Nasra Shaban

Nasra lives with her mother who cuts hair for a living.

She started Kipok Girls’ Secondary Boarding School in January 2012. She was placed third in her year group in one of her first school examinations. In May 2014 she was placed first in her school examinations. She is being sponsored by Quest for Education.

Nasra has always been placed in the top three in her school examinations throughout her four years at secondary school, and in her most recent examinations (2015) she was placed first.

Nasra sat her national examinations in November 2015, and is expected to achieve the necessary pass marks to proceed to A’ Level studies. In her Mock Examinations she achieved a Merit, (the second highest level of pass).

Nasra completed her secondary education in November 2015, and in her National Examinations she achieved a Division Three pass – as a result she was selected by the government to study A’ Levels. She started her A’ Level studies at Marengo Secondary School, Moshi, in July 2016, studying Chemistry, Biology and Geography. She is being sponsored through her A’ Level studies by Jim and Sandra Wilkinson.