2013 TRIP – July 28

P (1)Adam Jefferson!

Hello!! Today we’ve been on a very early morning game drive which wasn’t too bad as we seen some cool animals. The rest has been a relaxing day as we have travelled for a while to the crater which I am looking forward to! Missing everyone at home and hope you’re all doing well and not missing me too much. Not long until I’m home now see you all soon!

Love always! X

Ps Lisa is lovely

P (2)Chloe Crosby. 

Good afternoon home!! 
How are you all? I’m really goodJ we’re just on our way to Karatu, camping over night ready for an early start into the crater tomorrow. I’m really looking forward to it and hope we get slightly luckier than we did this morning in Tarangire.  Although we did see lions!! (Mating again, oh dear) My camera has lasted and I’ve got a good few photos to show you all J especially of the animals.. we’ve seen almost everything, apart from a leopard and a cheetah but I’ve still got my fingers crossed for our last chance tomorrow. I’m also looking forward to the campsites nice showers! I feel so much dirtier than I ever remember being the last time I came and it’s not nice but it’s all part of the experience I suppose. Just roll on our shower at home as soon as I get in, even If it is mega late! I’m also covered in ugly mosquito bites which was bound to happen because they love me L itchy itchy!  
Time is starting to fly by now and I can’t believe that this time in one week we’ll be well on our way home! I’m so so excited to see you all, I feel like I’ve been away forever but I have loved every minute. I’ve been sleeping a lot better these past couple of nights but still can’t wait for my own bed! Or yours for a good cuddle mammy! I can’t wait to tell you all about Africa in person, there’s so much to say but I have no idea how to write it on here! There have been a lot of ups and downs but the ups have definitely outweighed the downs and even the downs this time haven’t been too bad. I think that’s because I was slightly more prepared for it all and instead of crying all the time like I did last time I think I’ve been more reflective of what’s going on around me, Do you know what I mean?  
I hope you are all keeping yourselves busy and are enjoying your six weeks holiday Mam and Lewis. Not long till dads home now and certainly not long till Corfu!  
I hope work has been okay for you Daniel + hope you’re getting to play plenty of football J can’t wait to see your face and hear what you’ve been up too! I’ve got to go now as we’re almost here but I’ll write again very soon J  
oh ps, I forgot to mention that I met some really cute kids the other day, we were chatting away for a little while and they were called Lewis and Daniel! Hehe, just reminded me of home it was lovely :J 
I love you all very much!! 
Speak soon. 
Chlo xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


P (3)Adella Prest; 
Hello. Apologies for not writing up any diary entries the past few days, I’ve been busy busy busy. I also came down with sickness and diarrhoea for two days. Boo. But I’m fine and dandy now and currently chilling in the bar around the pool in Karatu. Nothing much has happened today other than game driving this morning and travelling here. Once again we were lucky enough to see Lions, not however lucky enough to see Leopards.  
I’ve wrote up diary entries for the last few days but they’re on another laptop which is charging so look forward to them at a later date. Really starting to miss everyone now and I’m especially missing my bed. Hope everyone is well. See you in about a weeks’ time, lots and lots of love, dell x  
Ps- It would be nice to come home to a Chinese from YK chow’s (Parliament road).. I know I’m home late but buy it early and stick it in the mic. Thank yaaaa xxxx


P (4)Stephanie

Hi hunz at home!

Hope you are all well, I am having a hard afternoon lounging by the pool – it’s a hard life! Tonight we are staying in Kudu Lodge ready for our game drive in Ngorogroo Crater super early tomorrow morning. I was a little moody this morning but after I had a little snooze on the way then a lovely hot shower I am now feeling much better..

Last night we had our first and last bush camp which was super. I shared a tent with Amy Mac-Attack, during the night we heard rather peculiar noises that we are still not sure what exactly they were but it was definitely close to our tent!! In the morning we went on a game drive and saw a female and male lion which was fabbb; unfortunately I am still waiting to see a leopard!

I’m feeling a little home sick today and missing home comforts like my double bed! – papi please remember to change the sheets, cheers! Also Rebecca says hiiii and she loves you also!

Missing and loving you, with you in spirit xo


P (5)Jess Taylor

Hi again! Happy Birthday Granddad Dave!!! I hope you’ve had a good day today and that you got loads of new gadgets haha. So today we went on another game drive in Tarangire national park and we saw a female and a male lion (mating- slightly awk).  My camera batteries lasted longer than expected which I’m happy about as I’ve only had to change them today. We then spent a few hours singing on the truck whilst Jason drove us to Karatu and we are staying at a place called Kudu lodge. Last night we stayed in the ‘bush’ and it was quite ruff so I was really relieved when I saw on the itinerary that we were going to a lodge. Then Peter said we were only staying for one night instead of two and then when we got there I found out that we are sleeping in tents and not a lodge. I was in such a mood because I was just fed up of not having anything clean to wear and sleeping on the cold ground that really hurts my back however I’m over it now. I just had to stop myself and think that masai children have to sleep in Boma’s every night of their lives and at that moment I snapped out of the mood and became cheerful again. We got talking to Grace and Jason and they told us about Kenya and its history and it just shocked me. I went for a shower and at last it was warm!!! I was so happy to be clean and at least have one ouotfit to wear that didn’t smell haha. to top it all off, there are no mosquito’s here a Kudu lodge so we don’t have to put deat on yeyy! Today has been great and I cannot wait for tomorrow!!!! J Lala salama J see you in a week!

