2013 TRIP – July 27

O (1)Stephanie




Sorry I haven’t written a diary in a while. There’s been a lot going on in the last week or so …


Firstly we have visited all the primary and secondary schools which I enjoyed very much. The other day we visited Enioti secondary school where the whole school gathered and sang there school song and we dance our traditional barn dance, I was paired with Lelo. When then watched the volleyball match, which we won! Meanwhile I was being bartered for 20 cows and 52 goats, so now some poor boy wants me to be his girlfriend; I had to let him down gently that it wouldn’t work. Then it was the netball match where I was shouting encouraging words to the team particularly to “mark up”! but they all did really well even though they lost.

When then walked to the boma, where we were staying for the night. We had bought and taken a goat to eat for tea, so when we arrived it had already started to cook ready for us! The smell wasn’t too great and neither was the taste but I did try a tiny bit. The goat leg was put through a wooden post where a Maasai man cut bits off for us. Once we were done he then ate the remaining meat off the bone, then snapped the leg at the joint and sucked the bone marrow out, I was quite amazed that they use every part of the goat. We were then shown to our banda for the night, I was in Peters group for the night, so I was able to spoon Bec and Amy for the night. Our banda was the biggest – obviously – it had multiple ‘rooms’ where there were ‘beds’ to sleep on. I was with Rebecca, Amy and Emily. I thought it was relatively comfy! As we were all settling down to sleep we were disturbed by a loud maasai woman and her child coming to bed! She was soon shooed away as the banda was occupied for the night. I got a reasonable night sleep but I did have Rebecca holding onto me all night, but I didn’t mind.

The next day we met up with the girls from Kipok, I was really surprised and happy that they both recognised me! They were both quite shy but I asked and other pupil to help.

We are now on our way to Tarangire where I hope to see lots of lions and elephants!! Lottie is coming with us, Lottie works for BJ at the snake park and knows everything that’s worth knowing and snakes! He also told me the other night how him and 49 other men killed a lion that had come into his village! It is the first time he has ever been to a national park so he is very excited J

I just wanted to mention a little thank you to Diane, as the other night Rebecca and I felt a little emotional and she was there to support us both! I know we both really appreciate it.

Anyway I am having a fabulous time and still loving it! Missing you papi hope you are surviving without us two terrors, booyahh! Love you!

With you in spirit xo


Sarah Rogers

The last time I wrote we had just been to Kipok boarding school where I got to meet Dora for the first time but so much else has happened since J. Its been a busy few days as on the same day as I met Dora we also went to the boys boarding school where I was paired with two boys called Tajiri and Lowasa who were both really lovely to speak to. They were both very good at English so we had lots that we could talk about and hopefully on Tuesday to come when we meet them again for the bbq we will have even more to talk about.

On Thursday we went to Enioti secondary where some of the group played volleyball and netball against the students however I went to another primary school with Lisa instead so we could start to interview the girls in the last year for possible sponsorship for secondary school. It was an eye opener to say the least as we found out at the end that lots of the girls were not telling the truth about their family life as they were too embarrassed. One girl had said her dad was a butcher but in fact he had no work and was an alcoholic while another said she lived with both parents who are really both dead L. On Thursday night we walked with our sleeping bags to the boma which was going to be our home for the night where we were greeted by lots of children! it was so lovely to see them as I could remember one boy in particular from two years ago who was so grown up from before. We had bought a goat earlier so when we arrived it was already cooking but when it came to eating it I gave it a miss as I didn’t like it the first time so I wasn’t going to do the same again J. When it came to sleeping I shared with 7 others which was ok as there was enough room for us all and I had a good nights sleep which couldn’t be said for some of the others as they were ill L

Yesterday was another good day as I got to meet Dora again for the bbq. We talked about all sorts of things too much to mention but she did say she liked football which I thought dad would like. She has wrote a letter for us and has left a special present for aunty Jan J.

