Lomayani Labarani

Lomayani lives with both his parents. The only income is from his mother who crushes stone to earn money whenever she can. There are six children in the family to support, and Lomayani is the fourth born. He is the first one ever in the family to go to secondary school. He wants to be a doctor one day.

In his final primary school examinations he gained 200 marks out of a possible 250.

 Lomayani  started Moita Boys Secondary Boarding School in January 2013. In his end-of-year examinations in 2013 he was placed first in his year group of 113 pupils. In his Form Three National Examinations in November 2015 he gained a Distinction (the highest level of pass possible), and was the fourth placed pupil in the whole of the Monduli region (this included all private schools as well as government schools) – an amazing achievement, and one that made him the talk of the school!

Lomayani sat his final national examinations in November 2016 and is now waiting for the results. In his mock examinations he gained a Division I pass – the highest possible level of pass. He is expected to be selected by the government to study A’ Levels. He was sponsored throughout his secondary education by Lynn & Steve Smith, whose son Christopher is a former Head Boy at Acklam Grange School.