2013 TRIP – July 26

N (1)Emily Holden

JAMBO everyone, hope you are all ok and aren’t missing me too much. I’m fine a bit tired but loving every minute here. On Wednesday we began the day by going to Moita which is the boy’s boarding school where I met two young boys John and Passiri. They spoke quite good English and it was fun getting an insight into their lives and how much they appreciate being and school and receiving the letters from their sponsors. While we were there we gave out text books pens and pencils but some of us also played volleyball, unfortunately we lost but it was fun to watch and see their spirit when playing sports. Straight from Moita we travelled to Kipok girls boarding school where I met Janeth J, I have to say it was one of the best moments on the trip when she actually recognised me and came rushing over with a smile on her face and gave me a huge hug. It was lovely being able to show her the photos of home and the trip so far and read her letter with her. She just seemed really happy to see me. After I had been with Janeth we then played a very challenging game of netball which the goal shooter was of a national level. However even though we lost it was great fun and I was glad to be able to give the Kipok players our netball strip.

Yesterday we went to Einoti School to meet the students and speak to the children being sponsored; I was with Magreth Parasalu who spoke the best English that I have ever heard a pupil from Africa speak (so it was fair to say I was fairly impressed). She was lovely and after we spoke we went to play another quite challenging netball match and even though we lost again the match was much fairer and rewarding. The night time however is another story, we were going to sleep in the boma and I have to say it was eventful. We ate goat for tea which was very nice I thought and tasted a bit like lamb. After tea we were assigned our Boma room and I was in Peter’s group. To begin with I was quite relaxed and comfortable but that changed very quickly when a maasai lady and her two children decided they would come and join us. They were talking quite loudly so Peter quickly jumped to his feet and went out to get someone, leaving us with the sleeping women and children. Eventually he came back and they all left peacefully, but I have to say I was quite scared at the time. Today we did some shopping in Arusha after getting back from the boma and then went for lunch with the Kipok girls. It was nice to see Janeth again and we chatted and played cards before saying goodbye for the last time. She is very bright and seems to be happy in school which made me very happy.

Until the next time everyone, Emily x

N (2)Sophie Sidgwick

Yesterday we went to Einoti secondary school, we played netball against their team and they weren’t as brutal as the girls from Kipok but we still lost 4-1. Other people played volleyball and they won their game, at the end of each match we gave the other team our strips and ball. We sang ‘Lean on Me’ which Lisa choreographed, I had a solo in it which was quite embarrassing but yeah, we sang it at all of the secondary schools. I got to see Lomayani again and he’s really sweet, we each had to partner up with the sponsored pupils and do a barn dance it was funny but Lomayani kept standing on my feet L. When we first got to Einoti me and Becca really needed the toilet but the toilets there were rumoured to be vile so we decided against it, so me, Becca, Lisa and Diane all went to the toilet in the bush which was a good bonding experience. When we left we went straight back to the snakepark to have lunch and pack food for the night time in the bomas in case we didn’t like the goat. We didn’t get much sleep in the bomas because there wasn’t much room. Someone stupidly left a sandwich in the middle of the boma which lead to us waking up with nipping ants all over the place, they hurt a lot when they repeatedly bite you. Somehow they all got into my sleeping bag so I’ve dettolled it, the person who left the sandwich has not owned up to it which I’m not happy about at all. Oh well, excited to go to Tarangire tomorrow because they apparently have lots of elephants, me and Becca are sitting together so that we can sleep on each other on the way. We went to the market today again and I got some more stuff. Can’t think of anything else to write. Love you and miss you loads xxxxxx



N (3)Jonathan Millar

Last night we stayed in the bomas. It was exciting. Before bed we ate some goat. It was not nice. I was upset we didn’t meet it or have a chance to see it get killed because I was looking forward to it. During the night James snuggled up to me for a cheeky spoon, but apparently we were ‘on a hill’ that no one else could feel. To be continued…


