Moscow to Meserani Posted June 29, 2017 by admin


Students from The International School of Moscow this week made their third visit to Meserani, to continue their support of The Meserani Project. They are sponsoring two pupils through their four years of secondary education at Moita School – Daniel Sindiyo and Simon Saibulu – and both these pupils are now in their final year.

This week the students from Moscow, led by teacher Paul O’Connor, were taken by Daniel and Simon to visit their homes and their families.

The big event for The Meserani Project was a visit to the site where the new Meserani Secondary School is to be built. This was the first visit to the site by anybody representing The Meserani Project, and it was an exciting time for Diane and Peter Swan, two trustees from the project.

The students from Moscow had undertaken some fundraising at their school, and handed over $1,500 for the building project to Lotti Naparana, Meserani District Councillor, along with some text books.

The Meserani Project is extremely grateful to The International School of Moscow for their continued support of our work here at Meserani.