Frequently Asked Questions

What equipment do I need? Do not buy any equipment or clothing yet – wait until our final meeting, which will be about two months before we depart. However, if someone is wanting to buy you a birthday/Christmas present for the trip, some suggestions are given on the Equipment & Clothing page.

What immunisations do I need? You will need to contact your GP practice in March prior to the trip, and let them know what your travel plans are. Further details are given on the Immunisations & Health Requirements page.

What are the passport requirements? Passports must be valid up until at least six months after the date of our return to the U.K.

Do I need a Visa? You will need a Visa to enter Kenya, and a Visa to enter Tanzania. The cost of these is included in the cost of the trip, and they are bought when we enter each country.

Do I have to share a tent with someone else? Yes. The tents are large two-person tents, and the staff in charge decide who you will share with, and this is changed regularly throughout the trip.

Is anyone allowed to smoke on the trip? Nobody at all is allowed smoke throughout the duration of the trip.

Am I allowed to consume alcohol on the trip? Notify you are under the age of eighteen. If you are aged over eighteen, then this will be allowed, but only under the direct supervision and control of the staff in charge.

Am I allowed to take a mobile ‘phone or similar electronic device on the trip? No electronic devices are allowed on the trip, and this includes mobile ‘phones and personal music players. Cameras are allowed, but these will be your own personal responsibility.

How much spending money should I take? Guidance on this will be provided at our final meeting.