Nadupoi Loramatu

Nadupoi attended Meserani Juu Primary School. Her father left the family in 1996. She lives with her mother and five brothers and sisters. Her grandfather was supporting the family but has now passed away. They are now being supported by the local community.

Nadupoi started Kipok Girls’ Secondary Boarding School in January 2011. She was being sponsored by Middlesbrough Erimus Rotary Club.

In November 2012 Nadupoi sat her National Examinations, and did not achieve the necessary pass mark to progress into Form Three. However, her sponsor supported her in completing her Form Two again, but unfortunately she failed again in November 2014 and is not now allowed to complete her secondary education. This is a tragedy for Nadupoi, and a huge disappointment for her sponsor and everybody associated with The Meserani Project. It seems on the face of it to be unfair, but that is the situation regarding the education system in Tanzania, and we have to accept it.