2013 TRIP – July 30

R (1)Sophie Sidgwick

This morning we went back to Arusha market, I bought some trousers, two bags, some bracelets and a candle holder which is cute. After the market, we went to the supermarket and then a café, it’s great that we can buy English food at the supermarket like Kitkats and Pringles; I think I’ve eaten more junk food here than I eat at home. The café we went to was really cute, we got drinks and muffins. We then came back to the snakepark to meet the Moita boys to then go for lunch with them, we went to bar and just like the time when we went with the Kipok girls they had rice and beans and we had chips. It’s strange to see them eat because they use their fingers and not knives or forks. One time, Regina came for breakfast we gave her a knife and fork to use and she didn’t even know how to use them. We ended up playing a big game of timebomb with all of the boys, and it reminded me of when we all play at Redcar. After lunch we came to the snakepark and it rained for the first time since we’ve been here, we thought all of our things in the tent would be soaked but they weren’t, we’ve had to put waterproof covers of them. We have started making a video today and it’s really embarrassing, I didn’t really want to do it but I ended up doing it anyway. I’m starting to miss home now, can’t wait to be back.

Love and miss you loads xxxxxx


R (2)Jess Taylor

So today we woke up at Meserani snakepark and for breakfast I tried a red banana! Then we headed off to the market where I bought all the presents for my family however I have bought way too many for Lottie and not enough for everyone else. I bought myself some trousers and I bet my mam doesn’t like them but I do haha! Then we met the Moita boys (Tumaini) and went to the restaurant where we had chips but the Moita boys had some other food and didn’t even use a knife and fork which made me quite uncomfortable. Then we played cards and Tumaini and I went outside with the others to play time bomb which was really fun until I got mud all over me hahaha! Then I gave him some presents (snakes and ladders) and headed back to the snake park.

It started raining this afternoon! L I didn’t take my jacket so my hair got wet and it reminded me of English weather. After we said goodbye to the boys we went with Lisa to film some of the music video for 500 miles. It was so fun yet embarrassing at the same time but it’s all for a good cause so I don’t mind. We found some Tanzanian children to dance with as well which was a blast! Abbie and I even went on a camel to film some of the video which was so much fun and a new experience. I think we’re having ribs for tea which will be something new so I’ll give it a go. Bye for now! See you in 5 days!!!! 😀

Jess xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

R (3)Amy McMullan 
Jambo homies! When we arrived at Kudu Lodge Camp on Sunday I was able to not only get a shower but a hot one too! It was more than lovely. We all sat round in a circle on the night and spoke about our lowest and highest points. It was quite upsetting but at the same time good. My highest point was either Helen giving me a bracelet and things or waving to people from the truck. My lowest point was either the little boy begging for money or when I found out the horrible stories about some of the girls. Afterwards, I got an early night because we had to be up at 5:30 so that we’d be at NgoroNgoro Crater for about half 6. Considering how much money is paid towards going in I was shocked at how slow the service was although it’s probably because all the money goes towards the government. We saw lots of animals and it was a good laugh in our land rover even though I was a little bit snoozey. Later that day we packed away and drove back to the snake park where we had a barbecue for tea. They had garlic bread so of course I was in my element and went back for more.

This morning I was on duty so helped out with breakfast and then we went to Arusha again which I absolutely love. I wish I could buy everything there although I may as well have. I think I got a bit carried away with haggling and buying things but I’ll make use of it all don’t you fret hehe. Then Kate and I got some ice cream which was nice and then we went to meet with the Moita boys. It was nice meeting Baraka again and I loved how quite a few of us came outside the bar and had a game of time bomb which was really funny. Afterwards we all came back to the snake park and chilled for a bit although it did rain quite heavy for a while. I had to do some videoing for this Meserani mile which I didn’t mind too much because we got to meet some little primary school children and dance with them. That’s pretty much it for today so I’ll update you again soon. Can’t wait to get home and eat some proper English food like a takeaway and a toasty mmmmm. Anyway speak to you soon and love you all. AmyJ xxxxxx

R (4)Aaron Jardine

Hello guys, hope you are all okay! I am a lot lot lot better now and feel a hundred times better. Over the last two days we have visited two safari’s the first one was Tarangire which I thought was really good, we saw some lions and giraffe’s. However, the next morning was not good for me as I had to stay at the campsite as I wasn’t feeling good again. But I got a lot better and then we travelled to Kudu Lodge Camp, when we got there we got to go in the swimming pool and it had a swim-up-bar. It was nice but it was so cold. Then the next day we visited Ngorogoro Crater which I thought was really good and we got to go in four land rovers and got to go in our duty groups, it was really fun as well. We then travelled back to snake park and stayed the night. Today we then went into Arusha for some last minute shopping and then saw the boys from Moita, I really enjoyed it and both my boy’s were really talkative. Anyway I am going to go now so I hope you are all okay and will see you all very soon. Hope your not missing me to much as well!

