2017 Fundraising

The money from all fund raising events organised by us is shared equally amongst all pupils who take part in that event. For sponsored events, the money raised by each individual is to be used as their own payments for the trip.  If any pupils or parents wish to raise funds themselves, then any money raised is for that pupil alone.

If any parents have contacts with commercial organisations or individuals who may be prepared to join our project as a sponsor or as a supporter of a particular fund raising event, then please let us know – we can provide supportive materials and documents, and can attend any necessary meetings to give a presentation on the project.

If any parents have contacts with supermarkets, could you please try and fix up a Bag Packing Day for us.

The idea of organising a Race Night was put forward, but did not prove popular.

The first organised fundraising event was a sponsored Boxing Day Dip on 26 December 2015.


A sponsored Boxing Day Dip event has been organised for 26 December 2016.