2013 TRIP – July 29

Q (1)Christopher Smith

Hello everyone! So it’s our last week here and our last few days in Tanzania at the snake park but it definitely does not feel as though I have been away for very long. But anyway I’m doing well over here as it is nice and warm and I’m getting a bit of a tan to come home with, luckily I have not been burned at all (yet). Earlier in the week I had a bit of a bad stomach which only lasted the day so I am all better now and hopefully I will be well when I come home, I was fortunately in a place with good flushing toilets which helped a lot. Yesterday we left Snake Park and travelled on The Destroyer for two and a bit hours to Ngorongoro crater and the lodge which we stayed at over night. So today we were woken up at 5:30 ish and had a bit of breakfast before leaving at 6:30 in our land rovers to visit the crater itself which from the top had amazing views of the 40km wide crater. We shared lunch with a pod of hippos at one of the small lakes at the crater floor, we also seen lions and rhinos which got very close to us. Currently we are back on the truck heading back to Meserani snake park for our evening meal which is BBQ. I’m very excited to be coming back in a few days and seeing everyone again. I will try to write again in the next few days possibly as we are travelling back to Kenya.

Miss everyone lots J

Love Christopher xxx


Q (2)Sophie Burns

Hey hey!

Hope everything and everyone is doing good.

So today we woke up early round 5:20-ish and got ready and dressed ready for today’s game drive. For quickness we had a breakfast burrito which had sauage, scrambled eggs and cheese in, it was so tasty. I think I’ll have to bring Carter and Seleme back home with me to cook these delious meals. Anyways we got four Land Rovers that drove us up to Ngorongoro Crater. And it was so good we drove down into the crater floor and saw all sorts of animals. Plus two rare black rhinos crossed the road in front of us and I got some really good close ups. We were in those Land Rovers which you could open the roof and stand up and see everything around. After a few hours we had lunch by a small lake that had round 7 hippos in. it was so amazing. I think today was my personal favourite event. After we drove back to the campsite (Kudu) which was lovely it had hot (yes hot) showers in, a pool with a huge elephant spraying out water and a nice bar. So we packed up everything and now we are currently on the way back Snake Park camp site (a day early) where we are going to have a barbeque for dinner.

Tomorrow we have another chance to go back to the market place which is good because I was too sick to go last time, so I’ll get you all the presents then. We are also driving to Meserani for a BBQ for the boys at Moita School which will be good. Plus we have a free evening so I think I’m going to go into the snake park to see the reptiles and the gift shop of course.

See you in a few days-ish and hope everyone is good.

Love you all x x x



Q (3)Abbie Lavender

Today we went to the Ngorangora Crater to see some animals. As you have probably guessed it wasn’t my favourite trip as I don’t like animals but I enjoyed parts of it very much, unfortunately we still didn’t see the big 5 but we saw hyenas which we haven’t seen up close before. I got a few pictures and I got a lot with people too, I love my group so much and it was so funny in our land rover! We are the best group ever! We consist of our funny group leader David, me the princess, the hilarious Amy Mac, the crazy Adella, the little Rich Aaron, the super slim and creative Demi, and the quiet but adorable Adam. I love them all and our group is just non-stop funny! Right now we are on our way back to the Snake Park, I was in a tent with Sarah the last two nights and the first night she heard me talking in my sleep then last night she didn’t but our very close tent neighbour Mr Peter Swan was complaining about my various noises throughout the night hahahaha, I find it so funny as I can’t help it and it doesn’t bother me woo haha J I am sat next to Adam and he is really lovely and funny to talk to, and we were talking about holiday and missing family which has made me even more excited to see Krista and go to Spain with her! I hope you’re as excited as me Krista or I’ll have to throw you in the pool for sure, although I probably will anyway, unless we tag team against the rest of the family plus 1???? Think about it J lots of love to you all-this time next week aaahhhhhh!


PS. I’ve been craving dads fajitas and the pastry strips we have with penaculty for DAYS! Please can you make me some food on Sunday night for when I get home pretty please??? J

Q (4)Ellie Steel

Hey people! Well let me start with yesterday. We left our home of Meserani Snake Park to travel to Tarangire National Park. First we set up camp in the bush, which I was so nervous about and it was only midday. Then we went out for a game drive which we saw loads of elephants! They were so awesome because they were so close to us and some of them even made that trumpety sound that they are known for, so that was pretty cool. We also saw a lion but it was so far away that we could barely see it, but it was eating a wildebeest which wasn’t really the best sight to see, I’ve got to be honest. But other than that there wasn’t really any other animals there that we haven’t seen before. However, the next day was a completely different story. We got up super early so we could hopefully go out and see some carnivores still hunting. But sadly after hours of searching for something we drew a blank. But then we got a tip from another driver in a truck who said that he had saw some lions, so after bombing down the bumpy road (they are everywhere, I will never complain about another pothole again, I swear!) we came across about 10 trucks surrounding  one spot, so we figured we found the lions. Bare in mind we have only ever saw female lions and they have always been so far away, but today again was different. They was a female and a MALE lion. He was so cute. I don’t think he was fully grown because he had quite a small mane, but still it was a male and he was a 10 feet away from us. He looked like Scar from The Lion King because he was a really dark colour. So that was great news. But sadly my camera had just ran out of battery so I couldn’t get any pictures of the lion, but I promise I made other people take pictures of it so you will see it, Mam. Then, after all the excitement we travelled to Kuduo Lodge near Ngorongoro crater, so we could get there early this morning and there was a swimming pool! It was really cool because we could swim up to the bar and there was a massive elephant statue that spurted water from its trunk. So, yeah yesterday was pretty great.