Lots of Love xx


R (5)Abbie Lavender

Last night I kept waking up for no reason! This morning when I woke up we were on duty again because yesterday we didn’t have to do anything ha! We had a meat barbeque made by the ladies that work at the Park and it was just delicious!!! So this morning we went to Arusha and finally I got everyone’s presents woo! Now I have something for mam dad Bekah Krista both grandmas James and Lorna, and boy did I barter, I must get it from you mam! I sat next to Ross on the bus and he is also going to Spain soon after we get back so he might see me-lucky him aha! Then this afternoon I met back up with Saningo and gave him the presents and got some pictures. We all went outside and played time bomb with the lads from Moita and then we played a game where if you dropped the ball you were out. So it got to me and a form 4 boy that is say 18 or 19 and quite big and strong, and he starts LOBBING the ball at my face my tummy my feet, but me being the competitive I caught them all, until he threw it about 10 metres abocve my head, I supposedly dropped it and he won, but we all know who the real winner was…me if you didn’t already guess J when saying goodbye to Saningo I cried like a baby, it was one of the most phenomenal afternoons of my life so far, he is such an amazing person that I had to complete honour of meeting! I am so so glad we sponsored him and I just hated having to say goodbye to him knowing that I will most likely never see him again. Later a blessing in disguise happened as I left my jacket at the bar, I went back with David and Saningo was just there stood under the staircase waiting for his lift to come. I ran over and gave him a massive hug and he out a necklace around me. It was so sweet but saying goodbye was so hard, I’m really glad I met him though! Tonight for tea we had all this African stuff which I didn’t find too nice, then for desert oh gosh chocolate mousse cake was luscious woo I had thirds! Goodnight now, also my tummy is still bad L lots of love to you all!


R (6)Sarah Rogers

Hello, I’m sorry I haven’t wrote in a while but we have been so busy that I haven’t had time and I didn’t want to write while we were on the truck again as it made me feel really ill last time J. Since the last time I wrote we have been on a few game drives in Tarangire and the Ngorongoro crater which were both really exciting. In Tarangire we saw lots and lots of elephants that were very close to the truck, a male lion although it didn’t have a huge mane and some ugly looking wildebeest. That night we stayed out in the bush which was very exciting but I was also a bit nervous because Grace had told us a few stories of what she has had to deal with before when sleeping out in the bush! I know ive already done all this before but it was still like a new experience as it is a new group of people. It was lovely to sit with everyone in the group round the camp fire just chatting and listening to stories Grace told us about Africa J. That night I slept perfectly fine however I woke up once because the girl I was sharing a tent with woke me up as she was sleeping talking about elephants being outside the tent haha.

The next morning we went on another game drive before travelling to another camp site closer to the crater ready for the next day. We had the option of going in the pool but what I can remember from last time I didn’t want to as it was so cold (not as bad as Turkey in October though when I literally jumped in swam to the other end and got out again haha). I did however sit at the pool bar and have a nice ice cold drink while a few others from the group braved the coldness. The weather has been lovely while we have been here and I’ve even caught a bit of the sun on my back as I have nice strap marks J. I hope when I come home can bring the sun with me because I don’t think I will be able to cope from being nice ad warm and wearing shorts and a vest to absolutely freezing and wrapping up in lots of layers.

Yesterday was another good day as we got to travel round the crater in land rovers which meant we could stand up as the roof lifted off J. We saw Black rhinos really close up so I got some good pictures to show you. We also saw a lion again but this time it was quite far away so I didn’t manage to get a photo and we also saw some hippos which was good because I don’t think we have seen them so far on this trip but if we have I can’t remember. In the afternoon we drove back to the snake park where I was planning to write a diary but by the time I had got things sorted I had ran out of time so this is why this one is so long J.

Today should be a good day as we are going to the market in the morning and then this afternoon we are having a bbq with the boys from Moita. I haven’t bought much from the market this time though because its all the same as when I was here two years ago and I didn’t use half of it so I’ve decided to be sensible and only get things I really want like some photo frames to put pictures of me and Dora in J. The days have been going by very fast but it seems like ages ago since we left. However it’s not long now till I will be on the plane home, I hope you haven’t missed me too much haha. I can’t wait to see everyone and tell you all about it and show you the photos!

