Edina Medidingi

Edina started her secondary education at Einoti School in January 2012 because her father had told her that he had paid her full school fees. He then moved away with another wife to Tanga, and left Edina and her mother behind. It was discovered that he had not paid the full fees, but the school allowed her to complete her Form One on the assumption that the fees would be paid in full. At the start of Form Two (January 2013) Edina returned to school, but was turned away by the teachers because her mother could not pay the remainder of the Form One fees, and the Form Two fees. The Meserani Project were informed of her predicament, and committed to sponsor her throughout the rest of her secondary education. She was provided with new uniform and all her educational requirements, and returned to Einoti School on 21 January 2013

It takes her one hour to walk to school each morning, and she has to leave home at 6.30 a.m.

She passed her national examinations in Form Two (November 2013), and was able to progress to Form Three in January 2014.

She wants to be a Secondary School Teacher one day.

 She is being sponsored by Jayne Holley, a member of staff at Acklam Grange School.