At the moment we are driving to Tarangire but it very bumpy so I apologise if this doesn’t make sense. Its also making me feel a bit sick trying to read what ive wrote so I’m going to say good bye and I will write again soon. Love you all lots and I will see you soon xx


O (2)Aaron Jardine

Hello, I am sorry that I haven’t written a diary in the last few days, mainly due to the fact that I have been a little bit ill. So on Wednesday we visited Moita boys school I got to meet Boniface and Edward and they were both great. We talked mainly about football and what they wanted to do when they are older, they both have great ambitions! Then we had a volleyball match against their school, we ended up losing but I some how took the skin off my knee’s which had to be tended to. We then went to visit Kipok girls school where I met Fatuma who was a lovely girl but she didn’t talk much. Then the girls played a netball match against Kikpok girls. Then on the night it was not good at all I was up most of the time due to being ill and it was horrible. The next day on Thursday we visited Einoti where I got to meet Paulo again which was amazing he is such an amazing person! Even though I was feeling terrible I battled through It. I did not play the volleyball match, but still all of the pupil’s were gathering around us and talking to us which was nice. Then it was Boma night where we got to eat the goat and sleep in a maasai hut. To be really honest it was horrendous, I was not going to go to start with because of how ill I was but it is a once in a life time type of thing which I couldn’t miss. The goat was already dead when we got there, so we sat around on cow skins watching it cook. I did have some goat and it tasted like Lamb, I liked it but my belly ended up not agreeing with me. We then went into out Boma which was where we slept on the floor and I got about 3 hours sleep as I was up all night. We got back to Snake Park yesterday where I was quite ill and had to visit the clinic to get some tablets. I then thought I was okay so I decided to go to Arusha to shop, not a good idea. When we got back at lunch time we were going to have a meal with the sponsored pupils from Kipok, sadly I didn’t go along with a couple of others due to how ill and terrible I was feeling. Last night I had a much better sleep, and felt fine for about an hour once we had woken up, but then I just felt weak and tired. So we are now sat on the truck on our way to Tarangire national park. We are going on another Safari but this will be our first one in Tanzania. I hope you are all okay and not missing me too much, once again sorry for not writing in the last few days. Hopefully I am now on way to recovering which is good! See you all soon

Love you all lots xx


Jess Taylor

Hello home! I haven’t written a diary in so long now but it’s because we’ve been so busy visiting all the schools and helping out with the project. The night before last we visited a traditional masai boma and had goat for tea and I even tried some of the liver and it was really nice. We were playing with the Masai children and looking up at the stars which were so clear and beautiful. Unfortunately we had a vote to decide whether or not to see the goat get killed and the majority vote was to not see it be killed so I was quite disappointed but then I cheered up when we won the volleyball match against Enoti secondary school! The team was; me, Abbie, Jonny, Kate, Amy Mac, Della, Ross and Chris S. I was so happy but tired when it was over so I didn’t join in with the second netball game as they play it in a different way to us. They allow contact and even hiss as a signal to each other. At first it was really intimidating but after a while I got used to it. As we were watching the netball we were talking to some of the pupils and one of them asked David (papa) if he could ‘buy’ me for 20 cows and 35 goats. David replied saying that he needed 1000 cows if he were to sell me and we all laughed and kept joking about it. On the way back I walked through some spiky leaves and got loads of them caught on my legs and it was quite painful but Peter managed to pick them all out and now there is a ‘lovely’ pattern on my leg which I have taken a picture of just in case it fades before I get home. I’m so excited to come home and tell everyone what fun I’ve had and most importantly to get back in the loop and see what fun you lot have been up to whilst I’ve been away. When we woke up in the boma’s there was loads of biting ants that had found their way into my sleeping bag and clothes. They bit me until I finally squished them all, it was not fun but on the bright side at least they only turned up in the morning. On the way back to the snake park from the boma’s we bumped into some of the children that we had met at Lesiraa primary and they remembered me which made me so happy and put me in a good mood even though I hadn’t had a very good night sleep. Yesterday we went to Arusha market and I managed to buy a few little gifts for Lottie which I hope she likes. I also got something for mam and a little gift for my auntie but I haven’t even started on Josh or the nans yet. Later on we went to meet the sponsored girls from Kipok and they were so much more chatty than the first time I met them which meant I could have a really god conversation with them and find out more about their lives. Some of the things they shared with me made me quite sad but also opened my eyes to how they live their lives and they know no different.  Today we are moving from the snake park and going to spend another night in the bush which I cannot wait for!!!! Only joking but it will be a good laugh and anything is better than a boma full of biting ants. Well now we’re on the destroyer (truck) heading to Tarengire national park and then we are going on the hunt for elephants and more lions. Bye for now, hope everyone is well.

Jess xxxxxx


O (3)Amy Wilkinson 27.7.13

Hi everyone J

I’m sorry I haven’t written a diary in so long, we have been so busy there hasn’t been enough hours in the day. We have visited all of the schools now and I have loved every minute of it although I have found that it hasn’t hit me so hard this time maybe because I have experienced it before and I knew what was to come or maybe because I feel like the children back at Beverley are in some form of the same position just in a different way, very hard to explain.