However, today was good but not as good as yesterday’s adventures. We saw a lion but it was so far away you could barely see it and the whole park was covered in wildebeests and zebra, which after nearly 3 weeks of seeing them nearly every day, it got pretty boring. But the whole day was good on a whole. But right now I’m sat on the truck going back to Meserani Snake Park, which will be our home for three nights, then we’ll be going to Indaba Camp in Nairobi for three nights then I’ll be able to see you again! Yey! I miss you all so much its crazy. I’m constantly thinking about home and all of the simple stuff that I take for granted there and don’t have here, like Steph. Only joking, of course. I miss my bed and a duvet, I’m sick of sleeping on the floor in a sleeping bag that I can’t stick my feet out of. I miss my straighteners because my hair looks so horrible and bird nesty. But most of all I miss hug from my papa and I miss my afternoons with my mama. I seriously hope you miss me as much as I miss you, because I don’t want to be the only one feeling like this, honestly. I love it here, but I just wish that I could see you or at least speak to you.

Love you all loads and loads!


P.S. I want spring rolls waiting for me when I get off the bus, don’t forget.



Q (5)Demi Womack

Hey Guys,

Today we went to the Ngorangora Crater, we woke up early and like last time we took 4 land rovers, as the truck is too big to go down into the crater. We were split into our duty groups, which is me, David, Della, Amy, Abbie, Adam and Aaron. I love our group, David is so laid back so we just have a good laugh, but we still managed to see a black rhino for the first time on the trip, some more beautiful elephants, thousands of ugly Wilderbeast and a number of birds that I didn’t know the name of. I love seeing the animals but my favourite part of the day was the drive up to the crater, it takes a good half hour to climb up and over the edge before dropping back down, the top is still covered by cloud at that time in the morning before the sun burns it off. It makes everything extra eerie and magical it’s like something off a film. It’s defiantly worth going just for that! The crater is a conservation area rather than a national park meaning that people do live inside it, we drove past some of the Massi villages on the way up and it’s so crazy to think they actually live there. Mam we think that people in the highlands of Scotland are far out from civilisation, but this is something else completely!

Last night Peter ask us to each say our highest point and our lowest point on the trip so far, it got pretty emotional but it was nice to share them with each other. Only a week to go and I’m going to make the most of ever minute.

I’m excited to see you all, I hope that everyone is well. See you soon. Love you lots

Demi W xxxx

Q (6)Sophie Sidgwick

Hey home, sorry that I haven’t written for a few days but we’ve been super busy. Since I last wrote we drove to Tarangire which was quite a long drive but we played lots of games to help time pass. We then went on a game drive in Tarangire, there were loads of elephants, along with lions and giraffes. I have loads of photos that I have to show you. We also saw a male lion with a female, he had a bit of a mane but not a full one and it was really nice to see. Also, in Tarangire we actually heard an elephant trump, which we haven’t heard before. We then stayed overnight in the bush, Grace told us scary stories about animals that had previously got really close to staff and people on holiday there and scared us a bit before bed. I was sharing with Becca and unfortunately she wasn’t very well, she got me up twice in the night to go to the toilet with her but I didn’t mind. Then in the morning we went on a game drive again, we were hoping to see leopards but we haven’t yet L. We then drove to Kudu lodge which is really nice, they have a huge swimming pool with an elephant sculpture in it. Camping there was fun and we had cheeseburgers and chips for tea which was great, I have started to eat more things that I wouldn’t eat at home. This morning we went to Ngorongoro crater and it was amazing, we saw rhinos, wildebeest, zebras, buffalo, hyenas and hippos. It was really good, if we come back with Kate we’ll have to go because I know she really wants to. I can’t wait to see my new bedroom when I get home, I also can’t wait to sleep in my own bed and to have a takeaway the night I get back.

Miss and love you loads xxxxxxx


Q (7)Abbi English

Hi home!

Today we’ve been to Ngorongoro crater. We all went in jeeps, our guide was called Peter. It’s our last safari visit, we seen some lions, baboons, hyenas and lots more. I found it a bit boring, I much prefer going to see the kids/schools, and it was still good though. The view from the top of the crater was amazing! Now we are on the truck going back to the Meserani Snake Park and we are having a bbq at 7, but I’m hungry now haha. Tomorrow we are going back to Arusha to the market to do some last minute shopping, going to get myself a t-shirt. After that we are having a meal with the boys from Moita School so I get to see Elias again, I’m glad I’m linked to him as he understands and speaks good English. So I’m looking forward to that. Not long now until I’m home! Bet the house is quiet without me, I bet Megan fights and argues with herself. Hope grandma Audrey is recovering alright and not throwing herself into anymore walls!! Missing everyone lots, see you soon.

