2013 TRIP – August 3

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Abbie Lavender

Last night was just amazing oh my gosh!!! We went to a meat buffet and I tried camel and crocodile and ostrich! As well as things like pork beef chicken turkey got and lamb. Then 4 of the entertainers came out with a cake for Aaron then a few minutes later another one for a Korean man on the next table. He was really lovely and I thought it was nice to be there on his birthday as Aaron was 16 and he was 61 yet they were celebrating in such a similar way J then we got up and danced at the front which was funny haha. Then there were African dancers which were just absolutely fab! There were acrobats like the ones we saw in Disney Land Florida doing the limbo under fire a few feet above the ground but I really enjoyed the dancing as it was very traditional and patriotic J after that we headed back and it was 9:50pm when we left so we went to bed really late but got to stay in bed until 8. My group was on duty this morning and we had a water fight and I covered David’s head because he is bald haha. He is really funny and got us some chocolate fingers and whistle lollipops which were really fun to play with haha! I have loved my group so much and wouldn’t change anything about it!! Also David is really funny and relaxed and he makes us laugh all the time! He is really cool and I have loved him being our group leader! Today we went to Nairobi to shop – I got another present for Grandma Dot as she can’t come next year, so I really hope she likes it J tonight we are having pizza which I am excited for! But tomorrow apparently we are waking up at half past 3 so I think I will sleep on the flights, although I will be really excited to be home! I’m so excited to see you all and oh my gosh extra excited for SPAIN WOOO! YOU ARE THE BEST FAMILY EVER AND I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! SEE YOU TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sophie Sidgwick

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Last night we went to the Safari Park Hotel for tea and we were offered all sorts of meats, I felt quite mean always saying no to the waiters when they came around because I only liked the turkey because the chicken was on the bone. But they had a big table with cake and fruit on for dessert which was great. Today we went into Nairobi shopping, there wasn’t much to buy except food so we just went for lunch and walked around the market but all of them pretty much sell the same things. I’ve packed all of my stuff so there’s nothing much left to do today, we’re having pizza and ice cream for tea which is better than some of the other teas we’ve had. Can’t wait to come home tomorrow! Hope you have loads of junk food in for me J. Love and miss you loads xxxxxxxx



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Sarah Rogers

This is my last diary before I will be back at home and I can tell you everything in person! I can’t wait to see everyoneJ Last night was amazing but it also made me realise that the trip is over L it made me a bit upset as I could stay here for longer only if the people at home could be here too. I’ve made lots of new friends that I hope I will stay in touch with as they’ve made this trip more memorable which wouldn’t have happened without them. I’ll speak to you all when I get home and I can’t wait to see you all! Xx

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Adella Prest;Hello Nan! Last diary before I’ll be home. Overall this definitely makes me sad as I can’t quite believe three weeks has past. However, in contrast I really… I love Africa very much but just can’t wait for a nana chat. Last night we went to the posh hotel to watch an acrobatics show and have some food. It was by far the best night of the whole trip! Everyone was talking to everyone and seemed to have so much fun. The food was great and you’d be proud to know I’ve tried some new stuff; crocodile and a little bit of ostrich. Not my favourite of foods but still, food is food! After our food the whole restaurant sang happy birthday to Aaron. Amy and I then got up on stage, being the brave people we are and sang our own version. It went like this; Happy birthday to ya sister, happy birthday to ya mister, happy birthday to ya mother, happy birthday to ya bother. Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to she, happy birthday to he, happy birthday to the flee. Happy birthday to ya father, happy birthday to aunty Martha, happy birthday to uncle fred, happy birthday is what we said. Happy birthday to Aaron, I bet ya mam is called Karen, if she’s not it doesn’t matter, just eat ya food and get fatter.      To be continued …


Amy McMullan

I know I said that the other day was my favourite day but I’ll have to take that back. Yesterday was so good! It really made the whole trip for me. I’ve already spoke about the slum and the giraffes but after that we came back to the camp for a bit so we could get ready for the meal on the night. I wore my new little elephant trousers and everyone looked nice and actually all clean for once. The meal was lovely and because it was Aaron’s birthday the band sang him happy birthday and then Adella and I got up on stage and sang our own rendition of it and I must admit, despite the fact that the majority of the restaurant was Chinese, I think it went down pretty well. We also had a little dance and then the show started. The dancing was nice however the real entertainment was when they started the acrobatics. I honestly did not breathe throughout the whole thing in case something went wrong. It was very good! I didn’t sleep too well last night however this morning I had a nice breakfast and we went Nairobi city centre. I had a nice time but I’m missing you all and can’t wait for big cuddles. I shall see you all tomorrow! I can’t wait to ramble on for hours about these three weeks and how amazing it’s been. Love you all very much and see you in a wee while. Amy


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Chloe Crosby.

Jambo home!
Oh my goodness, I’m coming home tomorrow!! Crazy, crazy, crazy! There have been a couple of times throughout the trip where I’ve been extremely home sick and I felt like I had been away from home forever, but now the day for packing for home has arrived and I feel like the past three weeks have flown by.

Our night at the Safari Park Hotel last night was really good! Believe it or not I actually really like crocodile although I did feel slightly guilty eating it. Camel on the other hand is awful and I felt extremely guilty eating him L haha! I took a picture of the menu so I’ll show you when I’m home but there was crocodile, camel, ostrich, pork, beef, chicken, turkey, goat, lamb ect ect! I’m not a meat eater as you know but I did try everything and there was also soup for starter, bread, potato and some unreal cake for dessert. Always got room for dessert J 

The dancers were also really good, the acrobatics were scary but unreal! I’m old enough for an alcoholic beverage too so treat myself to a tequila sunrise hehe! It was almost exactly the same as last time Daniel head, it was really goodJ

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Today has just been a chilled day, we visited Nairobi city centre this morning and found a gorgeous coffee shop! I had the best tuna melt baguette ever with another choc banana milkshake, cheeky me! I told you I’m not coming back skinny J We only stayed for a couple hours before heading back to camp to get organised. It’s really strange because I’m all packed and it’s the most organised I’ve ever been, I don’t like it.. I feel like I’m going to forget something! I’ll probably have to repack later just to make sure. Mind you I’ve chose to leave a lot of stuff here this time as they’re extremely dirty and I don’t think you’d appreciate me bringing some of them home mammy! 

I have loved every second of the past three weeks and even the times I’ve felt down everyone has been there for each other so it’s been nice J I’ve been just as close to the people who came two years ago and have came closer to the people who I didn’t already know!have to go now because the battery on the laptop is low but I’ll see you all tomorrow aaahhhh!!! Hehe and I’ll also be writing my final diary when we have some free time at the airport too!! I can’t wait to see you all!

Missing you all so much,
Sending all my love kisses and cuddles!
V (9)Chlo xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx