Inothi Loserian Mollel

Inothi Loserian Mollel-July 2013


Her father has two wives. Her actual mother has five children, and her father’s other wife has six children. Her father doesn’t work, and her mother depends on rain to grow maize to sell. Inothi leaves for school at 6 a.m. to get there for 7 a.m. She is the second in the family, her older sister is training to be a nurse (paid for by a minister). Inothi wants to be a doctor, but there is no way the family can afford to send her to secondary school. She is determined not be married off. She is not able to pay for school meals at primary school.

Inothi started Engutoto Secondary School as a boarding pupil in January 2014. She is being sponsored by Kevin Rudd, a teacher at Egglescliffe Secondary School, and his family.