Gideon Rosiyo

He is from the Ngorongoro Crater area. His mother is alive, but his father passed away in1987. His mother has struggled to pay for his school fees to go to Moita Bwawani Boarding School, and the school has been making allowances throughout his first two years. However, at the start of his third year the situation had reached a stage where the school were having to insist on his school fees. The two sponsors, Mike. Davison & Karen Pemberton, stepped in so that he could continue his education. He has two older sisters, and his father was a farmer, looking after cows, goats and crops. He wants to be a doctor one day.

In August 2015 Gideon started two years of A’ Level Studies at Sanya Juu School, Moshi, and will also be sponsored through this course by Mike and Karen.