Love you and miss you all lots xx 
R (8)Adella Prest; 
Hello home! Still going strong and back to my normal self. Yesterday we went to the crater in four land rovers. We separated off into duty groups. This made me happy as my duty group is great and everyone gets along. We also always have a laugh and a good gossip. At the crater we saw animals such as rhinos, hippos, zebras and lions. The lions were quite distant but still, it was a good day. After the crater we headed back home (the snake park) where we set up camp again and then had a chill. My new tent partner is now Demi. I don’t know what Peter was thinking when he put us together. Nevertheless, I am super happy!   
Today we got up reasonably late (for us), had breakfast and then headed off to Arusha market for our last buys. Here I bought a t shirt and an ornament thing for my bedroom. I’ve been looking for the material bags I got last time but to be honest they weren’t nice. After the market we went to a local bar where we met up with our paired boys from Moita School and had some munch. My boys were called Petro and Frank. Petro was lovely and was great at English, Frank however was pretty shy and couldn’t really speak much. He was still lovely though. Soon we are having tea. It’s African food tonight which personally doesn’t sound too appealing to me, however food is food and you know me, it’ll be eaten. Talking about food… please, please make sure that a good loaf of Hovis thick white bread is present upon my return. I can’t even describe how much I’ve missed this.   
I hope it hasn’t been too sunny at home as it’s been raining here. I also hope everyone is well and nothing tragic or on the other hand too exciting has happened. Look forward to seeing you very soon and also being reunited with my bed (hopefully cleaned sheeted and refreshed bedding). Lots of love, Dell x 

Chris Gibson

Hello everyone! Well we are back at the snake park now and it feels good. I can finally wash some clothes and I finally feel clean. Today we went to Arusha again and I bought a few more things and yet still I don’t have a clue what to get you all so I apologise if you don’t like the stuff haha. After Arusha we came back and got ready to meet the kids from Moita that we got paired up with. They are a lot more talkative than others but we also didn’t spend as much time with them but still played football. Once we got back we had to lift things and carry them about which I’ve done a lot lately since being here. It’s always the boys that have to lift things and since there aren’t many of us we have to do a lot. Today it was also raining a lot and it just didn’t seem right that it was. I’m used to hot weather. After finally doing everything I went back with Ross, since I’m now in a tent with him, and we sorted our bags out. Finally I know where everything is in my bag and it weighs hardly anything. I can’t wait to leave everything here on the way home. I’m giving most of my stuff away and probably leave my sleeping mat here when we leave the snake park. Tomorrow we are hosting a sports day for the kids and we get to join in the relay. We are allowed to fully try too in it so we will win. The team is Adam, me, Ross and Jonny. Even if we do win the schools still gain a prize since we don’t get anything.

Tonight I ate my dinner too and didn’t feel too well. So I survived this long without being ill but tonight and ate and threw it straight back up. But now I feel fine again and I’m back to normal so I’ll survive the last few days. Anyway, I hope you are all okay and well! Sophie I really hope you have a good holiday and I’ll be back soon don’t worry! You should enjoy it as much as you can! Steph I hope you did/do good in your uni results, you’ll do great! Dad I also don’t know when these will go up so also happy birthday! I miss you all a lot! You shouldn’t miss me that much! Love you all xxx


Chloe Crosby. 

Jambo home! How are you all? I’m good! I’m currently sat on the truck eating a snicker because I’m still a fatty and need some chocolate in my life. Tea is in just over an hour so I probably should just wait but no one was here to talk me out of and the pros outweighed the cons so I talked myself into eating itJ 
Anyways! Today has been a decent day; this morning was a reasonable 7:15 start before heading to Arusha market. We got there pretty much for it opening so it was quite quiet and I got myself some good deals because “I was their first morning customer.” We only had an hour there because we also needed a super market trip so I didn’t get as much as I’d have liked but never mind!  
We then met up with the boys again from Moita for some lunch, it was really nice and Lootha was mega chatty, he’s also really good at English now and is really clever, he’s 6th in his class J Shanini was still just as quiet as he was the first time I met him but once we got chatting he did start to come out of his shell. We also joined in with other groups and played cards obviously only simple games like pairs but the boys loved it!  
You can tell It’s getting extremely close to home now because the rest of this afternoon was spent packing all the jewellery which has been bought for the project. I can’t believe tomorrow is the last day of August! Time is flying by! That’s ok though because I have loved Africa and still have so much to look forward to over these next few days but I am mega looking forward to coming home and seeing you all. We also spent a little bit of time reflecting on the trip the other day; we were all sat in a circle and were asked to think of our highest and lowest point so far. It was difficult because a lot of people were getting upset, including me! And I couldn’t choose just one of each. I’m the worst at putting things into words so I’m not even going to try but be prepared for me telling you absolutely everything the night I’m home! I can’t wait to sit and chat (with my ling yan….) only kidding. Maybe.   
Are you still going strong at bootcamp mam? Your jollies are super close and I’m really jealous! Africa is unreal but it’s no pamper or relaxation time! Take us back to Salou Daniel head! 
I’m going to get going now and give the laptop to someone else J 
tomorrow is going to be mega busy, I’m doing the spectacle clinic and it’s sports day so I’ll write as soon as I have some free time! I hope you’re all good and are keeping busy J I love you all sooooooooooooooooo much. 
Missing you like crazy, lots of cuddles and kisses! 
Tutu Onana, 
Chlo xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx