Lelo Lewon

Lelo is from the Kisongo region. His father was killed in an accident in 2003. His mother, who was disabled, died five years later and left six children. The community has been taking care of them. Lelo lives alone in this small self-contained room.

Lelo started Einoti Secondary School in January 2010, and he was sponsored through his secondary education by Ruth Delany, a former Head Girl at Acklam Grange School, and we are indebted to Ruth for giving Lelo a start  in life that he could only have dreamed of.

Lelo completed his four years of secondary education in November 2013. On 7 October 2014 he sat his entrance examination and interview for a pace at Arusha Vocational Training Centre, and in January 2015 he was informed that he had been successful in his application. His residential course began on 12 January 2015.

He is being sponsored throughout his vocational training by Marlen Freebairn.