This diary could be pages long as we have done so much over the last few days but one of my highlights so far has to be meeting Diana, as soon as Peter called our names out she ran to me and practically leapt on me which sent us both falling down a little hole in the floor haha! I instantly filled up and got watery eyed but in a happy way as she was so happy to see me. Diana isn’t the brightest of girls but that doesn’t bother me even if she doesn’t get into college or high school I have realised she will still have gained a lot from school which could help her set up a little business. Straight away we found things in common, she is very girly just like me and we had a good chit chat whilst we shared my lip gloss. In her room which she shared with 5 other girls she had a bed with neat pink bedding and a metal suitcase which had a spare uniform, a scarf, some body lotion, soap and a tooth brush and toothpaste. This was hard to see as I know in my room at home I have so much I haven’t even used and its sitting there with the tags still on. It feels like where your born is luck of the draw and affects your life so much.

Another highlight is when we visited Lelo’s house and seeing that his living conditions have improved a lot since two years ago, he is still living in just one room alone which he has done since he was 15 however, the room is a little bit bigger and it has a bed. He has spent his time sticking news paper to the wall to make it look like wallpaper and honestly it looked pretty snazzy. Its magical seeing the same students as last time and knowing that they are still doing well whereas on the other hand I feel sick to think that in some ways it’s as if their childhood has being snatched from them. It’s a harsh world.

People are starting to feel the aches and pains and lots of bad bellies now but we are all helping each other and staying strong. Oh and of course I had to get some form of rash, I am allergic to my deodorant, typical me. I am very excited to see everyone including Oliver. Please can you text Sam and tell her to have a fabulous time away.

Maybe if you have missed me lots and lots you may want to have a Pygri’s ready and waiting for me, just a thought guys J

Sending lots of hugs and snugs to everyone, see you in 8 days!

Love you millions Amy xoxoxox

Sophie Burns


Sorry I haven’t written properly in a few days. Hope everyone is okay and doing good.

On Thursday we visited Einoti secondary school where we met our sponsored kids again. It was really good, we watched them do a full school national anthem song and we perform our song – lean on me routine for them. We also did a massive barn dance and it was funny but so embarrassing. I was paired with this random boy who didn’t understand the dance at all and kept swirling around when we were supposed to be in the circle. Anyways it was a laugh. Whilst they were playing or watching a netball and volleyball match me, James, Sarah, Ellie, Lisa went to Kisongo primary school to do the selection process. It was so weird though because even though it was lesson time all the teachers were in the staff room doing nothing and the kids were running wild. When we were doing the selection process we did 16 girls. All of them were ambious but due to family circumstances such as being married off and unable to afford secondary school most couldn’t carry on to go to secondary school even if they passed for exams. Also we found out after that some were not telling the truth about their family information as some of the kids dads were alcoholics. On the night we stayed over that a Maasi Boma and had maasi style goat and sat on cow skin flooring and watched the stars. After we slept in the Boma. I was in Lisa’s group and lets just says it wasn’t the best night sleep. We were on the dusty floor and in the night this man tried to get in. plus I felt really sick.

On Friday morning we walked back early to the snake park. And I was starting to feel better but when we were going to the markets I felt really dizzy so went to sleep on the truck. And when we got back to the camp site I had to stay because I felt really sick and had diarrhoea L but Della, David and Aron both were sick too so I stayed with them.

Today I fell lodes better so hopefully it was a 24 hour thing. We are currently on the way to Taragine national park to stay and for a game drive. Its also a brush camo t night so im so excited.

Hope everything is okay at home and say hey to everyone. I still need to get you all presents.

Love you and miss you all

Bye xxx


O (4)Amy McMullan (continued from yesterdays) 

… Bomas there were lots of little children who were so cute. We played with them for a bit and messed around before we all gathered together whilst the goat was being cooked. I still couldn’t decide whether I would try the goat or not because, well, you know me. Me and Adella made one little kid say yolo and nah which we found far too funny. When it came to trying the goat I was feeling brave so I took a bit but when I looked at the piece id just bitten from it was just fat! I wanted to try a proper bit so I got some meat and I actually didn’t think it tasted too bad but it was more the thought of what it was that put me off. I was proud that I tried it though. We then laid down and looked at the stars for a bit and there were so many. The whole sky was twinkling. When it was time to go in the Bomas, Lisa gave us some vics to put under our nose because they were a bit smelly. Cow skin had been put down to cover the floor and we had to put our sleeping bags on top of that. It was a rather dramatic night as at one point we thought somebody was trying to get in and then somebody in our group was throwing up (and you know what I’m like with sick) and then to top it all off, Lisa told me to move over a bit so I did and the next thing you know she’s attacking a huge spider that was on the wall right next to me! She said she’d killed it, which I knew she probably hadn’t, but I still managed to get some sleep surprisingly.  
On the morning we walked back to the snake park but quite a few people really weren’t very well so I walked slowly with them.

When we got to the snake park we got ready to go to Arusha market. I absolutely love it there and could have literally spent the whole day haggling and buying everything. I haven’t really bought you any souvenirs because I don’t know what you’d like however if I get another chance to shop I have something in mind. I did buy a nice bag for myself though haha.  
From Arusha we went to meet the girls we’d be paired with at Kipok secondary (Winnie and Nubulu). We were all very tired because of the lack of sleep due to Boma night however we all did very well in making conversation and an effort with all the girls. I felt sorry for those who were too unwell to join us but I still enjoyed myself. Me and Becca were trying to keep thinking of things to ask the girls but in the end we resulted in just pulling funny faces to them which became one of the funniest things on the trip. The girls would copy us and pull faces but we also discovered some hidden talents. One girl could fold her tongue in half which you probably can’t imagine so I’ll have to explain it when I get home. Another girl could hold her nostrils in. Sounds bizarre but believe me it was a good laugh. Winnie asked me for my address so that she could write me a letter so I gave it to her and hope that she does write to me because I’d love to keep in touch with all the people I’ve been paired with on the trip. Oh and I forgot to mention that Helen (from Einoti School) gave me two bracelets which was so lovely of her. We also visited Lebris’ (another pupil from Einoti) house which shocked me very much.

After meeting the Kipok girls we had a lot of free time to just chill around the camp. Me, Chloe and James decided to look around snake bit. Some of the snaked were actually huge! It’s quite disgusted by just how many eggs they lay. We then looked at some of the birds which were cute as well as the lizard things and crocodiles. We made friends with a yellow baboon who was there and it held our hand and shook our hand which I absolutely loved. Some school kids came though and one of them fed it a lolly which quite clearly is very daft although in all fairness it seemed to enjoy it.

I had an early night that night because I was very tired even though I was still tired this morning. Now we’re just travelling to Tarangire. Hope you, mum and dad, have had or are having a great time in Italy. I bet you’ll both me more tanned than me which I don’t think is fair at all although I have caught the sun a little bit!! I hope you’re not missing me too much Callum! I’d say I can’t wait to see all my friend but you are all on holiday apart from poor Jamie who’ll be at work (I got you all bracelets though so don’t worry). Jordanne I hope everything at Uni is going great and you’re still busy busy busy! I got you a cute little zebra key ring that I’ll have to give you when I next see you. I miss you all very much but don’t worry because I’m still having an amazing time. I just hope you know that I’m expecting a 10” London with a tub of garlic sauce or some lasagne waiting for me when I get home!!! I love you all so much. Amy J xxxx


Abbie Lavender

Good morning, today for breakfast I had 4 weetabix and 2 sausage sandwiches yum yum! We packed everything up this morning as we are moving camp after being at the Snake Park for 6 nights. I was on my way back from the toilet when I passed Bj and Ma, the people that own the site. I smiled at them and said good morning and Bj said “oh what a lovely smile you have young lady”, it made me smile even more when he said that because he is such an amazing man because of the stuff he has done for other people so him thinking and telling me I have a nice smile just made me happy, I love when people say that to me but even more when that person is someone I look up to or inspiring to me. As I write this we are en route to Tarangire where tonight we will be sleeping in “the bush” with the wild animals and I am very scared!!!!



