Namelock Mrumbe

Namelock attended Lesiraa Primary School. Her father passed away in 2007 due to AIDS. Her mother has also got AIDS and is very ill. She lived with her grandmother who was blind, and her brother and sister who are both being supported through their secondary education by The Meserani Project. Her grandmother passed away in 2012, so the children survive with support from the local community.

Namelock started Kipok Girls’ Secondary Boarding School in January 2011, and completed her secondary education in November 2014. She was sponsored throughout her secondary education by Paul and Nikola Flint, members of staff at Acklam Grange School. In her secondary school final examinations she achieved the necessary pass marks to progress to A’ Level studies. She started her A’ Levels studies at Dakama High School in July 2015, and is studying Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.

Paul and Nikola are continuing to sponsor Namelock through her two years of A’ Level studies. They have posted the following message explaining their reasons for sponsoring Namelock:

We have supported the Meserani Project from day one in many ways. When the opportunity came to sponsor a pupil directly we jumped at the chance. It is such a simple yet rewarding gesture which has such a significant impact on that pupil’s life. Namelock is an amazing young lady and an inspiration in our lives. Despite the daily challenges she faces she works hard at school and remains positive and happy. When we spoke to her in person, by telephone this year we were blown away. The letters we exchange lift our spirits and remind us to keep perspective and balance in our lives.