Love you, Abbi xxxxxxxxx


Q (8)Ross Fairbairn

Hello again at home. Again I am currently on the long drive back from Karatu and the Kudu Lodge Camp where we stayed last night. I got to go in a pretty big and very deep swimming pool where you could swim up to the bar and order a drink. I enjoyed my fanta in the pool very much! Later on it turned out that me and Jonny had picked the worst place for our tent as it was right under the huge light which lit up our area, and the ground beneath us was like sleeping on bricks. Not to mention the place I was laid had a huge slope but all things considered I had a relatively decent nights sleep.

This morning we were woken up about half 5 which I’m used to now so it wasn’t much of a shock and we were served a breakfast burrito with scrambled egg, cheese and sausage in which was amazing (Credit to our crew) We then visited the Ngorongoro Crater in separate land rovers which was great and we got to see Hyenas and Lions again as well as the elusive Black Rhino. That was the last safari of the trip so goodbye to all of the animals.

We are now driving back to the Meserani Snakepark where we stayed just the other day for another three nights stay and there is a BBQ planned for us when we get back at 7 which I really cannot wait for. Tomorrow morning we are having our last shopping trip to Arusha where I can get all of my remaining things I’d like. Missing everyone at home and see you in less than a week!

Q (9)Chloe Crosby. 

Hey home!! How are you all? I’m gooood J we’re on the road again travelling back to Meserani. If you’re checking the itinerary on the website we’ve skipped a day at Kudu Lodge and have chose to miss out Endarofta Secondary because of various reasons but we’re now staying at the Snake Park for 3 nights and not 2 J I’m looking forward to it cause it gives us chance to go back to Arusha as well as still having time to meet up with the boys from Moita. Plus it means we don’t have to play netball against the girls from Endarofta which is good news because I don’t think I have it in me! Haha, I’m a tired tiger. And they pull hair and scratch!! No thank you. 
This morning was a pretty early start so we could get into Ngorongoro Crater for its opening time but this is Africa and we were waiting to get signed in and what have you at the gate for a good hour! That doesn’t matter though because once we were down in the crater we were actually reasonably lucky, no cheetahs or leopards but we did see black rhino, lions, hippos (in and out of the water) jackals, hyenas, wilder beasts (fighting!!) cute zebras rolling around and an extremely rare caracol (it looks a bit like a cat but with funny ears) cute anyways!!  
The black rhinos were the highlight of my day, they are pretty endangered now and are rare to spot but they were walking straight towards us. It was mega exciting, however the crater was jam packed with land rovers and there wasn’t only us who wanted to see them. It got so busy that the rangers had to come and move land rovers as the rhinos couldn’t cross to the other side where they wanted to be and once you’re in a rhinos way it’s not good news!  We made a gap between our land rover and someone else’s so they could cross but they looked confused and were getting a little frustrated! They completely dodged our gap last minute so it was manic with land rovers left, right and centre. An unreal experience though and a little nerve racking in case they did charge.

I think I prefer visiting the schools and interacting with the kids and locals more than going on safaris but spending today in Ngorongoro and yesterday in Tarangire was a nice break from all the graft and it has split the last couple of weeks up a little bit, I really enjoyed myself J  
I’m missing you all like crazy and it’s tough but I’m home in less than a week now and am just going to make the most of every last moment in Africa! I’m going to sign off now and give someone else a go on the laptop but I’ll write again asap J I’ll hopefully be doing my duty of rounding up all the diaries onto a USB pen tonight so you can read what I’ve been up too!  
Can’t wait to see you all, hope you’re all ok and aren’t missing me to much hehe! 
See you all soon, 
Sending all my love, cuddles and kisses! 
Co xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Q (10)Jess Taylor

Hey home! So today we got up really early and set off in land rovers to Ngorongoro crater conservation area where we were hoping to see lots of animals. We did see more lions and wildebeest and zebra. We even saw a couple of hyena! I haven’t been feeling well recently but today I completely forgot about my stomach ache and enjoyed the ride even though it was really bumpy. Yesterday we all had a meeting and Peter asked everyone to share their highs and lows. I had to think for ages about what I was going to say for my high as there are so many but my low point of the trip is very easy to think of. The day we went to Meserani Chini primary school and Lisa, Sophie, Becca and I had to interview the children and most of the girls were already engaged at the age of 13, 14 or 15. It disgusted me and I found it hard to keep it together when in front of them. However my high point was really hard to pick because in my eyes, the whole trip is a high point and just being here is great! I picked meeting Naikabou as my high point as when I first met her she wouldn’t talk to me at all and wouldn’t even look into my eyes but by the end of the second meeting she wouldn’t stop talking and grabbing my hand and blowing kisses.  I didn’t want to say bye to her either. By the end of the highs and lows nearly all of us were crying and laughing. I was an emotional wreck hahhaha. On the way back to the snake park now, see you on Sunday!!!!! 😀

Jess xxxxxxxxxxxxx


Q (11)