O (5)Abbi English

Sorry for not writing for ages, I didn’t have time and when I did I kept forgetting. Hope you’re okay and doing well and not missing me too much haha. Missing Jess a lot, the way they treat dogs here is disgusting. We went to a primary school the other day and I showed them a photo of Jess and they thought she was a lion haha! On Thursday night we slept in the bomas and it was so good on the night. We sat and ate goat (I tried a tiny bit and didn’t like it) and looked up the stars. On the other hand though I hardly had any sleep due to someone snoring and people going to the toilet, so yesterday I was exhausted. We went to have a meal with the girls from Kipok school, we ended up playing cards and top trumps which was easier when they understood how to play it! We also went to the market again yesterday and I bought loads of bags and a few scarves for mum and a top for dad. Anyway today we are driving to Tarangire, we are then going to do a game drive. Then on the night we are sleeping in the bush so that should be… fun. Hope everyone’s okay, missing you. Lots of love, Abbi xxxxxxxxx


Ross Fairbairn

Apologies for my lack of diaries because I haven’t been able to get my hands on a laptop as everybody is writing longer diaries and one night was spent in the bomas. The day before yesterday we visited the masaai bomas which was eventful to say the least. We had a goat BBQ which was actually very very tasty and I even tried the goat liver which was even nicer so theres another type of food to add to the list of things that I have tried while over here. After the most uncomfortable sleep wedged between Adam and Sophie I woke up to see thousands of nipping ants crawling around a sandwich right beneath my feet. That was pretty terrifying but I feel now as if I could bathe in ants for the rest of my life and not be bothered by it. I did enjoy the experience of the night in the boma though.

In the past few days I have added a few more things to the list of things I have bought so far including another knife/sword and a bow and arrows which stupidly does not fit into my bag and I’m hoping I can fit into a larger suitcase. I’ve got a few more bracelets and necklaces and presents and I’m pretty happy with the things I’ve bought so far.

I finally met my remaining three linked pupils who I loved just as much as the first at their schools and got to play volleyball matches and watch the netball matches with the girls and it was great to play something like that against the kids and give them our strips when we finished the game. I had the lunchtime meet with my Kipok linked girl Ruth who was very shy at first but eventually came out of her shell and I got along well with her. I feel as if I have become a lot more confident by talking to these people even though it does feel awkward sometimes due to the different languages but you get over it. That just leaves the two Moita School sponsored boys, who I met briefly at their school, who I will meet for lunch on Tuesday which should be good.

For now I’m currently on the truck travelling along the annoyingly bumpy diversion road which should take a few hours but we’ve got David to entertain us which is all anyone could ask for. I don’t think there will be internet for a few days to upload these diaries so by then I will probably have been through Tarangire park and stayed at the one and only bush camp so wish me well. I’m missing everyone at home a lot and cannot wait to see everyone again including megan who I miss even more after spending five days with the Snakepark’s own dog. Lots of love to everyone.


O (6)Chris Gibson

On Thursday we went to Einoti school and I met Lelo again. I sat and spoke to him for a while then he went off with the whole school and sung a song for us. We then had to sing a song for them which wasn’t really the best thing in the world but we’ve done it for many schools now too. After that we went and played a volleyball game with them and a netball game. We won this volleyball game but unfortunately lost the netball. But the other main part of that day was that I got to visit Lelos room that he lives in. Apparently it was a lot better this time that last time they went to see it. In my opinion though it was still hard to believe that he lived in it. He made it as homely as he could be adding magazines to his walls and posters. He would like the photo of me and him sent to him to add to his wall too haha. After this we went back to the snake park and then went to the Bomas. I never thought in my life I’d ever eat goat but that night I did and it wasn’t too bad. It was actually pretty nice although mine was basically all fat too. I’d have it again if I could though!

Well after eating the goat we went to the Boma and stayed in there which also I never thought I’d ever do in my life. In our Boma I was in Peters group with James and Jonny and the rest girls. We were obviously split up in the little room bits so I was with James and Jonny which we actually got a good sleep in which we didn’t expect. We went full masaai of course and didn’t sleep in the sleeping bag and no sleeping mat so it was a risk but I was pretty warm as always. At the start of the sleep we had a weird experience. A masaai women and two children came in the looked at us and laughed, got some stuff and slept in with us. It was rather weird but as others were scared, me, James and Jonny just laid there and went back to sleep haha. Peter went out and got someone to get her out of the Boma so this women was just in with us talking to her kids and going to sleep which was so weird.

After walking back to the snake park at about 6 in the morning, we went out to Arusha again and bought some more stuff. Again, I really don’t know what to get you all so sorry if I get something completely random. After that we went back and met the girls we got paired up with from Kipok school. We were sat talking to them for a few hours and had to eat a meal with them. My girl wasn’t really that talkative so I sat with Adam and then his girl also talked so everyone was talking again. They actually made us sing! We went back and had free time. Some people laid down and slept and we went to look at the snakes and crocodiles.

