Parit Lesilale

His father passed away in 2005 from old age, his mother crushes concrete stone for a living. He lived with his mother and sister, but his mother died of malaria in 2012. He is very bright, and was 5th. in his class. He studied two classes in one year. He lives near Snakepark, and has to look after cows to get money for pens and books. 

Parit started Moita Boys’ Secondary Boarding School in January 2012. He completed his secondary education in November 2015, and was due to be told in January 2016 that his sponsor was going to pay for him to undertake a two-year residential course at Arusha Vocational Training Centre. Sadly Parit passed away on 20 December 2015 from Malaria and T.B. His funeral took place two days later.

Everyone who knew Parit is shocked at his premature and untimely death, no one more so than his sponsor, Hilary Chopin, a former member of staff at Acklam Grange School.