Jess xxxxxxx

PChris Gibson

Jambo everyone! Hope you are all okay? The bush was good and exciting. Yesterday we finally found and saw elephants for the first time. Whilst we were around the bush and looking around, we went to Tarangire safari lodge. The view from off the safari lodge was unbelievable; looking at all and animals and looking out for miles. I don’t think any photos taken there and even on this trip can show you how close we are to things and how amazing it all is. After all of the travelling around we went to camp and it was just about dark. As good as everyone says the stars are on the night in the bush, they weren’t that good to us as it was a cloudy night that night. It seems every day here is cloudy now. As I’m typing this now, I’m currently boiling on the truck travelling too Karatu. Travelling is actually quite nice though seeing all the things we see and the people. Where we are going there is also a swimming pool so I think all of the boys will be going in that to make up for a shower. I still haven’t got used to not brushing my teeth like three times a day and showering a lot. I’m defiantly not used to not drinking lots of tea throughout the day. I’ll try to keep up to date with all of the diaries but I’m not too sure when they’ll be next put up. So because of that I’m going to say happy birthday Dad when it comes too it! I only just miss it and also won’t see you for another week. Good luck Steph with your results for uni and Sophie please enjoy your holiday as much as you can. I’ll speak to you as soon as I’m home! I can’t wait for a shower too haha! Hope you all aren’t missing me too much as much I am with you all. Love you xxx


PAAmy McMullan 
Yesterday after we had just arrived at Tarangire, we drove to our camp site. On the way we saw some elephants really close which was just so good. After setting up camp we went to a bar where the view was of the park. Whilst drinking a drink you could see lots of elephants, zebras and wildebeests literally just down the hill from us. It was such a beautiful view that it didn’t even feel real, it was almost as if it was a back drop. We then went on a game drive where we saw some lions eating their tea which we made out to be a wildebeest however it was quite far away so we had to zoom in on people’s cameras. We did, however, have a giraffe walk right past our campsite. Later on in the evening Grace told us some stories about her experiences with wild life which was a little bit scary but I enjoyed them. I got in my tent and could hear a buzzing sound but I couldn’t see anything. I had a little look because I could hear it right near my face and then I saw the ugliest and scariest thing ever. It was an orange daddy long legs/ dragon fly thing. Luckily Steph, who I was sharing a tent with, killed it and that was that. I woke up in the middle of the night too and heard a weird grumble type of noise and it sounded like it was coming from just outside the tent but I didn’t know what it was. It was only today when we got super close to a male and female lion that I realised it was the noise of them purring so they must having been really close to our tent for us to hear them and wake up. We also saw more elephants today and heard them make the noise they make which was fantastic. I love seeing all of the animals! We’re back on the truck now though just travelling to our next destination. I hope everything is going fine at home and that the weather is as nice as it is here. I love you all very very much and can’t wait for a big hug off you all. Amy J xxxxx


PBEmily Holden

Jambo, yesterday we travelled to Tarangire and went to stay in the national park for our first bush camp. When we arrived the first thing we saw were quite a few huge trees which are called ‘baobab’  trees or otherwise known as the trees of life J they are very impressive and are used as a part of the Meserani project logo. Once we had lunch we went to the area in which we were going to camp and set up our tents. Unexpectedly there was actually a flushing toilet there too which was a nice surprise, but apart from that we were totally in the wild, this appeared to be even more true when we saw a giraffe stroll past our circle of tents. We were very impressed by this but the giraffe just didn’t seem to be bothered at all. That afternoon and very early this morning (6a.m) we went on two game drives in the park, this was a nice change and we managed to see lots of elephants which I have now decided are my favourite animal (apart from lucky of course don’t want her to get too jealousJ). We also saw some lions including a male, along with some more giraffes, wilder beast and large quantities of zebra; I have taken loads of amazing photos of them to show you all when I get back. Hoping everyone is doing well, only one week left so I am going to make sure I take full advantage of all the wonderful opportunities available here. Lots of love and hugs, Emily xxx


PCAbbie Lavender

This morning we woke up which meant we were safe and hadn’t been attacked in the night by wild animals J today very early we went on a game drive Then we came across 2 lions really close to the truck so I got a few pics, Then we got back packed up and had a marvellous brunch of chips rice and toast yummy! Then we drove for a few hours to Karatu and we are staying in a lodge which is so nice a clean ahh! We are still in tents but the place is lovely! A few of us also went in the pool which was stunning! There was a family of 5 on the other side that looked very rich and they made me realise how much I love our tourist holidays to Spain! They looked so boring haha J I had a shower tonight which was hot!!!!!! Not freezing, not luke warm, not warm but HOT! I adored every minute of it and even sang my heart out to show it! Up early in the morning again ugh haha, no I’m kidding, but I am excited to come home now as it seems very soon! Lots of love