Mama Keli

Mama Keli-Aug 13-B

Mama Keli-Aug 13

Mama Keli’s father died some time ago, and her brother then arranged for her to marry an older man. She was almost forced into this marriage but an ‘elder’ in the community took her to Kipok School as a refuge. Mama’s mother cannot afford her school fees at Kipok (she sells charcoal to try and eke out a living), so the village elder told the school to keep her there and they would try and find some way round the problem.

Her sponsors then stepped in – Lisa Connor and David Simpson – Lisa is a member of staff at Acklam Grange School. They sponsored Mama to complete her secondary education, which she did in November 2014. Lisa and David were able to meet Mama during an Acklam Grange School Trip to Meserani in August 2103.

In 2015 Mama will be applying for a place at Arusha Vocational Training Centre, and will also be sponsored through this course by Lisa and David.