N (4)Amy McMullan

Sorry I haven’t written for a few days, I’ve just been busy doing lots of things! I’ll start with Wednesday morning. We woke up to go to Moita boys school where I was partnered with Baraka (“like the president of USA” he said). I was so impressed with his English because we could have a proper conversation and speak about lots of different things. I found out that he wants to be a pilot so he can travel the world and hopefully one day visit his sponsor and maybe even me on day in England. It was quite sad though because I found out that his younger sister has already been married off and has two kids. I’ve decided I’m definitely, no matter what, going to sponsor a girl to go to school when I get back. There was then a volleyball match against the school but we lost. I reckon it’s because they let teachers play on their team though. We then went to visit Kipok girl’s secondary school where I was partnered with Winnie and Nubulu. They were both so lovely and I enjoyed every second of meeting them. I played a netball match with the girls and it was so good despite the fact I realised how unfit I am haha. They don’t exactly play by the rules though because they grab you, pull you and scratch you but It was still fun. That was pretty much that day summed up from what I remember. Oh and Callum I hope you have some good news for me when I get home!!

Yesterday we went to Einoti School so I met Helen again who is lovely.  We did a barn dance with them all but some of the girls as we went round grabbed my hair which hurt a little. It’s because they’re not used to blonde hair when they all have very short hair. I played volleyball against them (and scored a few points may I add) which we won and then I played netball too. I really enjoyed this day; it was a lot of fun.  We stayed at a Boma this night which I was really looking forward to however some people started feeling poorly so our groups got split up. When we got to the…


N (5)Christopher Smith

Hello everyone, so I haven’t written in a few days as we have been rather busy with our routines and visiting the various schools in the area. Last night we stayed in the mud hut boma thing which was more comfortable than I thought so when I get back I may be able to sleep on the garden floor. The stars were amazing and we saw the Milky Way and many shooting stars but no photographs. The goat which we did not see getting killed was rather tasty and so was its liver which the friendly Massai man kept feeding me. The Massai people were very friendly and welcoming and seemed to love my hand sanitizer despite their original thoughts that it would turn their skin white. So the last few days have been very busy and so will the next few days when we start to travel around a bit more. Tomorrow we are travelling for around 3 hours to the campsite at Teringerie where we hope to see Elephants there. Not much else to say so I’ll speak to you in a few days. Miss everyone loads…

Love Christopher xxx

Abbie Lavender

Ok I didn’t get to write a diary yesterday because we slept in a mud hut and they don’t have sockets haha! Ok yesterday we visited Einoti Secondary School and had a game of netball and volleyball. We won volleyball and lost netball but we played English rules so they won fair and square. I saw Nakaji again and she looked very smart in her uniform, I tried to get a picture but there wasn’t enough time. then we did a barn dance and I had to choose a boy from the school so I went to a group of lads and one was just shoved forward so I took him over and we held hands and I asked him his name and it was James haha, that made me smile J we sang to the pupils which again I loved! After that we went to Lelo’s house which was just a room, he lives alone and has to do everything himself although he is 17. Then we went back to the camp and got ready to go to the boma’s. They are the huts made from mud with straw for roofs. Before that we had goats with the Masai’s which it tasted so lovely, I was brave too because I tried the liver which just seemed a bit tasteless haha. In the boma’s the smell was horrific and I could feel the dust on my teeth…YUCK! We were all settled down in our boma, 10 of us, then all of a sudden the door got pushed in and a woman walked in. I laid there still as she walked over to a room; she stepped over Peter who was camped on the floor, ruffled around for a bit, laughed at us then shut the door. We presumed she had gone but then right there next to me was her and her 2 small children getting tucked in to bed! I heard Demi say “Peter” in a panicked voice then he said “you’ve got to be flipping kidding me!” he stormed out of the boma which made me really worried as we were just alone with this crazy Masai lady, whilst one of her kids was moaning in Swahili and the other breathing into my ear! He came back and a man called Alex told her to get out in Masai haha, that made me happy J this morning was a very early start as we had to walk back. Everyone that was in my boma complained about my talked/screaming/shouting/scratching in my sleep ahahaha, how funny J this morning we went to the market which s beautiful and got a few more little presents for people, now there is just Lorna and James, also mam but you are coming next year so I don’t know haha J then I met up with the 2 Elizabeth S’ again and gave them their little gifts, they were very happy and when they had to go I almost cried because we have built up such a strong relationship! I have an amazing picture with them though they are both such cuties! Not to be too personal but every time I have…needed to go…everything has been fine, so I’m thinking I’m still good? Haha, goodnight I love you all so much!



