2013 TRIP – July 25

M (1)Peter.

No diary entries other than mine today because it has been so hectic, the pupils have not had time at all to sit down with the laptops.

The pace of our trip, the change in diet and the African sun has taken its toll on a few of us, with 24-hour sickness and diarrhoea taking effect. However, the few who were affected are just about back to normal, and have taken it in their stride. Indeed, every one of your sons and daughters have been amazing. I am so proud with the way that they interact and empathise with young people in Africa who are so much less fortunate than us – it is a privilege to witness the maturity and the adult approach they have. They have attracted widespread acclaim from everyone who meets them, and they have been first class ambassadors. I only wish that you as their parents could be here to see how wonderful they have all been.

Anyway, I am sure that you will glean from their diary entries how much your sons and daughters are gaining from the time they are spending with the African children, and there will no doubt be many stories to tell you when they come home.

Thank you for allowing them to come with me to Africa, it is a pleasure sharing the experiences with them.

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