Meporoo Sumu


His own hut - February 2012

Meporoo attended Lesiraa School. He lives with his mother, brother and sister in this boma. His father was an alcoholic and passed away in 2014.

Meporoo started Einoti Secondary School in January 2009. He completed his final year in November 2012, and worked as a mechanic at Meserani. He was sponsored through his secondary education by Mrs. Hilda Renton, a pensioner from Eaglescliffe, Stockton, and we are indebted to Hilda for giving Meporoo a start in life that he could only have dreamed of.

Meporoo started a two-year residential course at Arusha Vocational Training College in January 2014, leading eventually to a Level II National Vocational Certificate. In his first examinations he achieved 100% in the practical section. At the completion of the course, he undertook a driving course, and passed his test in December 2015. He is being sponsored throughout his three years at Arusha V.T.C. by Jenny Wright, a retired Speech and Language Therapist.