking all about everyone in our family and what we do etc. I even told Nganahe and Dada Nemande that their sponsors are best friends (Nana and Barbara) which they thought was absolutely brilliant! They even high-fived each other!

Also today, when we visited Moita Boys Boarding School, I got to meet the pupil I sponsor – Lalahe Melayeki! I was actually pretty nervous beforehand and felt quite emotional when I spotted him in the crowd of other boys being sponsored. When we were finally introduced and he knew who I was, he gave me a massive hug and thanked me over and over. There’s no other way of putting it but I was absolutely buzzing! His English was great (better than my Swahili!) so we could have a proper conversation and we talked about loaaads. He was asking all sorts of questions and told me how happy he was to see me. It may cost £160 a year to send him to secondary school but the smile on his face, the chances he now has and the future that lies ahead of him are totally and utterly priceless. I was rather gutted when we had to leave him but I look forward to meeting him again some time next week. We then played a match of volleyball against Moita which I’d say I absolutely aced although Jonny would probably tell you otherwise…

11 days to go and I’m already trying to think about the billion and one things I have to do during the week I get back before I go away again!

James x

P.S. 18 days to go and we’ll be on the way to the airport lads! 

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L (34)Adella Prest.
Hello home
I’m really sorry I haven’t been writing much but I’ve been so so bus

y!! I’m going to write a proper diary very soon as soon as I get enough time but this is just a quick one to say love you and missing you lots. Hope you are all ok.
Speak soon!
Love Adella xxx


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