Well we woke up this morning and packed up for tonight since we are moving camp to the bush tonight which I’m looking forward too! The stars are apparently amazing there too which I can’t wait to see. So as I write this I’m on the long bus journey which is very bumpy so typing this is proving difficult. I’m enjoying myself a lot now too here but I still can’t wait to see you all. I don’t know when this will be put up on the website but I’ll keep writing them. Miss you all and love you! xxx


Demi Womack

Happy Birthday Dad! Hope you have a lovely day and like your present. Hopefully you’ve given yourself a day off and the weathers nice back home.

We are currently on our way from the snake park to Tarangire National park, were we are doing a game drive and will be camping tonight, I love the snake park but I think we’re all excited to be going somewhere new after being there for a good few nights. Tonight will also be the first time we are properly sleeping in the bush with just a tent wall between us and the animals, I remember last time I was scared of the noises, but I’m so excited now. We should see Elephants today too, and I can’t wait (I always think of you mam) wish you could be there to see them too.

Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve wrote again, it’s been pretty busy and I’ve been a bit ill. On Tuesday we went to visit Moita boys school where I was paired with Samwel who is sponsored my Mrs Hyde. I was so surprised by how good his English was, he was almost fluent. He is 18 years old but only in form 2 and secondary school goes to form 4 here so he will improve more and more in the next two years. He was very confident and probably asked me more questions than I asked him, at first just about family and friends, then more about the British culture and when I was getting married haha. I’ve learnt from this trip African boys are very forward, and they don’t seem to understand that English women can choose who they spent their lives with. I told him there was a lot I want to do before I even think of marriage! We had to walk to the pitch where we played moita at volley ball and he kept grabbing my hand, it was pretty awkward and peter told lots of photos of course, so if any of them have appeared on the internet John it’s not what it looks like hahaJ! . After that we went to Kipok girls school, where I was paired with two girls to talk to,they where both in form 2 also but their English wasn’t half as good as the boys. Whenever we visit a school they sing us there school song or the national anthem, so Lisa had the idea for us to sing ‘Lean on me’ for them, bearing in mind they have a whole school and there is only 24 of us we were all dreading it, I just hide behind Della for most of it so it didn’t go too bad, but I think we were all pretty glad when it was over.

,Wednesday I woke up feeling extremely tired and sick, I didn’t eat breakfast and then we went to Enoti school, I was so happy because I was finally going to meet Queen, she was just as lovely as I expected, she greeted me with a hug and a massive smile, we talked for a while and she seems to love school, she came 34 in her exams out of around 120 in her year which is great! I gave her the dress I took for her and she loved it and told me she would wear it on weekends. After that peter made us do a barn dance with the students, I just about managed to do it, but for the rest of the visit aaron and I sat in the shade. Yesterday Adella and Aaron had it bad, they had to stay in the tents all day, I still managed to participate in yesterdays activities, so I am counting myself lucky. And I’m feeling 100% again today so don’t worry.

Enjoy your day dad!

Sending lots of  love, Demi W xxxx


O (7)James Small

Just a quick one while we’re on the drive to Tarangire National Park (probably my favourite park out of all the national parks we visit). It is also the bumpiest journey ever so typing this out is quite a struggle! Loti is joining us on the game drive today and it is his first ever visit to Tarangire and you can tell just by looking at him that he is beyond excited. I’m glad he’s coming with us because considering the amount of support he provides for The Meserani Project (as well as the help he is giving Joe and I for our trip next year) it is the least he deserves.

Anyway, yesterday we met up with the sponsored girls from Kipok again and had lunch with them. I gave Nganahe the presents from her sponsors (Mam and Nana) and she LOVED them! She thought the photographs were fantastic and could name everyone in them straight away without me telling her who’s who! I didn’t even know there were photos in the bag for her so that was a nice surprise for me too. Although she was speaking Swahili, it was obvious she was telling the group girls she was sat with all about who the photos were of and who her sponsors were. Definitely have to send her some more over next time as she seemed to enjoy them more than the stationery and books she received!

Well, other than the fact Africa Belly has taken its toll on a proportion of the group, I haven’t got much else to report today so I’ll sign off for now.

See you in 8 days!

James x

P.S. I apologise for the lack of presents I’ve bought this year but I just haven’t had the chance and also the stall holders are a lot harder to barter with this time!

P.P.S. Don’t listen to anything Jonny says, WE WERE ON A HILL!