Glory Stephen Loningo

Glory Stephen Loningo-Aug 15-AGlory attended Meserani Juu Primary School.

Her father died in May 2104 with a liver problem. Her father used to try and pay for his children to be educated, but her mother is struggling to survive because she is bringing eight children up on her own, and earns a living by selling jewellery in a hut at Meserani Snake Park. Glory would like to be a teacher one day. She was placed twelfth in her primary school examinations in 2015.

Glory started her secondary educations at Kipok Girls’ Secondary Boarding School in January 2016. She is being sponsored by Neil and Judith Glover. Judith is a retired Head of Year from Gillbrook Technology College, and Neil was a Civil Engineer, but spent the past 25 years as Works Manager for a national building products manufacturer. Neil is a member of Middlesbrough Erimus Rotary Club.