Agness Samwel

Agness’ father left many years ago. Her mother came home drunk one evening, locked Agness out of the home and then disappeared. Agness lived many miles from Meserani village, but walked there through the night, and was found asleep at midnight on the door of her auntie’s house. She has a sister aged six, who now also lives with Agness and her auntie.

 Agness started Kipok Girls’ Secondary Boarding School in January 2011. She was placed 16th. in her year group in Form One school examinations. In November 2012 she passed her National Examinations for Form Two, and was able to progress into Form Three. She is being sponsored by a former member of staff at Acklam Grange School, and his wife.

In 2015 Agness will be applying for a place at Arusha Vocational Training Centre, and will also be sponsored through this course by the same sponsors.