N (6)Chloe Crosby. 
Jambo home! 
Sorry for the pretty short diary recently I had such little time to write it but I’ve got some free time now before tea so hellooooo J  
I’ll start off telling you about our netball games! My goodness I’ve completely lost touch with the game haha, it was really good to play cause I’ve missed it loads but I’m so unfit and the Kipok girls slaughtered us. They were really good and mega fast like whippets! It was pretty much one goal after the next, totally did not go our wayL never mind though… it’s the taking part that counts (that’s me trying to make myself feel better) On a more positive note, we also played Einoti where we still got beat but only by 3 points!! I’m physically drained from both games, muscles are aching that I didn’t even know I had haha! I’m also not sleeping very well and could do with a massive cuddle but there’s almost only one week left till I can receive themJ  
Did I mention that last night was Boma night? Well yeah it was and it wasn’t pleasant at all. It’s crazy how we’re all on the same planet but out here it actually feels like we’re worlds apart. Does that make sense? The boma night is a once in a lifetime opportunity (well for me second) but I’m glad I did it even if it did make me miss home comforts even more.  
We didn’t watch the goat being killed because we were mega rushed at Einoti and Kosongo Primary but I did try it once it was cooked and putting it nicely I don’t want to try it again J how about a Ling Yan prepared for me when I’m home? Cheeky me. 
This morning we went to Arusha market again and I love it, I’m getting better at haggling although I didn’t buy much I just helped everyone else! Got some good deals so I’m quite proud of me!  
It’s tea time any min now and I’m a hungry bunny so am going to get going J I hope you’re all ok! It’s back to the weekend so hope you all have plans and are saving any gossip for me! I miss you all so much! Thinking about you all every second of the day, hope Auntie Carol and Grandad and everyone are ok too mammy! Speak to you all very soon! 
I love you all soooo much. 
Chlojer Head. 




NEllie Steel

Allo famio.

So sorry for my abrupt ending to my last diary but they had to charge the laptops up L. But I won’t tell you about that day, I’ll tell you about yesterday and today.

Yesterday, we visited Einoti Secondary School and I got the chance to meet one of my linked pupils Ngivioni Naparana, she was still as quite as she was before but she was laughing because I jumped when a person rang the bell. But the worst part of being in Einoti was the Barn Dance, it was fun but one of the most embarrassing moments of my life, seriously. But, after Einoti I visited Kisongo Primary School to interview the girls that may be sponsored to go to secondary school next year, it was so interesting to know about all the girls’ lives. Oh I forgot to mention yesterday was our Massai Boma night, I was so scared to go but when I got there it was so amazing! We were sat outside and the stars were so beautiful! And I even ate the goat, it was pretty awesome actually. But the actually Boma itself was really badL we had to sleep on cow skins and we were all squished up and there was a scary voice that came and knocked on the door but Lisa scared them away, yey!

Today was pretty chilled out. We stopped off in Arusha to visit the market and I bought lots and lots of gifts for you all! But that was only for this morning. But then this afternoon we met up with my other two linked pupils from Kipok at a bar. It was really good because the girls were really talkative and were asking a lot of questions about me and my history, so I told them about all of you! They even asked if I had children! I couldn’t believe it. But that’s all we’ve done today, so there’s not much to say.

Tomorrow, we are going to Tarangire National Park, where we’re sleeping in the bush and hopefully I’ll be able to see elephants! I can’t wait, I’ve been looking forward to seeing elephants since I got here and now I’m finally getting to see them. Okay, well I’m going now because its late and I want to get some sleep in a moderately comfortable sleeping bag, unlike last night. But I miss you all loads and I can’t wait to see you all. Love you all too much for words!

Love Ellie