Paulo Meseyeki

Paulo is from the Kisongo region. His father died in 2002, and the mother is unable to find employment.

Paulo started Einoti Secondary School in January 2010. He completed his secondary education in November 2013, and he achieved the necessary pass marks in his final examinations in order to progress to A’ Level studies. We were delighted to hear in January 2013 that Paulo had been selected as the Head Boy at Einoti School. He was sponsored throughout his secondary education by David Delany. 

In August 2014 Paulo began his two years of A’ Level studies at Moringe School, Monduli. He finished his A’ Levels in June 2016, and was sleeted to join Massana Nursing College, Dar Es Salaam, ( He began his Diploma Course in October 2016. He has been sponsored throughout his education by David & Julie Delany, whose daughter was a Head Girl at Acklam Grange School.

 Click below to see a video of Paulo’s progress between 2010 and 2016: