Habil Moikan

Habil Moikan-August 2014Habil’s father has three wives, and there are thirteen children in the family. The eldest two children are at secondary school because the father sold land to pay for the school fees, but this is not possible now for any of his other children. He was placed third in his school examinations at Lesiraa Primary School in early 2014, and performed particularly well in the final national examinations in November. He would like to be a surgeon one day.

Habil started his secondary education at Moita Boys’ Secondary Boarding School in January 2015. He is being sponsored by Sarah Dodgson, a former Acklam Grange School student. Sarah is a teacher of Geography at The King’s Academy, a secondary school in Middlesbrough. She first visited Kenya and Tanzania with Acklam Grange School in 2007, she loved the experience so much that in 2014 Sarah visited the countries for a second time. After visiting the schools as an adult and a teacher rather than a student, Sarah found the second visit even more of a life changing experience, and on her return was certain of wanting to sponsor a pupil through their secondary education.