Virgin Media Challenge – Important Announcements

The date of our final meeting is Tuesday 2 June – at Birmingham.

For this meeting you need to bring any project equipment so that it can all be weighed and shared out amongst the group. To facilitate this, please ‘pair off’ with someone else in the group, and arrange to bring an old suitcase between the two of you to carry the project equipment that will be given to you, (you have a 30 Kg. hold luggage allowance each with Turkish Airlines, and only 20 Kg. of this will be needed for your personal gear – the other 10 Kg. will be used for project equipment).

Arusha Vocational Training Centre have sent a list of tools and resources that they need – download the list here – please take a look and see if there is anything that you can get hold of for free.

Other items that the project is in desperate need of are:


Training shoes (good quality second-hand will do)