Naurey Levaani


Naurey attended Lesiraa School. She lives in this boma with her mother and seven brothers and sisters, (her father died in 2003).

Naurey started Einoti Secondary School in January 2009. She completed her final year in November 2012, and in 2013 she started a one-year residential course at Olokii Parish College, Arusha, training to be a Nursery Teacher.

In January 2014 she started a teaching practice placement in a primary school near her College, and in August 2014 got a temporary post as a teacher at a primary school in Monduli.

She was sponsored through her secondary school education, and her teacher training by Mike Smith, a former member of staff at St. Patrick’s School, Thornaby.

In November 2015 she sat her National Form Four examinations again, after attending a refresher course, with the aim of progressing to A’ Level studies so that she can eventually become a secondary school teacher. If she does progress to A’ Levels,she will be sponsored by the Stockton on Tees branch of Soroptimists International.

See a short video below about Naurey: